- Stand so that the heel of the blade is facing you and hold the file at both ends. I’ll show you a straightforward way to deal with a loosened head. Nice job. If you know any other way to fix loose axe head. It is not like it has a chrome layer or paint on it to prevent such things. smaller than the original wedge for it to fit correctly. I've used it on old motorcycles that have had rusty gas sitting in them for years, they come out just like they did from the factory. Thanks for the tip! I started out with 120 grit sandpaper to remove anything left over from the vinegar bath and remove some scratches and dings. Once it is dry clamp it in the vise. Keep repeating the process over and over to make 4-degree wedges. Once it is dry clamp it in the vise. oh great! - After the wooden wedge is installed and cut down hammer in the steel wedge diagonally. It'll come in handy. Good luck with the restoration. 5 years ago, 5 years ago - If the handle is too large to fit in the eye of the axe head carefully sand it down until it fits. I would like to apologize for any mistakes I may have made throughout this project. For a single wedge, the force exerted across the handle only and for combination wedge, exerted force with both directions. About 4 years ago I was Too abrasive really. Add A Second Wedge, Chiappa X-Caliber and M6 Field Test UPDATE, Photo: Beautiful dusk sky in the mountains. How to remove the wedge from the axe head? - After wiping down and drying the axe head I applied a protective coating. Learn more about Mailchimp's privacy practices here. In this article, I have discussed all the methods to fix the loose axe head step by step and also the preventive steps that you should take to stop losing the axe head. After soaking the wood will swelling and you will get a tight axe head. Now come back, flip the stock, align it with the edge of the blade, and cut. Cut off any excess. my grandfather used to just soak the head and handle in a bucket of water overnight., Content from the last few days wasn’t shabby. Some spots required pretty vigorous scrubbing, but for the most part the rust came off with barely any effort. Don’t forget to pour linseed oil before screwing. Water can tighten the handle to the head but water evaporate quickly and make your head lose again. I used a spray on sealant from rustoleum. - The edges of the poll (the "back" of the axe head, see image 3) were pretty dinged up so I filed them down until they were smooth and flush with the sides of the axe head. If the head on your axe is coming loose, here's a relatively simple fix- drive in a second metal wedge. It is a common problem in the wood handle axe. It left me wondering it there just isn’t enough handle for it since its such a small eye? - I opted not to remove the pitting on the axe head because I felt that it gave the axe character. Beating on an axe head, or using the axe head to hammer on something else, such as a splitting wedge, can cause the head to deform or even break. Check this”How to rehandle an axe” article for step by step guide. - Slide the end of the handle into the eye of the axe head as much as you can. You can only apply this method for the short term, emergency tightening. After sanding I applied stain and finish to the top. Hold the wedge with locking pliers and pull it with a claw hammer. Your axe becomes a very dangerous tool if the axe head is loose. I used a piece of wood to protect the axe head from my clamp. Find a container that will allow the axe head to completely covered with the Mineral Oil. Your method would be kinder to the metal. Or just an improper handle? It needed a lot of work. - While you're waiting take a look at this image to familiarize yourself with the parts of an axe. Check this”. Occasionally, the head of your axe may become loose. It has a metal wedge in the end so there is no room to pound in a nail, which is my normal fix. - Cut off any excess handle wood that is protruding from the eye of the axe head. I’ve been trying to get the head off of an old handle for awhile and this will help. The nail spread the wood and tighten the loose axe head. Observe how loose and decide the width of the wedge. Remove the handle from the axe head and rehandle it in proper ways. Take the wide stock of oak or hickory wood and align the edge of the work with the blade. I love the vinegar idea. Then use your hammer (or better yet, a wooden or rubber mallet) to pound on the bottom of the grip end of the handle, driving the handle into the axe head until it reaches your desired depth. You can try the fiber comp lightweight axe (Our pick: Fiskars x27) for your next purchases. Now make a bevel cut and cross-cut with a handsaw and get a wooden wedge. You can also make a wedge for handle by your hand. The head on this Arvika 5 Star has been a PITA to hang. You may need to use some elbow grease to remove the rust. Leave the axe head to soak for about 6-8 hours. 5 years ago The baking soda idea is a really good idea, don't need it with the gas tanks but that's because of the gas lol Nice instructional tho!!! Worked like a charm! Inserting wedge is the proper method of fixing loose axe head. By clicking below to subscribe, you acknowledge that your information will be transferred to Mailchimp for processing. That's awesome, I had no idea. Never move an axe with a loose or unstable head. To sharpen by draw filing first clamp the axe head tightly to your workbench. The rust, paint and whatever else happened to be on the axe head will start to come off. Generally losing axe head is a problem of the wooden axe. That being said, I'm quite happy with how the axe turned out. We use Mailchimp as our marketing platform. I was pretty surprised myself! Use soft jaws or pieces of scrap wood to prevent the vise from marking up the axe head. You can also drill the center of the handle and put it into the screw. Theme by Blogmilk + Coded by Brandi Bernoskie. How To Fix A Loose Axe Head | Wranglerstar. - Plastic container (with a lid) that is big enough to hold your axe head, - Sandpaper in various grits; I used 120, 220 and 400, - Something that will protect the axe head from rust. No other option, really. Probably due to me moving from humid Oklahoma to drier Colorado. You can try the fiber comp lightweight axe (Our pick: Husqvarna Wooden & Composite Splitting Axe Review 2020, Fiskars X7 vs X11:The Head To Head Comparisons, How to Make Axe Handle and Protect It [8 Easy Steps], How to Split Wood with A Hatchet [4 Steps and Tips]. Tell me in the comment section below. The Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle -- Reliable at Last? Change the angle on the miter gauge of the band saw in 2 degrees for making 4 degrees wedge. I have a double-bitted axe that is getting a bit loose. Thanks again., Hey Cody. I have also discussed other methods but those are for quick fixing not effective for the long term. Everyone has liked the composite axe handle that is jointed with axe head. You're so right, restoring old beat up tools gives you an awarding sense of accomplishment. We've used electrolysis to remove rust on our farm for many years. Simply take a bucket of water and soak the axe head in the bucket. Generally, metal and wooden wedge inset to fix the axe handle. Remove the handle from the axe head and rehandle it in proper ways. It is also an effective method But time-consuming. 5 years ago this is the most useful, most intuitive video you’ve posted in awhile. I've used this trick on axes that wouldn't tighten after soaking the handles in linseed oil. Everyone has liked the composite axe handle that is jointed with axe head. 3 years ago. Rehandle the axe is the last method to fix the loose axe head. REVIEW: The Benchmade Bushcrafter Knife- Has Bushcraft Gone Mainstream? Finally, I used 400 grit to give the axe head a nice smooth finish. What is the best way to keep an axe head tight on a wooden handle? Place the file on the far end of the blade at around a 30-degree angle. *For some reason I decided it was a good idea to sharpen the axe head before attaching it to the handle. - While scrubbing away I discovered that my axe head was made by the English company Elwell. Wow! If you already have a wedge that you installed. Filson Double Mackinaw VS WeatherWool All Around Jacket Review, Kalahari Survival Guide: Building Snare Traps, Kalahari Survival Guide: Gathering with the women of the village, Kalahari Survival Guide: Tracking and Hunting. I have also discussed other methods but those are for quick fixing not effective for the long term. We all need some downtime to recharge., I have an axe that I’ve been needing to do this too. But people like traditional wooden axe because the axe is well made and the handle can be easily changed that can’t possible in the case of fiber and forged handle axe. You may need to use one that's smaller than the original wedge for it to fit correctly. I have a hatchet with a wobbly head that I will need to re-hang. Do you think losing axe head means the axe is bad? The best axe head can also lose. 5 Methods to Fix Loose Axe Head Method 1: Insert the Wedge. I’m excited., Smart use of the slide hammer … which reminds me I need to find who borrowed mine last!, another way to fix a loose handle is to soak the head in used motor oil for a few weeks if you got the time i store my in a bucket with oil and sand the wont rust and the oil keeps the handle tight , You have great timing, W. I’ve taken your advise & began looking for older tools instead of buying new. I didn’t want to start putting metal into the ax prematurely, so I dunked the hatchet, and its little brother a Vaughn subzero .5# into a paint pail of boiled linseed. There're probably better things to use, but it's what I had on hand. - After 6-8 hours the vinegar should appear slightly brown and cloudy, and you should be able to see rust flakes in the container. I got a good mount on it last year, but now it is loose again. Don't do that. great info….I have used wide thin screw drivers to pull the step wedges out, just pry a little bit on each side just enough to get a bite with pliers or vise grips. Link Handle Wooden and Steel Axe Handle Wedges, V & B Mfg. Drive it directly into the handle groove, which will expand the material and lock the head in place. If the head on your axe is coming loose, here's a relatively simple Some say they should be dull. - Sand down the top of the top of the handle to make it smooth and even. You are wrong. The wood expands and makes the head tight, yes, but the unyielding steel of the axe head crushes the wood fibres as they swell. Lastly, do not leave the axe exposed to the elements. , That slide hammer worked slick as a whistle, I’d love to see more of your older videos from your first homestead if possible in the future, love your channel, and have learned a lot that has corrected things I was taught that were actually the wrong way to fix things, My grandpa has an old splitting maul head, it has an eye that looks like it’s made to use a sledge hammer type handle. Powered by, Rocky Mountain Tree and Plant Identification, REVIEW: Chiappa Double Badger Folding .22 Magnum/410 Shotgun, LONG TERM UPDATE: Chiappa Double Badger Folding .22 Magnum/410 Shotgun, REVIEW: Best Made 26" Unfinished Hudson Bay Axe, "Made in the USA" Gear Review: Filson Mackinaw Cruiser Jacket & Field Pants- Classic Bushcrafting Chic for the 21st Century, REVIEW: "Survivorman" Les Stroud Bushman Axe by Wetterlings- UPDATED, Rocky Mountain Tree Identification: Lodgepole Pine Tree. Deep Hole in a Small Box, a Different Take on the Infinity Mirror. I would like to point out that I am a complete novice at restoring old tools; in fact, this was my first attempt. Re: Swelling old axe handle to fit head Fixing a loose head by soaking it in water only works whilst the wood is wet. Awesome! Clean the axe head and put it in the oil.

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