The best action will come during the peak of the migration, which can vary year-to-year, but as it is elsewhere in the state any time during the two-week October season can offer some challenging opportunities for hunters willing to put in the time and effort. Big lights, big buildings, and big game baseball players typically come to mind when anyone mentions New York. A deposit of $100.00 per person/per guided day is required to secure your preferred dates. The property covers some 5,000 acres and is adjacent to Ossian and Canaseraga state forests, offering an additional 2,500 acres. Grouse hunting is many people’s first introduction to hunting for several good reasons: Vast public lands are available and many are managed specifically for forest wildlife like ruffed grouse. Late in the season, woodcock haunts are pretty much frozen and local and migrant birds have headed south. They may even be able to offer tips on the best coverts (areas with cover) within a given area. Combining data from the first four seasons of the grouse hunting log allows us to identify a region that stretches from the St. Lawrence Valley in the north through the Otsego-Delaware Hills and the East Appalachian Plateau in the southern tier where we observe flush rates (grouse flushed/hour) similar to or above the statewide average of 1.1 birds/hour (this is illustrated by the Wildlife Management Units highlighted in orange on the map). He is a moderate paced pointer that will gladly hunt all day long just out in front. According to the New York Department of Conservation, sometime between Sept. 2 when the grouse season opens in northern New York (and Oct. 1 in southern regions) and the close of the season on Feb. 28, about 75,000 hunters will take to the uplands in search of the state’s second most popular game bird. Flush rates were up in Appalachian Hills and Plateau, Adirondack and Tug Hill, Catskills and Delaware Hills, Champlain Valley and Lake Plains zones. Together the two properties offer about 11,000 acres of oak-pine forest, open fields, forest openings and pine barrens. Scattered in areas throughout the state are 110 wildlife management areas totaling nearly 197,000 acres. Both male and female spruce grouse have a chestnut-colored tail band on a blackish tail that contrasts with the ruffed grouse's dark tail band on a brown or gray tail. Check out our Fall “Cast and Blast”  package for a half day of grouse/woodcock hunting and a half day of fly fishing on the West Branch of the Ausable River! About 85% of the land in New York State is privately owned, so its likely that some of the best grouse coverts may be on private lands. Another way is to join a local rod and gun club or chapter of the Ruffed Grouse Society and American Woodcock Society. Please, my friend do not copy this. Perhaps the stories of a young hunter’s first buck, the big one that got away, or the passing along of hard learned lessons from the Ole’ Timers in camp. The edges of tote roads, logging roads, snowmobile and ATV trails and the like are also likely spots to find birds. The property consists of 10 separate parcels, the largest 300-acre parcel located off CR 64. On the west side of the meadow lies another lowland intermixed with hardwood, birch saplings, and hawthorn. On the other hand, according to the “Singing-ground Survey” (SGS) conducted by the U.S. The temp was about 66 degrees, not overly warm unless one is busting grouse cover. To learn more about these efforts or to sign-up to receive materials for submitting feather and blood samples, please contact us via e-mail or call (518) 402-8929. Early in the gunning season wherever there is water, such as marsh edges, creek bottoms, the banks of brooks, spring seepages and damp alder thickets, air temperatures are coolest and grouse are drawn to these locations. DEC biologists have supplemented existing populations of spruce grouse in New York to increase genetic diversity and help aid in the recovery of the State's population. To the north, in DEC Region 6, the Tug Hill WMA gets a lot of attention from bird hunters but time should also be invested getting to know the Indian River WMA in Theresa. Something else to keep in mind this fall. I asked how his flushes were, and he responded that he had had eight. During your guided Adirondack grouse and woodcock hunts New York, you will be hunting over Geronimohawk’s Tuckerboy, (affectionately known as Tucker and at times a few other things that rhyme with that!) Visit New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation for the most up to date information. Buddy was first to catch the scent, swinging left to right and then quickly heading up the edge of the wood line that I presumed the bird was running along.

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