Here's where your intro can be of great help. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Therefore, while he physically passes away, his ‘legacy’ and façade of heroism remains alive. If you’re unfamiliar with this strategy, then check it out in How To Write A Killer Text Response. So how do we elevate our essays to become more sophisticated and complex analyses that offer insight? It’s also noteworthy that, given the atrocities of war, maybe animals are the only innocent beings left. Finally, it’s also worth considering the wooden models that Daniel builds for Marie-Laure. ( Log Out / 

By the end … They are now his only hope. And, as suggested in the 2019 VCAA Exam Report:Â. All of this finally puts us in a position to think analytically about characters in the ‘present’ timeline, that is, 20 years after the Flu.
Davidson describes the notion of family as â€œinvisible ropes and chains” of guilt, she comments that families lack for the most part, a true sense of love. Arguably, Arthur’s selfish traits stem from his Hollywood fame, career and lifestyle. These Indian girls.”. Penn condemns the expectations of 21 st century nuclear families.

At the end of the year, exam assessors have hundreds of scripts to mark. These discussions were in full force over 5+ years ago. For our first paragraph, a good starting point might be analysing the literal forms of darkness in the novel, and seeing what other interpretations we can get from those. He and his peers are routinely drilled to “drive the weakness from the corps” in humiliating exercises led by cruel instructors. When Achilles was a child, his cousin Patroclus, came to live with the young Achilles since the former had killed the son of a high official of the royal court due to a ‘quarrel over a game of knucklebones’ [pg 11]. Man’s presence on earth is shown to have little significance in comparison to the power of nature. After you have ‘zoomed into’ the specific arguments you will be mounting in your essay, the final step is to ‘zoom back out’ and offer an incisive, and powerful overall contention which responds explicitly to the terms of the topic. Your teacher may provide you with some of these, but don’t be afraid to search for your own material! Move beyond talking about character and relationships. It is Somax, a mere old man from the marketplace who teaches Priam more about life than he had imagined possible. Phew. My thought, whose murder yet is but fantastical, Shakes so my single state of man. Both embark on their journey because they reject the expectations of their class and gender. These were pressures that Arthur struggled to live up to, and his “failed marriages” accompanied his career at all stages.
What mightn’t come to mind as immediately is a story about a travelling Shakespeare troupe wandering the North American continent decades after the actual apocalypse has struck, which is exactly the story that Mandel tells in Station Eleven. This alludes to the banality of evil again; by focusing on his very technical role and his unique understanding of the science behind radios, he is able to blind himself to the bigger picture of the evils he is abetting. His journey with Somax teaches Priam a far greater deal than he had anticipated, for he learns to appreciate the value of the human connection and other daily simplicities in life. In the Comparative task, most definitely try to avoid staring with the word ‘Both’, and instead consider shedding light on a theme or concept common to both texts.Â. She is a woman who's being sentenced to death for murdering Natan, more about him later, and, as a result, society condemns her and she's robbed of her identity and freedom. But, from my experiences in VCE English, I’ve found taking some time to write a concise, yet original, considered, and insightful intro (with a bit of flair when appropriate) can be hugely beneficial.Â. Now it's your turn. "She's an Indian- Why would she tell the truth?” Â, “Your mother and I thought we’d have more to show than just one grandchild … and white- we want them we want them white”, “Screwing an Indian. Our tutors meet students at homes and local libraries. There is always tension within the topic that needs to be resolved by the conclusion of your essay. As such, if you can impress your assessor with a powerful opening, they are more likely to see your piece as one that should earn a high mark. He obviously cannot obtain the throne whilst Duncan is still alive. What is the tone of the play set by the witches? The witches have chosen the right moment to approach Macbeth - when he is full of the triumph of battle, and fresh from killing. We also know that he neglects his children, missing Tyler’s birthday for work, as well as his friends, with his increasingly disingenuous and strained relationship with Clark.

I’m not a psychologist, but there’s something about creatures that ought to be innocent and harmless turning on us that freaks people out. And that’s it! You might need to take a few tries to get your contention right, and that's absolutely OK. However, there were also resistance groups all over these countries which sought to undermine the Nazi regime in a number of ways, both big and small. There is a certain cruel randomness to death in war, but just because so many did perish doesn’t mean that there aren’t human stories worth searching for in the destruction. To what extent do you agree?

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