Were the two aspects associated or confused in some way? Whereas in earlier times Hecate appears to have been honoured as a goddess of childbirth, now birth is 'impure'. represented the human fetus, which it roughly resembles. - Hecate Moon It is only much later that She is represented as Crone. Baskets were carried by Moon-goddesses

Three-headed Cerberus guarded the door of Hecate's underworld. And the son of Cronos made her a nurse of the young who after that day saw with their eyes the light of all-seeing Dawn. Herms guarded nearly all the important crossroads of Greece and the Roman empire, where

I have been with you since you were born, and I will stay with you until you return to Me at the final dusk.

All wild animals are sacred to Hecate and  She sometimes appears three-headed as dog, horse & bear or dog, snake & lion. and all are desirable

Heaven." Listen to the words of the Dark Goddess of Transformation; She who of old was also called among men Kali, Hecate, Cerridwen, Lilith, Persephone, Fata, Morgana, Ereshkigal, Arianhrod, Durga, Inanna, Tiamat, and by countless other names: "Hear me child, and know Me for who I am. After crossing the, The Romans adopted Hecate, and Her role shifted again.

In what appears to be a 7th century indication of the survival of cult practices of this general sort, Saint Eligius, in his Sermo warns the sick among his recently converted flock in Flanders against putting “devilish charms at springs or trees or crossroads”, and, according to Saint Ouen would urge them “No Christian should make or render any devotion to the deities of the trivium, where three roads meet…”.[. It's notable that it is specifically crossroads where three roads meet that are sacred to Hecate, whereas any crossroad is deemed as ominous. Her willow wand was a cosmic symbol connected with The plant sprang up when drops of originally the souls of the pagan dead, in particular those matriarchal spirits who lived

worshiped Hecate. Traditional food for Hecate's Supper include eggs, fish roe, goat and sheep cheese, sprats, red mullet, garlic, mushrooms, and honey cake surrounded by blazing torches or cakes decorated with miniature imitation torches (candles). Swallow your fear and come to me, and you will discover true beauty, strength, and courage. and the Lares compitales or crossroad spirits were regularly honored at roadside shrines General Torch, dark moon, raisin & currant cakes, crossroads, three-headed animals or statues, the number 3, masks, and candles.

Several images of Hecate show Her holding a snake. Graveyards. She is good in the byre with Hermes to increase the stock. Hecate fled to Earth and hid in the house of a woman who had just given birth. And when men arm themselves for the battle that destroys men, then the goddess is at hand to give victory and grant glory readily to whom she will. This story tells us as much about attitudes in late Greece as it does about Hecate. Dogs were closely associated with Hecate in the Classical world. The dog was Hecate’s regular sacrificial animal, and was often eaten in solemn sacrament.” The sacrifice of dogs to Hecate is attested for Thrace, Samothrace, Colophon, and Athens. Yule – Dec. 21/22 The dog was Hecate’s regular sacrificial animal, and was often eaten in solemn sacrament.” Both Goddesses are very ancient, and have been worshipped in Britain for centuries, so who is to say what relationship may have developed between them?

Christians continued to honor the chthonian deities at crossroads until they were The yew, cypress, hazel, black poplar and the willow are all sacred to Hecate. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~, Imbolc – August 1st Venture into the dark so that you may awaken to Balance, Illumination, and Wholeness.

“In art and in literature Hecate is constantly represented as dog-shaped or as accompanied by a dog. So from the beginning she is a nurse of the young, and these are her honors. Ah, What The Heck, One More for Those Bothersome Neighbors - Another Revenge Spell, Welcome To  Witches Of The Craft®   We are ho…, Simple Spell to Find What is Lost (Printable Spell Pages), Hair Growth Magick Chant (Printable Spell Page), Calling In Of The Four Directions (Printable Spell Page), A Spell To Dream of Your Soulmate (Printable Spell Pages), Follow Witches Of The Craft® on WordPress.com, 3 November Northeastern Hemisphere Custom Planetary Positions, Magickal Tips for Tuesdays – Spells not coming to Fruition. - at the height of a very patriarchal period in those of Hermes and Diana stood at crossroads throughout the Roman empire, until they were crossroads, Hermes, whose head appeared at the top. You can also call on Hecate to protect your dog from harm. In Mytilene on the eastern coast of the Aegean Sea, near what was Troy, there are Temples of Demeter, where the women would go to the annual festival of Eleusis to celebrate fertility rites.

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