And there's a lot more to the story, so. Ok so yes blaire dies. Her past self, the female 911 voice operator and her vengeful spirit are portrayed by Heather Sossaman. I'm sure you will. [Crying and hyperventilating]  Adam Sewell : : Ok, it's cool, it's cool Blaire! The film received mixed reviews from critics and was a massive box-office success, grossing $64 million against a $1 million budget. : No. Mitch Roussel Cause you always tell the truth isn't that right Blaire? | : Jess Felton Even Ken? Adam Sewell , I got her! [Via Skype IM]  [Upon reading IM and as countdown IM's begin in shock and disbelief]  Laura Barns (Heather Sossaman) is the main villainess of the 2015 horror film Unfriended. Mitch Roussel Adam Sewell Blaire got on a Skype call with her boyfriend, Mitch on April 12, 2014, after watching the video of Laura Barns' suicide. : [crying in return and wheezing]  Shhh, Shhh! Mine's the same. Blaire Lily : Please Hurry! : A deleted scene featured Jess being pulled away, presumably by Laura's spirit. Wh-... what seats are better... balcony or orchestra? : Lauras spirit killed her. : While on one hand admitting it was a "shrieky, teen-terrorized, slasher movie," on the other hand he said it was a film about how cyber-bullying only works if you cooperate with it. There was also a Twitter account, which tweeted attendees of the after-party.[21]. [many of Blaire's Facebook friends post several angry comments on Blaire's page]. Jess listen to me you want to, you want to play the game. : No, please don't call me that baby I love you. Laura cuts the lights in Blaire's and Mitch's houses, wanting them to confess who uploaded the video. ), In a director's cut she was seen being chainsawed. You know you can't. She seemed to be the most mature of her friends as she was constantly trying to stop them panicking whenever they succumbed to Laura's fear-mongering.

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