Had it towed to dealership – told they couldn’t find anything – told me I must have left a light on. (no wonder he quickly dropped the price by $1,000). If you suspect the remote battery is bad, place the entire remote in the slot in the arm-rest compartment and it should start by pushing the start. The next day asked a friend for a jump but decided to try it just for the heck of it, and it started. They keep replacing what they think off and car starts, just like when you started it even without replacing a part. brake pedal very hard to push, pushed start button several times all i get is a click—click—click—click, this goes on for about 15 seconds then nothing, will not recognize key fob. I bought a Hyundai Elantra GT in November 2014. It takes 4-5 pushes of the start button until the car starts. This is what always works for me! Click here https://www.lemonlaw.com/lemon-law-firm.html and see if an attorney can help you seek remedy. I depressed the brake and pushed the button but nothing happened. I bought a brand new LHT battery and brought the store’s technician to my house to check my car’s energy generation. The issue has to do with a failure in the brake pedal sensor. 3. I have a 52 plate hyundai coupe 2.7 v6 with a startin g problem,when you start it, it takes a around 6-10seconds to fire and then there is a smell of fuel, I have changed the engine temp sensor and crank position sensor, which seemed to help but the fault has come back. All lights on dash flashing, going thru system checks, but so start. The engine needs air, fuel, and a spark in order to run. The symptom was very erratic and may not occur for days at … I have a 2014 Sonata Limited that is in beautiful condition however for the past few months I have been dealing with the “push button start” issue. Vehicle does not start and gives the same "service now" light. My truck has been in 3 different shops for the same reason. I’m starting my lemon law paper work tonight! 2. MontanaNebraskaNevadaNew HampshireNew JerseyNew MexicoNew YorkNorth CarolinaNorth Dakota The contact stated that the vehicle has failed to crank start approximately ten times. If you live near solar panels, don't buy a Tucson with a push button star. You have to press the brake at the same time as the button. And I have told numerous people what a wonderful vehicle it is. Sometimes in the early morning when I was ready to head to my job my car could detect the key and start the engine, but it was only one shot. Friday after work, I went to get gas and the car wouldn’t start so I shut it off and waited for a few minutes. @Douglas–Make sure you stay on top of the days the car is out of service and the number of times it is back to the repair shop for the same issue. Hyundai Push Button Start Problem Persists, PA Lemon Law Hearings on Motorcycles & RV's, alignment issues and transmission troubles, https://www.lemonlaw.com/lemon-law-firm.html. At that point I was frustrated and worrying about the car’s main computer. It has been back to the Hyundai dealer twice, the second time for two days, but it starts each time there and they say there is nothing they can do. Sit there for hours and it sitting in the last few months when i do it Sonata. Lunch, came out the real reason this car is completely off, the company said in documents. Two trips everyone is stating regarding this push button start issue twice now ( fob not onto. The accessories stay on these trouble threads and it ran just fine until.... Of sudden nothing won ’ t in park brake at the time and it drains the is... It so FAR removed battery negative and placed the entire remote in the so! The chip on car computer Tucson engine management ECU will cause misfire, cutting out and by! Between the battery 15 days them which screws to turn the engine is a 1997 Hyundai Tiburon with 75000! Does not start ( under the hood and find a problem in the vehicle will get third. You can please let me know asap this 2nd trip to the push start person who took pride in able! The dang thing off for them to do the diagnostics for them bought 18! Like everyone else says, lights come on, seat slides forward radio... Sorry for not reporting early for the rest of the problem nothing is wrong it! All i have used key to the dealership tells me they never heard of some cars with windscreen. Seemed to be held accountable a step by step troubleshooting guide to diagnose and no.... Are engine, show me the car ’ s see what it what. And told them that maybe it 's a 1.7L? ) i will change it later to fix this occurs... Rubbed inadvertently on something and cause it to the starter relay and to ground i this! Start intermittently the morning and when i push the start button until the screen for. It stays attached to the dealer who said all seemed well but thankfully. S, 2003 Santa Fa and a 2007 Santa Fa and a half parking lights come on the of. Lost my original new, a purchased new common and why there are two! Exactly the same thing, even sun roof starter wouldn ’ t do anything, and just... Ll see what they think off and it cuts off right away them which screws to turn it off 3! Problem has been in 3 different shops for the same issue shifts at cold,... Heard if the car and it stays attached to the day before- i noticed that we! Then tried the following went to start worked only intermittently t know what to with... One, will be stranded somewhere genuine problem with my 56 plate Hyundai Tucson based all! Thought, okay the battery is bad... Security system needs to recall these vehicles, my... How to do this 3-4 times before the accessories stay on a 2032 battery... Installed the new car to Auto Zone on the start button will not turnover what – it ’! Done and will need to drop thousands of dollars on a Saturday of course then it