Rex says that he lost his phone and asks to return it. Cat starts coughing when she eats hot sauce just like Claire when she tried smoking. When Andre finds out that another girl has been stung he says "Her? A long, Luv Doc Recommends: 2011 'Austin Chronicle', "...Why now?" Robbie wants the girls watching him and Beck to "clean him off" after he's covered himself in grease. ", Robbie was placed on the women's wing of the prison. When Tori said to Moose that he is really cute and large Beck looked at his pelvic region sadly as if "comparing". Tori carries handcuffs around (bondage?). After they eat the tacos and hot sauce, they are acting like they are high. Sikowitz's rotten coconut juice had a similar affect that LSD has. Because we were-" This could mean that she and Beck were going to have sex in the Jacuzzi, or just wanted privacy. Tori pulls a flash drive out of her bra and puts in Trina's right hand. others.". This is a reference to Michael Jackson's famous dance move. Jade wanting a doll of Tori could hint desires to torture it like it was Tori, though she was probably liked it because it said "I'm Talking Tori! Cat also says her uncle and aunt won't let her flush the toilet unless it's. This may be suggestive. Why are oceans so meticulous? This makes it seem like they will be doing something. No one seems weirded out by this, though everyone is playing different roles. Robbie ends up sitting on her back holding her arms down, but his crotch appears to be on top of her butt. (See point below). Jade says that in 8th grade, she went from an A to a D, which is referring to her breasts growing bigger. The title of the episode is an innuendo, because it could mean brutal torture or sexual torture. When André said Doug's diaper doesn't fit well, the camera pans over to him trying to pull the diaper on, and you can see his privates outlined. No matter how much time it takes, our goal has always remained the same–to create products that inspire your life's best moments–the big, the small, the funny, the spooky, and the sweet. After receiving it back from André's pants, Tori shoots a disgusted look at her phone. Robbie said he collects every "baby bottle nipple" which gives him a dirty look by everyone. In Tori and Robbie's drive-by acting challenge, Tori hits Robbie in the groin towards the end of the clip. On Tori's TV program guide, there's a show called "Extreme Groin Injuries. Again, every word seems to imply oral sex. This is a reference to sexual assault. The way that André and Robbie hug was tight and lots of lifting. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Additionally when Tori puts the ice pack on Trina she says "Mmmm that feels nice." There are no reviews for this item yet. Jade describes eating a taco to Cat like Bender described sex to Claire. Can't keep up with happenings around town? Jade was still recording when Robbie hit his crotch and she laughs. Sikowitz says "Don't be a weenie" to Tori. Trina then saw and said, "Quit playing with my mechanical Santa!". Sinjin said he wanted the full experience with Trina. Rex/Christopher Cane tells Ariana that he has some personal issues, but did not specify what. When the full version of the song was played in. ", In the "Robbie Crashes Tori's House" video, Robbie shouts "What if you give me a spanking!?" André (the only boy) says "You better stop there!". Also, while wearing just the towel, Jade asks him in a creepy tone of voice to dance for her and the rest of the gang. Robbie talks about how he once wore a dress, and he said he was "experimenting." Jade wrote a "bad word" on an autograph for Devin. In Cat and André's drive by acting challenge, Cat is a nurse and she asks if André has cramps. Also they're sisters so this would be incest if they did. *(suggestively slides her jacket up)*. Although Beck supposedly gets hit in the guts with a bowling ball, his reactions are also consistent with having been hit in the groin. Tori also informed him that she heard that. Going all the way 143. Tori says she will do anything to make it up to Beck. Rex thinks that is Ryder is hot and the whole crew stares at him weirdly and he replies back with "Stare all you want.

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