Hey theгe! Bramble – a cute name that brings up images of the countryside. Bumble – this might be a good description of a guinea pig that bumbles around it’s hutch! Are they outgoing or on the shy side? My guinea pig is a brown Rex guinea pig he is adorable and his name is paco taco he looks like the meat portion of a taco I love him sooo much the reason behind his name is because my dad bought it for my graduation since then I asked him to name it and he decided paco to call him pacito so I reasoned paco rhymes with taco and it’s my favourite food after all . April – this name signifies youth and beauty which is a big name for a pet guinea pig but one that is justified. Titch – the perfect name for an adorable and small guinea pig. Flossie – a cute name for a cute and fluffy guinea pig. Quartz – an unusual choice of name for a white guinea pig – different from the usual snowy or snowball names. Pinkie Pie – this name comes from one of the most favored characters in My Little pony – A happy character that loves cupcakes and to make people smile. Dinky – a cute and tiny name – perfect for a small furry companion. Sugar and Spice – sugar and spice and all things nice. All of these are super cute name ideas. So, What are the best names for Guinea Pigs? Cute and Adorable Male Guinea Pig Names. Ever heard of the “King of Rock n’ Roll?” We may not be the biggest Elvis fans, but we are suckers for puns. There are so many variants of fur type and colour in guinea pigs from long-haired to short-haired and the silky haired. Molly and Milly – a cute pair of names for a cute couple of guinea pigs. Marmalade – a great colour (as well as flavor) for a marmalade coloured guinea pig. I ϳust would like to give you a biɡ thumbs up foг thе great information you һave got here on this post. Cola – if this is your favorite drink then maybe this is the right choice for your pet. Galaxy –  a galaxy might be a system of stars but it also makes a great starry themed pet name. Shadow – for a grey or black guinea pig, this is a great name option. Roque – this is derived from French roots, and it literally means rest. Perfect for a snowy white guinea pig. Elsa – named after your favorite frozen character. Cashmere – soft and fluffy to touch – just like your guinea pig. 3. they are very social animals. Whizzer – some guinea pigs are fast as well as having loads of energy. Names such as Beyonce, Mariah, Bieber or Montanna are great names to choose and reflect your personality and likes as well as your guinea pigs.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'officiallypets_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_7',107,'0','0'])); People often buy guinea pigs in pairs or groups and this can lead to some fantastic name choices that are humorous as well as brilliant names. May – a spring-like name that is cute for any female guinea pig. Karma – perhaps it was fate that brought your guinea pig to you. Twitch – guinea pigs have cute twitchy noses so why not name them after this trait with this cute name? Dusk and Dawn – a duo of names that work brilliantly for guinea pigs with two different sets of colours and markings. He also put my cat down at our house when she needed to be put down! Ready to name your new guinea pig? I don’t know if this is bragging or not, but I am really lucky, I have a vet as a neighbor. Alaska – a great place to visit with a lot of snow! 8 Essential Hedgehog Supplies - What To Get For Your Hedgehog. Fluffy – some guinea pigs are really fluffy and this makes a fab name for them.

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