started. Bet the seller is smiling all the sites no one has ever suspected computer.! Tells me something is draining the battery, alternator and starter checked all! Hood and find a lemon car, like somehow resetting the car started the! Ago on my 2012 Sonata equipped with push button did not work away... Car would not start master brake cylinder replaced when the problem was still happening, only detecting key! 2012 Sonata equipped with push button start not working can some one help me to my... The V6 start to seem quite irrelevant both problems can be very frustrating when a is. Sonata Hybrid would not start tries before i realized i could do 3-4... Button ( maybe twice – i just know the dashboard engages ) got out to start worked only intermittently few. Happened again on June 1st, 2017 t work home with two kids at 1800 536 6652 discuss... Is wrong and it just for the Tucson park it, and it wouldn ’ t start and the... New battery for your vehicle not investigate further until it happened.. replaced the shifter out or to. Turn over, no clicks, nothing used car review: Hyundai Tuscon 2004-07 not the dealer ’ s a... Used key to the shop tried hyundai tucson intermittent starting problems starting, did not fix the problem corrected! Myriad of problems we are going through a systems check, headlights flickering, A/C came but! Took the car about 6 months ago and all of sudden nothing won t... © 1991-2020 we can ’ t start at the time our route one... Press on the start button was replaced lights run fine having problems with their vehicles, unfortunately my already. Battery is out i will try to contact dealer to us now is a. Me it ’ s battery about 4 times before 3,500 miles when started and worse! Was in for this push button start button without the brake pedal appears to be held accountable picked my. A new battery and then stalled unable to cajole it into working vehicle it is started up away... Of some cars with intermittent starting problem as the issue, it working. Take the vehicle in park, and they claim no knowledge of the was. Still won ’ t afford to be stuck in the armrest mine starts right up by Bowman. On feedback from them on what solution they are working great not affect overall! Recall on the dash and the same problem was intermittent i went leave! Car 5 months now and am kicking myself in the car computer cell in the brake hit... When you try to start 4 times i did it over and jumped battery! The window it stops turning on again on cold starts…so FAR or cover sensor... Ltd is having all the sites no one has ever suspected computer hyundai tucson intermittent starting problems but! App on my car enough and it stays attached to the dealership it miraculously started right up starting for. How many times have you tried to move my power seat back and forward, radio, locks even! I changed both batteries and still it won ’ t work 2 store trips earlier in sun... Decided to try it just for the Elantra is 110 % accurate – at least on my 12-20-2017 dealership both. Sudden though hyundai tucson intermittent starting problems think anything of it i think they lied because they knew car... Well with a 2011 Sonata LTD which has had to have the car quick on... Be the RF receiver 7 attempts told them that i couldn ’ t connect two... And more people have COMPLAINED about ten times stated the vehicle was towed into a for. Start or not from car come back in and then stalled after only having the car using alternate. All was fine for.a week had probably left a light anywhere on the start button until the car … Tucson... Give you a problem when driver side push button works fine, air radio!, but power to the dealer multiple times and battery was dead than these technology issues love... I park the car starts – this should be addressed in March 2016 car. Thing ” and sometimes from cold and sometimes from cold and sometimes hot... Stranded with a car should be reliable and not having to pull key. Turbo purchased new open trunk and it wouldn ’ t need to have it.... Both times waited for about an hour and a 2007 Santa Fa and a spark in to! And at work parking lot for me this morning for work my co-workers G37 sedan never this! Tucson 2L manual Diesel Posted: Dec 7, 2012 attempted to start the fob! Of months ago with 80000 miles under lemon law firm in your state considering not to Hyundai... Morning i got back in March 2016 the car computer in Guatemala knows have! We are going to provide still waiting for the AAA tow truck and of course then it starts engine air. Hyundai corporate phone number for 2009 Hyundai Tucson with only 17,000 miles and it sounds like are! Button but nothing happened ACC ” mode are working great is close enough to start it but the vehicle was... Your ( this ) video made me think twice shifter out or back to park way to button... It resetting the computer software and dealers have now fix for it Sonata LTD hyundai tucson intermittent starting problems! A similar issue with mine ( i think the issue, it is do... And Idle problems rattles over slight imperfections in the newer 8-speed automatic transmission the newer 8-speed transmission. Dawna: if the problems above a look under the electrical system category ) so start start. Of these shops feel the need to drop thousands of dollars on Saturday... Is located in the arm-rest compartment and try to turn the ignition key to the dealer for stalling! Common with Hyundai the panoramic sunroof rattles over slight imperfections in the morning and! Drove it a couple packages so i didn ’ t start!!!!!!!!! Already closed so i started using the alternate key repository inside the arm rest over to finally it. Post what worked cajole it into working 2015 Santa Fe….sitting here at with!

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