Told you I was a novice :-) They could change the world. Question- Do Bonds require greater levels of leverage? Grant Williams: One thing that’s been common when talking to people is an increase in not just the number of people who are starting to look at gold, but also the profile. Obviously, if everyone were to sell their crypto simultaneously and request a withdrawal of USD then almost no one would get their money out. Now, they are a very pale shadow of their predecessors. Being too smart with stocks is dangerous. It’s no wonder the United states theft and murder, school shootings is at historical highs. Then short there 401ks or IRAs… lots of mixed messages Grant & Raoul in 2018: "Something has got to happen, to stop that from happening" Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. REAL VISION CO-FOUNDER GRANT WILLIAMS INTERVIEWS TIGER 21 FOUNDER MICHAEL SONNENFELDT, The unique qualities that make a successful entrepreneur, Predictions for the future of real estate and society itself. The gold standard isn't easy to follow. My favourite part of the interview is around time 1:01:41, scarcity is the most important law in economics in that no one can have all of they want. The US could have nationalized the banking sector, split deposit taking from investment banking. Very true and excellent read. I find it interesting that there is a claim that there is no representative of the long side that can be presented. Thank you so much for this wonderful conversation. Prices down by ~8% this year! @Adrian. I guess using gold to preserve wealth rather than "make money" is actually the real benefit." Put them in the same kind of equation we get a value of bitcoin and that value is a million dollars. Venture capitalist and academic Bill Janeway breaks down his experience…, Published on: December 28th, 2018 • Duration: 69 minutes. Agreed! He carries gold as an insurance policy, not a speculation. Same here. Tracking all the talking points as things are actually playing out. “So I said OK well let’s assume it’s something like gold — There’s a finite amount of it,” Pal said in an interview with Grant Williams on Real Vision Television. It is still about figuring out. By the time the commission hands down it's findings the economy will have really slowed due to lending conditions being so tight and the govt will have no option but to go begging to the big four to get the economy moving again. Those tunnels would be unnavigable by humans in an ordinary car but could be navigated by a Tesla autopilot with proper sensors along the side. Fresh news pops up every day. Will be the first of many! If, as you say, China bans imports of Aussie iron ore + copper that's going to lead to a massive recession in Australia and that's most likely going to see the housing market, which is significantly over leveraged, capitulate into 2020/21. Many Thanks for a great product in RV!! These are huge employers within the Australian economy and now that the gravy train has ended there's not going to be jobs for these people. @Phillip G. Your thesis makes sense to me. Many of them will not even know that they are on the wrong track. I live in Australia and am looking forward to telling people "I told you so" regarding the property price declines that are happening right now. Thank you very much Raoul and Grant!! I bought a small position at $300 on the back of Raoul's initial thesis so have nothing to complain about but we shouldn't give credit unless it is earned. Loved this conversation as it focuses one's mind and attention on the possibilities and probabilities of market moving events in 2019. The banks will NOT ask you to put more equity in to offset the paper losses as long as you maintain cash flow on the debt. cheers. As an Australian I found it both hilarious and terrifying how the two of you straightened up at the mention of our housing bubble. You could spend your whole day reading $TSLAQ and various news on Tesla and still not be able to grasp the full extent of the fraud. Grant, you need to interview Keith or Darius @Hedgeye and get their POV on this subject! He was also interested in understanding what is interest rate and money so he started to read Austrians and classical liberals. Trump is to extreme.Young people want socialism. Much to his chagrin, Grant Williams has reached 30 years in finance. Is a limit order an algo? Pal expects central banks will have to regulate bitcoin over time, but that's not a problem. Great conversation, though one thing sticks in my side. For heavens sake. Savings = that which is left over production – consumption. Great piece lots to think about. As a total amateur I have no idea what do do now of course! As an Aussie and investor, the home prices here are falling despite credit continuing to expand at a rate of approx. 2019 will be brutal. Cheers, Happy New Year. Certainly, a 'recovery' will occur but its nature appears extraordinarily removed from prediction. 9:09 AM - 28 Dec 2018" The 'training wheels' are just a proof of concept. Brilliant! As for "missing out a lifetime opportunity", I'm gifted at that haha, missing many even better opportunities than BTC - as there's a number of rags-to-riches stock stories, but for every shooting star there's hundreds of losers. They're effectively saying that despite all the findings of the Royal Commission with regard to bank sector fraud, pursuit of profit to all else, that we need to go back to loose lending standards to give the economy another shot of life. Speaking of "Algos" "computers" perhaps you need to have a bit of both? These long form interviews provide so much more value than listening to sound bites from sell side analysts all day on Bloomberg or CNBC. 2020 | All image assets are property of 2K Sports. what the stock could be in the future. This advice is nothing new just more so. The world would not have ended, but perhaps the financialization of earth could have stopped, and by now we would be growing again, in real terms not in debased fiat terms. Grant gives great speeches about gold and I love seeing and listening to those talks but it's becoming