Hallie Hammack has been a writer and multimedia reporter since 2005. When attaching ears and limbs think about not just how far forward they are, but also how far up the body. This is easiest by simply counting to make sure you attach each arm in the same row on each side. You can use any yarn you like – use the hook size recommended on your yarn label or go down a size if you want/need to. It’s a good day to read and snuggle. Then, single crochet stitches and chain loops are worked into the remaining two loops of the stitches to create this fluffy ruffled bunny tail. Bunny would not only have no tail but the bits of yarn aren’t exactly ideal playthings for your toddler… 😳. It is soft and snuggly before it is even worked! Sew down along the side and around the bottom. As you pin, tuck the fur inside the tail. Two (2) back head – you will need to cut one regular and one mirrored piece. Here is a paper clip (I am running short on stitch markers 😸 my cat thinks they are fun…) showing where the tail will be sewn. I wanted to make a big fluffy tail but a regular pom pom would be too heavy and also difficult to sew on. Caitlin do know how to make slipper socks size8 and 9 for woman Copyright © 2019 Krazy Kabbage All rights reserved. Try on your costume. I use the funds to buy yarn and make more free patterns! The pom pom can be made in any size. After the tail is on take your scissors and carefully trim the ends of the yarn pieces to make a nice round bunny tail! Your email address will not be published. Hint: Don’t throw out any that accidentally get cut too small. Sew around the edge of the ear, sandwiching all three layers together. The trick is to add a few yarn pieces at a time as the needle moves through the paper. The pom pom can be made more fluffy by adding extra chains to the loops or less fluffy and more dense by chaining less. Use a pencil or a piece of tape to mark where you want the tail to be attached and … Your bunny has a bow and a tail, she is assembled and ready to go!  I hope this amigurumi assembly tutorial has helped you not just with this bunny, but with any amigurumi you might be working on. I like to start at the top of my animal and work down. Quilt lines up and down and then from side to side over it to form a grid and then trim away the excess batting from around the tail. Wash and press fabrics well before cutting out. Check your placement from the front as well, make sure the arms are level. Options include adhesive tape or putty, tacks, and push pins. Moving forward I will continue to make them with the two-toned bunny’s face. Baste an ear in place on the right side, between the dart and the marker on the middle face, ensuring that it is facing the correct way. Your email address will not be published. Arrows on the templates indicate print direction for marking and cutting out. Repeat from * all the way back along the spiral into the center of the circle. That means a total of 258 yards for the bunny! I wanted something small enough she’s be able to handle it but big enough to cuddle with and there was this pattern, PERFECT! Use extra safety pins to secure the tail to the costume. I added a fluffy tail! Oh and please be sure to check out more of MY PATTERNS and become an e-mail SUBSCRIBER. This site uses cookies to give you the best possible experience. When deciding where to attach the arm, Keep in line with the ear and go down to slightly below the most narrow part. *Ch 10. Put the finishing touch on a cat costume by adding a tail. (16 stitches), Rnd 3: Continuing to work in the 3rd loop only, [hdc in next, 2 hdc in next] 8 times. Sew the side face pieces together at the bottom of the face, the ‘neck to nose’ seam (Fig 11). Add more increase rounds if you want it even bigger! Pass the needle through the tail a couple of times for extra security! When it’s done, hang it up, give your party goers a spin and watch as they try and pin the tail on the bunny. This will keep the thread from slipping when you begin to sew. The most narrow part of the amigurumi pattern is the neck, usually, so leave a row or two for the “shoulders”. When you are buying yarn for this be aware that the original pattern calls for 3 balls of 86 yards each. Kimberly Silhan, Kimberly, Unfortunately, socks are something I haven’t worked up a pattern for. The circle base is standard increases so you can add rounds to make it bigger or crochet less rounds to make it smaller. Alternatively pin the tail to the waistband of the costume in order to allow the wearer to easily sit. Then place the complete front ear on top of a mirror-image back ear piece and put this on top of a piece of batting cut slightly larger overall than the ear (Fig 1). Attaching Your Tail To Bunny. Individual scales will take more time to cut out and attach. Pull on the thread so the edges of the tail gather forming a cup shape (Fig 16). Add filling into the centre and pull the thread more folding the raw edges into centre as it draws up. Work from the outside in, using a colour that matches Fabric A. Step 3. Right sides together, beginning at one side sew the head to the body ensuring that the seam in the lower face lines up with the marker on the upper body (Fig 13).

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