All of the girls now have their own rooms after moving into a new apartment. I get that they put the official ones on this site, and that’s why I said “I thought” instead of “actually these are the real positions”. Church.
Poll: Who is the most handsome DRUMMER in Korea (TOP10)? 2. I don’t think the idol weights are exact in 99% of the situations. Job: (Sanitation Inspector). Their gaps are close, so i think every member has strong fanbase. Excuse you. Thanks for explaining. [5] . So glad that the girls seem to be having a great time on tour. Privacy Policy , @xlipsoul:disqus HaHa! Joy’s been 2nd for a while now. MBTI Type: INFP – Her designated color is green. Irene trained for 5 years, Thank you for pointing it out, it has been corrected. Silky or Silky Slim is a female rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana. Wendy: Main vocalist, sub rapper. Like lately she’s been slaying in photos, yeahh but for me all of them are visuals hahah.. i look almost their photos sometimes wendy is the visual then seulgi, then yeri, or joy.. but recently, i am conceived that irene is the visual of red velvet, why is yeri a rapper.. she is one of the lead rapper in RV,, she raps in their title songs even side tracks except ICC & DD and she even wrote the lyrics in rap part of Red Flavor, Joy raps slightly more than Yeri, so I think it’s Joy – Lead Rapper and Yeri – Rapper, Wendy is not a sub-rapper. I think joy is the lead vocalist and lead rapper but because she has two positions so she often gets vocal parts . So for a example Irene wasn’t present that leaves you with Joy/Yeri to rap her part but no they made Wendy do it and that happened like 3-4 times in music shows same goes for Time Slip so the point is she is mainly a vocal but has the capability to rap well making her a sub-rapper. -She studied in Namyangju Kwangdong Middle School, but dropped out later to focus on trainee life And Yeri says on Knowing brothers that she is scared of people & k-netizens. Seulgi likes dark colored and chic clothing., Seulgi Recent Examples on the Web That same cashew queso gives the mac and cheese ($4) a silky satisfaction. Height: 160 cm (5’3″) (Official) / 157 cm (5’1″) (Approx.

Wendy:Main Vocalist Oh no!

also joy is 168 cm, Irene was casted in 2009 not 2007, Seulgi trained the longest. Muscle mass takes up less space than fat so don’t worry about the weight. • Peek-A-Boo (Japanese version)

– Her representative weapon: Axe Trueeee I wanted more lyrics than “oh my god” but i mean i gave it a few more listens and its alright. It’s not for you to decide who they want to vote and at the end of the day wendy is in the 4th place and that’s it sweetie . Yeri raps in the majority of their side tracks, only irene raps more than her. Thanks, we gave you credits in their individual profiles.

nicknames : Kkangseul, GomDoli and Teddy Bear Honestly Wendy looks like part of the dance line these days more so than Yeri.

Poll: Who is the best dancer in Red Velvet?
Irene (23%) You can still stream the song though in places like Spotify and Apple Music. * She has an extremely bright and positive attitude.

But doesn’t Irene promote the most ?? The sub-rapper position exists.

And there seems to be no distinction., seulgi is actually 160cm! here is my favourite picture of yeri , These would probably be the best pics to use for the new profile photos for this comeback. Latest English comeback: He collaborated with “Tru” that is a group of his elder brother Master P just to know the basic style proforma of rapping. SM ENTERTAINMENT has announced that from red velvet song rookie,joy is the face of the group and irene just visual and seulgi is center. Does anybody know what time really bad boy will be released?

Pay attention to what your calories are made of. Also Joy’s blood type is A and she is a protestant along side Yeri. but if you follow the Korean shows you’ll see that the majority of time when the idols have to actually measure during some variety shows, they are always embarrassed and try to cover up the result because it’s way different than their ‘official height’ or ‘official weight’. joy is face of the group and seulgi is center. So Wendy gave out the “Wendy Award to the members an here is what each member got: its due to official position, then joy is not Lead Vocalist, i now she good at singing, but her technique has not been able to equal Seulgi, and she not a Visual anymore, the official visual is Irene and the second is Seulgi, because the duo is very match korean beauty standard, joy is ex Lead Vocalist in this site too, i agree if yeri is a Lead Rapper, but due to official position, we can’t change it, first time i know red velvet in the red flavor era that yeri is rapping after irene, i thought see is lead rapper, but maybe the reason is SM give her position just rapper is Seulgi starred in the SM Entertainment musical, “School Oz” as Dorothy. Judging by how the vocals are set up in the group Thank you a lot for the update and really sorry for the late reply, sometimes it’s really hard to update all the facts for all the profile.

