Rope and wrangle a hydra on the ice floe. This is by far my biggest gripe when it comes to newly released maps. The issue is locking map completion behind large-scale group content, in this case not one but two meta events. What makes thing even worse: You can not park one of your characters in the room with the POI (Mesmer Portal for your friends), because if you logout, you get kicked out of it. If you go over 10 stacks he will get overhyped and the achie will fail. Destroy 10 Branded creatures by using the Resonating Blast skill inside the auditorium. The best place for a Necro to complete this is in “The Pantry” where the “Lost Supplies” portion of the Renowned Heart event occurs. Disgust leads to "oh, new shinies! is a website focused on creating high quality guides and walkthroughs for various MMORPGs to help gamers improve and enjoy their game experience. So players have multiple paths to achieve the goal of map completion and one of those paths is actually, y'know, playing the map. Supposing you have also read the thread you would have seen that the poi in question is available by 1) playing the game, 2) letting someone else play the game for you and buying the map completion item off the tp, 3) using a mesmer port or 4) tp to a friend, so there is no issue. What if a new player in half a year or a year wants to do it? The biggest thing you gotta watch out for are the branded lines on the ground as they will disqualify you from the achievement. But the feedback is good to have, and I know I at least will keep this in mind in the future! ~ Minister Durano. There’s a lasso meter when chasing the hydra that needs to be filled up for you to get the achievement, so you just lassoing it isn’t enough, several people need to hit the lasso action key to fill that meter up, if you lasso and the meter fills up completely you’ll get the achievement. Use the Light of Deldrimor to locate hidden dwarven treasure. WOW ur so fast I didnt even complete the story yet ^^ u have again my respect for all ur work! Should add that a friend and I just tried the Electrophobia achievement, and it also works if you follow each crystal section but hang back to avoid damage, you also don’t need to be the instance owner. Use a spider to get to below 10%. You will need to unlock it 10 times. You can buy the plate items off TP for accessing the POI, pretty sure that's all you need unless I missed something. ok. Typo on Nile’s achievement: You’re missing the 4th note, which is 4. achievements/ GW2/ Living World Season 4/ Slider, Dulfy Do it again for a series of 4 notes. It's how you get the two pieces of Light of Deldrimor Plate to trade with the ghost and get in there. AFAIK there are two metas, One meta gives you the top half, the other meta gives you the bottom half. It’s so simple to do, but I repeatedly fail because of Aurene. So, I don't think there was ever a conversation about doing this deliberately to keep people on the map - we have more interesting ways to do that. Fuck that surprise supplies shit. It was fixed in a subsequent patch (in patch notes). I think the dialogue options before that matter as well… annoying . You need to do this 3 times, each time the area of her wing slam attack increases and you have less area to stand in. . I just don't get why this happens every time. See the above link for a walkthrough. Gather up all the branded near you and just press the special action key for a quick and easy achievement. Map completion should indicate that the toon spent at least some time there doing something. With the complete Light of Deldrimor Plate, talk to Frodak Steelstar found on the bottom of the ramps leading down from History’s End Waypoint. The event only spawns 10 soldiers and you need 10 for the achievement so you may need to repeat the event once or twice. It’s the “Appropriately hyped” achievement. Your goal is to pick up supplies along the way. You can charge them by either killing the branded under each crystal or throwing Branded Shards at each crystal. If only Aurene DISAPPEARED while doing Power player. Dredgehaunt Cliffs. You probably confused… GW2 All or Nothing story and Thunderhead Peaks Map Achievements Guide. This worked for me anyway. Guys, do you anyone give me an explanation of “Conquer Your Fears” becouse I don’t know what I exactly need to do. I think it's more an issue of... when there are locked off areas of a map, what is inside those locked up areas is often interesting or notable in some way, so it often makes sense to make it a POI. Aurene is a big annoyance for this achieve because she can easily kill normal Branded via her breath weapon and thus ruin the achievement by finishing a crystal early. Its for the ascended weapon, after you craft the exotic. › Guild Wars 2 Discussion. The Oil Floes meta event also occurs every two hours at XX:45 but always at the alternate hour from the Thunderhead Keep meta. This will repeat 8 times, after that she gets dizzy. Where the mines barrel is at first. Having to wait around for meta events just to do map comp isn't fun. It starts just south of the Resolution’s Heart Waypoint with a defend and escort event. Now if anet wants to move the poi or expand its radius so that it is available to players too cheap, lazy and friendless to get it through one of the existing methods I'd have no problem with it, but that wouldn't change the fact that given the variety of means of access to the poi that currently exist, such a change is unnecessary . This achievement requires you to locate Pepperseed first near Hundar Pike. Also, there won't be 24\7 mesmer near that POI. 50-60. This achievement appears to be bugged currently and not giving credit. The map is not even 2 days old and everyone is predicting doom and gloom already. Once you get your hands on both pieces, having them locked behind 2 meta events will be the least of your problem. For Brechnar’s Gauntlet you can go to mastery from outside (I’m not sure if I used only bunny and glider or bunny and griffon). Avoid getting hit by Branded Aurene’s breath attacks. Some occur when Branded Aurene is on the ground but they are also her main attacks when she takes off in the air. Any real tips gow to do this? I'm not sure I'm a fan of this trend. Namely Hammer's Hoard and The Consul's Tomb. @TheOrlyFactor.8341 said: Gonna have to agree with OP on this. Especially Thunderhead Keep Volatile Delivery, it takes me so much time…. Does Dragon Stand rings anyone bell? The room contains a Dwarven Chest, a Forgotten Cache, and a resplendent Hidden Chest.Completing a mini-puzzle is required to enter the room to loot these chests. He will give you a plate of random color (you can see the color on your back). Don't buy it now, the bottom part is like 6-7g on buy. ©2017 It’s really no big deal, @yoni.7015 said: May take a couple tries to get it. Or if Aurene would happen to kill the veteran outside of one of these crystals. It means I won't be participating in a meta (or two) but at least I'll be able to go for map completion when I feel like it. 3rd time is a charm! Pierce four or more branded with a single use of the Dragonsblood spear. is this an hidden achiv? Select the first option in every dialogue window and get him up to 10 stacks of Hype. Talk to the Tournament Organizer to bet on who wins. The details are everything." Map completion should never be locked behind events in this way, especially on maps where population will naturally diminish over time. Pop shroud and kill them all . You will need to locate 50 hidden chests to complete the achievement so be prepared for quite a number of runs of the Dwarven rooms once the achievement get fixed. I'm back!". The map is not even 2 days old and everyone is predicting doom and gloom already. Go to Niles, talk to him about the ritual and then play the following notes: 325, 324. Go to the spiders in the cavern outside the forge camp heart.

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