I use one early season then it stays in the closet for the rest of the season. "First, make sure your motion decoys are slightly upwind in the spread so the ducks will continue flying over them as they circle. x��Z[o�~��0@q�U�綷�`+�i�:�I��9����vU�*���!93{���z`���$���C~C�]~aWW��ӏL�ͻ)���xs�A2e������H+.�(�y������׿/���~���hl�5E���GcdlZ�v�LP�ؗ�H&A�����y��F�ew�]�y�ᒇ�Ă�Ο�Ǣ�*���u^Հ�L#.u_��{;e��t!K�$V,�)���&y�mv����#z��bR�� We usually hunt from boats and almost always use floating spinning-wing decoys so our profile and motion adjust automatically with the tide. Capps believes that shy ducks require a more delicate approach—something many decoy spreads lack. 3 0 obj With water motion you're trying to get circling ducks to commit.". ", "With decoys arranged in a classic half-moon pattern, there are several different ways to use motion best," Richard adds. Out of stock on our website, but our vendors still have stock! "Ducks move, and they move a lot," he says. MOJO Mallard Machine brings your entire decoy spread to life! From the blind, by button, the hunter can choose from many motions such as diving, shaking, sitting still or thrashing water and can even be used as a de-icing mechanism! The blade's alternating colors produced a strobe effect. Brook Richard, corporate relations manager for Higdon Outdoors, explains Higdon's idea of motion. MOJO® Mallard Machine works with all types of decoys and will operate in any water depth. "In my experience," Kirsten continues, "as the season moves on, ducks don't always finish as well when the spinners are spinning. /index.php/parts/mojo-mallard-machine-parts. The Mallard Machines ultra-realistic motion and water movement brings your entire decoy spread to life unlike any other motion decoy. The message is simple. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. While MOJO made the spinning-wing decoy famous, Higdon Outdoors pioneered the development of other types of motion decoys. In 1994, Mark Higdon built a goose decoy with a moving head, which went on to become the first mass-produced motion decoy. Drill through the poles using a 3/8\" metal drill bit. While some decoys are meant to function like a hammer, others play subtler but equally important roles. "When ducks are at a distance, I'll hit them with a few flaps," Kee continues. but i have not had that much experience with them so i will look for others opinions. Success comes when you understand the hunting conditions, read the birds' behavior, and use the right tools for the job. Like the highball, the strobe is very effective at attracting ducks from long ranges but can cause them to flare when they're in close, particularly later in the season. (Check your battery with a volt/multi-meter to insure the proper voltage.) For more tips, be sure to visit Cabela's Northern Flight here: http://www.cabelas.com/category/Cabelas-Nothern-Flight/436731480.uts They're also lightweight and very affordable. endobj The ducks start to get shy of it and flare off. (Decoys are not included.). <> ", Hunters logging hours on coastal waters can also see a higher frequency of strong winds. All rights reserved. It is made of glass filled nylon that will hold up under the most extreme usage and will work off of any 12V battery. The idea quickly morphed into MOJO Outdoors, which has since established itself as a major manufacturer of spinners and other motion decoys. The magic comes from the strobe. I HATE that this has been discontinued! 7.25 volts. They were amazing and I never heard anyone complain. Add the MOJO® Mallard Machine to your decoys, and make this your best duck season ever! If ducks begin to act leery of a spinning-wing decoy, I'll even put it outside my spread and partially behind cover so ducks can see it only at certain points in their circle. Unlike humans, ducks can see in the ultraviolet spectrum, which allows them to pick out a hunter's face shining in the sunlight as well as a spinning-wing decoy from two to three times farther than the human eye can see it. Putting a low-key motion decoy, like a swimmer, exactly in the spot where you want the ducks to land is also a great tactic.". With visual motion you're trying to attract ducks from a long distance. Hunters grip the handle and flap the flag to simulate a duck or goose flapping its wings. DIY Mojo Duck Decoy Pole | Cabela's Northern Flight - YouTube Water motion, on the other hand, is the process of putting a ripple on the water to make decoys move. I am going to quit using them. Supplementing your decoy spread with motion isn't guaranteed to increase your harvest, but it's hard to argue against it. They still work some of the time but you missed the best time, when they were first introduced 12 years ago. 4 0 obj A Wall Street veteran and former New York state DU vice chairman, he now hangs a shingle as a pro staffer for several waterfowling manufacturers including Mossy Oak, Drake Waterfowl, Buck Gardner Calls, and Tanglefree. Their goal was to develop a small, battery-powered motor that could drive spinning wings on a duck decoy. "The decoy was always intended to be a long-range attractor. This could be movement of decoys, water, or wings that do not produce the strobe or flash.". In a rising tide the same decoy will quickly be covered with water. While MOJO made the spinning-wing decoy famous, Higdon Outdoors pioneered the development of other types of motion decoys. Simple motion, on the other hand, is not visible to ducks from a distance but is more likely to help finish birds, just like the lonesome hen call. %���� A superstar to some hunters and pariah to others, these decoys have definite strengths and weaknesses. Ɂ$%�S. Please enable the javascript to submit this form, © 2019 Huntwise Inc. All rights reserved. Brook Richard, corporate relations manager for Higdon Outdoors, explains Higdon's idea of motion. I am also a big believer in swimming decoys, especially in and around my landing hole. It has taken a while for Mojo decoys to spin their way into my affections. "You will scare far more ducks with erratic motion than subtle motion. It's no secret that decoy positioning is crucial to successful duck hunting, and that is especially important with the placement of motion decoys. Field & Stream may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. Denmon separates his theory of motion into two categories: "long-range strobe" and "simple motion." Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. endobj stream "Visual motion," he says, "is produced by decoys that can be seen from a distance, but visual motion is not always useful when you're trying to finish ducks. MOJO Multi-Decoy/Multi Cycle Remote USB Transmitter and Receiver-Eliminates the issue of several remote transmitters for multiple motion decoys-Controls unlimited number of decoys … "Flagging passing ducks is one of the most effective techniques we use," Kee says. "When the original spinners were invented, they were almost unfair," Kirsten says. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. Likewise, a duck's sharp vision and eyes on the side of its head allow it to see a wide panorama of motion—or lack thereof—in a decoy spread. I have a Mojo it works good in the morning. If they're dumb enough to be lured in by plastic you're really just doing them a favor. As ducks move down the flyway, he explains, and especially as the season progresses, they can begin to see the strobe produced by the spinning wings as something unnatural. A retired game warden and current professional outfitter, Capps is widely regarded as an expert at bringing life to a dull decoy spread, to the point that clients have referred to his Reelfoot Lake timber hole as "Duck Disneyland.". Two decades later, it has become the most widely used motion decoy, and most hunters have at some point integrated spinners into their decoy spreads.

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