The thing is that the positions were not only said in Level Up Project, but were confirmed again, this year in another show “Super TV” Season 2 Ep.10 5. Instagram: @renebaebae, Irene facts:

Kpop Ships you are right! Yeri is close to Kim Saerom, Kim Sohyun and Kim Yoojung (actresses) Joy’s favorite nickname is sexy Dynamite UGHHH! P = Perceiving, J = Judging, You may also like: Quiz: How well do you know Red Velvet? , @vincesoemoredjo:disqus Zodiac Sign: Pisces Joy is part of the fruit trio in SM as the green apple of the group along with Sulli (Peach) and Tiffany (Plum) And if you’d actually read my post instead of just rushing in tryna cause beef, you’d have seen that. Colour: Pink The rest of the info was already noted in her individual profile. Irene is visual. I’m just gonna ask when will you make an individual profile for each member? *Yeri: 65365 votes* Not to mention that they recently had a Japanese Arena tour in January and SM Town concerts in Santiago, Chile. * . so this is how their company announced their positions, so there’s nothing for us fans to do about it.

We only list the latest Korean comeback. • Rookie (Japanese version) I’m watching performances from 2018 and 2019 and people must be blind because she stands out so much these days! Wendy and John both sounded amazing! , @disqus_GF9OE6qQ6O:disqus Idk its not a problem, not at all, but just curious, Thank you for pointing it out. , Irene is from Daegu, came to seoul during her 3rd year of high school to be a performer, Irene’s name (Bae Joo) literally means “cabbage”. * She admits being insecure of herself and will often ask people around her if she has done well or not. It was indeed released then and is now available on streaming sites such as Spotify and iTunes. I agree though, I think Yeri and Joy are lead rappers, and I think Joy is also a lead vocal now (especially on Japanese releases). Seulgi sounds really good to the ears, but isn’t as versatile and agile as Wendy and can’t hit those high notes. this is really questionable because Joy was indeed very popular when she was on We Got Married, but lately Seulgi is the one who does more MCs and variety O_O. English Name: Wendy Son (웬디손) thats why blackpink IS the top girl group sis red velvet is going down lmfaoooo.

Thanks a lot! Group Like does BLACKPINK have representive weapons?

I am 5’6 as well and I weight 120 pounds, a very healthy and almost even close to being underweight if you use the bmi scale. Albums Appeareance All. Thanks again! * She collects lip balm Joy: Chick

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so the dance line starts from Seulgi, Irene, Yeri. JOY is most popular and most promoted on tv in south korea like her two drama. 1) Seulgi is known for having a calm personality He is a talented hip-hop performer and an actor who is known under the performing name which is unique, Silkk The Shocker. • BEST FEMALE GROUP It has been noted in their individual profile. . And Joy is also a Lead Rapper, she got rap parts with Yeri and Irene. Both the movies got directed, scripted and were under the production of by Master P, and the famous No Limit Films. 18.

i wouldn’t say the rv really have one. Joy:Lead Vocalist I love Seulgi, but I can’t see her singing some of Wendy’s parts of a song. She released only one album under Big Boy Records. yeri grew a bit, she’s around 5’4 1/2 right now. – Wendy : 5’4″ (163 cm) He has successfully come up with a solo Hip Hop career and is the part of the popular bands like TRU and the famous 504 Boyz. Who wore it better?

Designated color is blue. She told about it on Vlive, plus she’s calling herself Yerm ^^ ~, @RevEXOluv:disqus * The other members picked her as the healthiest member. I can’t link you the download but I can tell you how to download the episodes: red velvet’s twitter is @RVsmtown, where did you read that Yeri is in hiatus?, waittt IRENE IS YOUR REAL NAME? I respect your opinion. Wendy ya!

Is you really 54 kg? The current representative animals have been a thing since Ice Cream Cake. Colour: Violet Joy : Lead Vocalist,Sub Rapper Can’t wait to see a velvet side . Birth Name: Kim Ye Rim (김예림) Irene also acted in ‘The Female Employees of a Game Company’ Get her to 100k like the others.

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