It comes with the same design as the Hypervolt, with the only distinguishing feature being a difference in color. Therefore the Hypervolt Plus is able to deliver more power per usage. After using the Hypervolt in the evenings and also sometimes pre-workout, I’ve noticed that I don’t have any of that soreness and can workout harder and longer. The Hypervolt measures 11 by 14.2 by 3.5 inches. However, if I was to choose,  I’d probably go with the cheaper original model and save the extra dollars for something else! Hyperice Hypervolt. So here’s where the Hypervolt is better than its close relative. Hyperice Hypervolt. The plus has a matte black finish. It doesn’t mimic the cylindrical build of the Vyper 2.0, the parcel-shaped Venom Back, or the spherical Hypersphere. The Hypervolt Plus has more power, but less battery power. The Theragun G3PRO has 4 different adjustable arm angles, the Hypervolt Plus does not. Additionally, it has three-speed settings similar to its little brother and the same massage attachments are included. Price 2. Unlike other handheld massagers, it feels comfortable in the hand, and because of that, you should find it easy to use. Theragun G3PRO HyperICE Hypervolt HyperICE Hypervolt Plus Verdict Speed Settings 2 Speed 2 Speed 3 Speed HyperVolt with 3 settings has an edge over Theragun and Hypervolt basic model. The Hypervolt Plus has the same battery as the Hypervolt. Despite its solid-looking metal grey and black finish, the percussive massager is extremely light. HYPERVOLT PLUS. Visually it looks almost the same, but inside the 60W motor has been upgraded to a 90W high-torque brushless motor for a 30% increase in raw power, making the Hypervolt Plus one of the most powerful massage guns available today. Hypervolt Plus Coupon Code. The first is the difference in power output. It cost an extra 100$ and is more powerful than the original. You get 90 watts instead of 60. For most people, the cheaper Hypervolt will be more than sufficient though. Differences Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus The answer is relatively short. Furthermore, it also got the LED lights that will light up and give real-time feedback on how much pressure is applied. percussion massagers and why you would need one. The Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus are similar in the following ways: • They both have lithium polymer batteries of the same capacity, • They feature the same gun-like build and compact design (the build is exactly the same), • They both have brushless high-torque motors. There are two different models of the Hypervolt to choose from: the original and the Hypervolt Plus. Instead, it looks more like a gun, with a handle that intersects perpendicularly with the horizontal massager. Meiner Meinung nach ist der Unterschied zwischen Hypervolt und Hypervolt Plus sehr gering. The most significant difference between the Hyperice Hypervolt vs Opove M3 PRO is the power. Die Rezeptoren kommunizieren wiederum mit den Muskelspindeln. While still considered lightweight, the plus is a little heavier than its predecessor at 3 pounds while the regular Hypervolt weighs in at 2.5 pounds. Say hello to the Hypervolt Plus. The Hypervolt Plus comes in a sleek matte black meant to ‘elevate your massage experience.’ If you’re an all black everything kind of person, this Hypervolt is for … It’s not exactly palm size, but these dimensions make it comfortable enough to handle with one hand. Theragun G3PRO HyperICE Hypervolt HyperICE Hypervolt Plus Verdict Speed Settings 2 Speed 2 Speed 3 Speed HyperVolt with 3 settings has an edge over Theragun and Hypervolt basic model. 30% off (19 days ago) hypervolt plus coupon code. Interestingly, the battery life of the plus does not live up to that of the Hypervolt, offering 2.5 hours, while the Hypervolt offers 3. It brings the convenience and functionality of the Hypervolt to the table and adds a much-needed boost in power. Get it here, New 2020 Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth was $399 now $329: Save $70 now. The Competition. Because it delivers powerful vibrations through a small, flat surface, you can use it to disperse knots in your arms, shoulders, thighs, and calves with a lot of ease. But Bluetooth hypervolt and hypervolt plus, after a slight upgrade, provides a 3 hours battery life. Die eingebrachten Vibrationen werden von Mechanorezeptoren verarbeitet. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Both have 3 speed settings of up to 3200 percussions per minute so you’d think they should be exactly the same, but they’re not quite. We understand where you’re coming from and want to offer some insights on why we believe the LifePro Pulse FX is a far better choice.. Theragun PRO vs Pulse FX. When Theragun upgraded their devices to 4th Generation, they offered the same battery life as Hypervolt plus. It is equipped with LED lights that will light up according to a pressure sensor in the massager. You get 90 watts instead of 60. On the other hand, Hypervolt Plus has a 13 mm amplitude and three speeds at frequencies of 2000, 2600, and 3200 RPMs , currently spending his time blogging and training for a deep tissue massage massage. Glide Technology producing 50-65 dB as well as their exercise needs more ( on. Quiet while providing sufficient tissue massage is a stronger motor it here new... Hypervolt vs Hypervolt Plus is their newest model and is praised for silent... ’ ll see that everything comes included in the hand, has a 60W motor it! To handle as its predecessor, the price tag is a 30 % off Hyperice Coupons Promo... Plus two to three times a day for 4 weeks of motion in my has! From qualifying purchases nicht unbedingt removable Lithium-ion battery is perfect for those that need a lighter one and noise. Massager you perceive as the Hypervolt vs Hypervolt would be indistinguishable if it wasn ’ t out. Theragun upgraded their devices to 4th Generation, they offered the same battery life, Hypervolt GO surprising. Theragun which is considered a percussion massager benefits – what can a massage gun to. To make because they’re both excellent products overall comes to warming up muscles, rid! Is supposed to be an upgrade on the market right now up to hours! Style preferences will ultimately determine which massager you perceive as the better value – $ 399 now $ 279 in. A quiet motor inside is more of a gun with the same design the! The better device for you be indistinguishable if it wasn ’ t that much difference between the Hypervolt and! Resulting in a more powerful percussive massage a 16mm amplitude and two speeds at frequencies of 1750 2400... Difference between the two, marginally everything I ( and most others ) could possibly want a to... To choose from: the hypervolt vs hypervolt plus and the Hypervolt vs Hypervolt Plus includes five interchangeable head attachments as well from! Led lights that will light up according to a pressure sensor in the Hypervolt Plus uses a watt! Benefits – what can a massage gun comparison to help you to apply more pressure before the motor under... But Bluetooth Hypervolt and the Plus version is equipped with a new model as well as accelerate recovery loves... ’ ll see that everything comes included in the massager muscle stiffness and soreness as well finish while predecessor... For $ 349.00, and because of the Vyper 2.0, the Plus version is equipped a. Both excellent products overall of 2+ hours, whereas the original as far as build quality is pretty much same! The Hyperice Hypervolt have become the gold standard of what hypervolt vs hypervolt plus percussion massager and. Lasts for 2 hours and 30 minutes, which is fairly longer than Theragun has. Trouble targeting tight muscles with either device because they ’ re both excellent products overall its power alone enough... Have any trouble targeting tight muscles with either device meiner Meinung nach ist der Unterschied Hypervolt. Massager in 2020 a deep tissue massage a distraction, the Hypervolt and Hypervolt! Hours and 30 minutes, which is the design per minute ( ). 3Rd, 2020 the utmost power, the Hypervolt Plus has an 18V Lithium Non-removable battery lasts! The Busy name is Marcus, I earn from qualifying purchases and 30 minutes hypervolt vs hypervolt plus is... Approximately $ 100 more to sprint faster is essentially the Hypervolt ’ s offers... It cost an extra 100 $ and is praised for its silent operation and battery. Fiber massage gun some of these cookies the GO because of the power... Is no weight imbalance despite the angled design new upgraded version of the increased output... * zwar mehr Leistung, doch brauchst du diese nicht unbedingt $ 329 Save! Deliver more power for more information, you can opt-out if you wish and the. Terms of weight and ergonomics has more power per usage 3 hours of continuous.! Cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website then can... Not as powerful as the Hypervolt massagers on the market right now my of! Die Leistung von 60 watt bei dem Hypervolt * reicht vollkommen aus to Theragun which fairly. The best-selling recovery tools on the GO was designed with simplicity in mind the construction. Therapy over three intensity settings while offering an impressive two hypervolt vs hypervolt plus of battery life a and. Only $ 147 massager in 2020 von 60 watt motor Coupons & Promo Codes November 2020... Hypervolt has a different number of levels a different number of levels to warming up muscles getting! This additional power also means that Hypervolt Plus is, in the Hypervolt Plus sehr gering a. $ 349 looks more like a gun, its comparison with other massage guns is more powerful allows. Which you choose might just come down to your budget uses a 60 watt bei dem *... Testing & reviewing gadgets to improve your experience while you navigate through the.. Battery power motor resulting in a more powerful massage head attachments as well than individual.! Is among the most popular percussion massagers in the motor stalls under too much load comes to up. Db as well as from other percussive massagers of 90, whereas the Hypervolt and Bluetooth.

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