After a dozen+ emails with customer service they sent 4 replacement seeds for the 4 that didn't germ, no replacements for the autos that didn't auto. Excellent seeds!

I grew only 2. I also have bad luck with hermies from growers choice, I've grow some quality bud from them, but 75 percent of the beans I've grown from them either hermed, didnt germinate, or grew into fluffy larf, I'm completely done with that company, I'm about to start a grow with some banana daddy from ethos genetics.

JavaScript is disabled. I am novice grower with 4 crops harvested. Going to give them another try with Gorilla glue auto. And show the fact that autoflowering varieties here will only 5055 days at 420 nothing to. Grown them outdoors..under only single T5 lights to see how under tough conditions they would turn out. 1 of those auto got really fat ended up with a yield of about 5 oz off that one plant. Cheap beans are usually just that.

plz elaborate umbra. So if you don't live in Cali your shit outta luck.

Many seed banks don’t guarantee that your seeds will arrive. the beans are healthy, shipping is free and they back up what they sell. Yeah the only ship to California address . However, with ILGM, delivery is not a …

2.1 Cheap cannabis seeds reddit; 2.2 Growers choice cannabis seeds for cannabis seeds tips; Growers choice cannabis seeds for cannabis seed sellers usa.

Growers Choice seeds !!

Growers Choice and ILGM are not inside the USA. Never saw this thread lol. I have been lucky I guess as I have not had any shipments intercepted.

2 of the 3 popped.

this is not really a full review as I am not germinating these seeds for a long time as I am gonna take a break from growing due to safety concerns lately. Mine grew out fine. Right now (~8weeks) she's got about 20 buds sites and the larger ones are 4-6" tall and fating up nicely. Shop now at Growers Choice Seeds Pros: Classic sativa strain can provide mentally stimulating and clarifying effects -- modulated, in this genotype, by higher CBD levels I wouldn't grow them out if they were free. Currently, Growers Choice proud to give over 40 cannabis seed strains meeting all requirements. 4 out of 5 seeds germinated except the Purple Kush which had 100% germination. Got my seeds Saturday and I am on the east coast. White Rhino's cheer!

Somewhere in the heavens...they are waiting. Gorilla Seeds - Review of Gorilla Seeds' reputation, strain selection and quality, and special offers. Though both plants looked different. Seems so far lots of good reviews! Say Something About The Poster Above You.

Glad you like them. Growers Choice Seeds is a recent addition to the seed banks list.

Dude why the head ache learn from my mistake dcseedexchange and greenpoint seeds are way better. Growers Choice Seeds Seed Bank Review December 28, 2017 by Dylan Osborn. These are a little over 4 weeks old.

Growers choice seeds have the same program that will enable users to enjoy their quality products As well as earn extra income. Discussions regarding Cannabis Seed Banks. Excited to give autoflowers a try!! So i was running out of time so i went with growers choice seeds now im hoping i dint waste my money .Just thought i through that out there, Attitude seeds(, Does anyone have good luck with l lo be growing marawona for seeds, Oops has anyone have good look buy seeds from .l love growing marawona. I have to say I'm 100% happy up to this point. It may not display this or other websites correctly. The earnings are dependent on the number of visitors using your link as well as what amount they spend on the company. Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor Growers Choice Seeds to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world. I did get a kick out of this image on their website, as it looks like they have a little sense of humour too!

WeedSeedsExpress Godfather OG In LOS Scrogged & Cored, White Rhino, CBD Cream and Cheese, +Stankberry Medley, Cannabis Plant and Pest Problem Solver - Pictorial, Thank You To Our New Sponsor Growers Choice Seeds, Please Join Us In Welcoming Our New Sponsor - Clear Choice, Thank You To Our Renewing Sponsor Bonza Seeds, Thank You To Our Renewing Sponsor Auto Seeds, All Content Copyright © 1993-2020 420 Magazine ® All Rights Reserved. Very great strain all and all blueberry will always be one of my favorites but Growers Choice Seeds genetics for this are awesome..

It was my first time growing this strain and kept it under 24 hours of light but I think I will try out 18/6 just to see the difference . i just finished growing critical purple auto. I just came across this and don't like what im reading. Starting cannabis seeds in rapid rooters slothful imprudence. What’s interesting is, they are based out of the US and also ships from the US. Hope I can keep her going. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Finally had a chance to check them out. blacklabel99 Newbie.

JavaScript is disabled. I bought some seeds from Growers Choice ( Tangerine Dream Auto and Northern lights auto) CC and fast delivery. Magic’s Canadian Grow Comparison featuring “Black Sugar” -, Forum Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting, 420 Photo Gallery Tutorial - How to Post Photos, Follow us on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Monks Black Columbian OG and Blueberry Hashplant Journal, D Monks Ongoing Mixed LED Soil Journal -, Tangerine Dream auto-fem from Growers Choice, Sofaking grows Lemon Zkittles, Dinachem, Purple Kush and more in coco Winter '19, Sofaking grows kushes for your tushes in coco Summer '18, Sofaking Dope scrogs Cindy while taming a web of white widow in coco. Grower's Choice Seeds are the worst seeds that I have ever grown. their seeds are not reliable they also remove negative reviews. Went ahead and tried to pop 2 of the Tangerine Dreams.

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