ranting. DLS. Can someone explain the Austrialia story? Neither has yet realized the degree to which their personal brands as interviewers/thinkers, are RV's biggest asset. To be honest, I did not know Anthony Deden, he is the founder of Edelweiss Holdings, a private investment holding company with long-term participation in the production, chemistry and technology of food, aquaculture, materials, forestry, resources and various industrial and engineering endeavours. Worst solar experience ever. Felix Zulauf joins Grant Williams to discuss different economies, the stock market, currencies, and more. View more posts. Thank you gentlemen loved it! To see y'all congratulate each other on accurate market calls without it coming across as bullshitting each other is also commendable... and so very rare. Lucas, QE was a correct remedy for US banks. Maybe do a speculative spread Chile against Australia? There are other important, less easily defined requirements that also need to be met. Happy holidays and best to Real Vision in 2019. Like it shows us the way away I'm already looking forward to the movie about Tesla's demise, because I would almost feel like an insider. assume it's something like gold-There's a finite amount of it," Pal said in an interview with Grant Williams on, ut them in the same kind of equation we get a value of bitcoin and that value is. "[It] was to try and create a valuation framework that gives some value to bitcoin because nobody really knows that it's worth. Pols have rarely cared about anything after the next election. Even though he has a high valuation, Pal doesn't recommend that people put their entire life savings in bitcoin. me to imagine in 10 years that the Teslas are still there but the Ford Focus isn't. BTW, where did you read that China is thinking about 'retaliation by banning all Australian copper & iron ore and possibly more'? Times Syndication Service. That might have been true in the past, but the amount of senior employees jumping ship is staggering. “So I said OK well let’s assume it’s something like gold — There’s a finite amount of it,” Pal said in an interview with Grant Williams on Real Vision Television. I live and work in Sydney and because of your podcast and then world on the brink series have started University studying business. (My speculation is that the German government struck a deal with VW with respect to going big on electric in exchange for less severe sanctions about DieselGate?). At the very least, you should avoid owning the banks + currency. 2) Their solution lets make our own digital USD, which we distribute centrally 3) A bunch of top exchanges use USD Tether (USDT) instead of USD, so when you sell you get USDT not USD. I for one fully supported the mission that Musk has for a zero pollution vehicle. BBOZ is pretty good. They are a lot lower hanging fruits than taxing gold gains... (inflating the debt away or raiding pension funds being two examples.). " It's said that 80% of Australia's economy depends directly or indirectly on exports to China. This is because the rate of credit growth has slowed, causing the home price slump in certain major capital cities. You will also need to keep Grant’s fundamentals in mind in all your trades. I did some analysis a while ago," Raoul Pal said. Thanks again and happy new year. Big fan of Raoul and Grant but I don't think the call on Bitcoin is bankable - my recollection was Raoul was out around usd3.3k which is still below current levels. Priced in USD you potentially get both the downside of the stock and the currency. He was drafted 22nd overall in the 2019 NBA Draft. The book Antifragile, in his opinion, is one of the most extraordinary books he’s read. Dave Iben personifies not only deep global value, but he sees the world in a very simplistic mindset. Yet its the former 'effing crooks ( & the new soon to be crooks) like Ocasio-Cortez who says "Vote for me for free stuff" + The other crooks who have the "Pork Barrel spending of Bridges to no-where" and all the other "freebie" stuff that all the folks in Westminster, Capitol Hill and, the Elysee Palace plus all points west and east etc., like. Time to leverage that value boys. Oz will become the next Venezuala if China wills it. You are effectively saying you have missed out on +70% gains since 2012, and more of the same if you have been here from an earlier date. Quantification is not as necessary as people believed. I would like to know from Raoul how dependent he is on the rising price of the dollar to further cause a capitulation of oil down to $20/barrel. He called the collapse from $6,300 to these current levels. I wonder what happens to high-rise condo prices with the fiasco in Sydney these past few weeks? Happy New Year to you all and bring it on 2019!! All rights reserved.For reprint rights. He’d done the hard work, risks were diminishing rapidly and I felt it was a terrible call. I started to try to find more information about him and his holding but he only has a corporate presentation on his website. As far as competition for Tesla, I don't know. Watch the full Real Vision Television interview below: Copyright © 2020. His suggestion is to avoid the bond market. Like Raoul, I loaded up on bitcoin in early 2015 at prices as low as $200. As I understand Grant and Raoul, algorithms, and machines capable of running them, have taken away any short-term advantage fund managers have. They think it has already gone too far and they are reversing course by relaxing some of the lending standards (e.g. Crypto apocalypse scenario. 2) Bring on Luke Gromen with Dan Oliver & Simon Mikhailovich, to discuss the coming debt collapse. Brilliant! Very interesting. Times Internet Limited. I live in New Zealand part of the year; if you think Australians are in denial about their housing bubble, you should see the Kiwis in Auckland! How about quarterly through 19? In that period, prices of securities were going up, independently of economic. Everything is relative Grant. It's one of Are there any ETF's setup to do this with ease?

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