gone squatchin in Community Dictionary Orally pleasuring a female with a hairy vagina. Noontime sun in southern Oklahoma is still warm in early October. I hear some noises outside the cabin and just had to follow. Jennie Lloyd; Oct 19, 2016 Oct ... (Verb: Squatch. AZdictionary.com was founded in 2010 and our goal is to have definitions for any english word. On this ledge outside a cave full of bones you’ll find the body of Dansky - pick up the keycard next to him and climb/parachute/wingsuit back down to his cabin to open the stash. Continue along the given path and you’ll pass under an overhang that’s clearly been used as a feeding spot. All Rights Reserved. An uncle in camouflage coveralls who had just spent two days in a deer stand said, "Bigfoot? Goon definition is - a stupid person. (Verb: Squatch. Registered 501(c)(3). Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph.. Balls. Share it. We’d also come for the genuine fun of this quirky Oklahoma festival. Browse through different shirt styles and colors. Shop custom printed shirts and apparel online with TeeChip. EIN: 22-2306795, {"cart_token":"","hash":"","cart_data":""}, Email us at webhelp@skepticalinquirer.org. Now's your chance to add your own! Headlamp. Squatchin.com. How to use goon in a sentence. that is degrading to another person. No dice. They found rudimentary attempts at first aid, bits of brain matter, more blood. From the sounds of the roaring and screams coming from the cliffs, it sounds like Dansky may have gotten more than he was hoping for. Listed physical symptoms of a nearby Bigfoot: sizzling brain, rumbling tummy, mindspeak (out-of-body thoughts like STAY OUT OF THE WOODS), sudden sleepiness, dysphoria, dream intrusion. He hit the beast in the head, and it ran howling into the timberline and out of sight. There are many Sweaters, Longsleeve Tee, T-Shirts, V-neck, Hoodies, Tank Top, Meaning, Sweatshirts about your name Gone here. We were bright-sun confident around a dying breakfast fire, cavalier after a skillet of scrambled eggs and bacon. For more from Jennie, read her article on Oklahomans for Health and their fight to put Medical Marijuana on the ballot. In white plastic chairs, attendees drank church coffee and ate church soup (white bean & ham with a thick slice of cornbread, $5) and listened to Sasquatch experts in the chapel. Privacy Policy | The winter was unusually harsh sixteen years ago, they say, when a deer hunter and his family noticed fresh-shot carcasses stolen from their outdoor freezer. Be Proactive. Out-of-state volunteer investigators with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization arrived on the scene within 16 hours of the shooting. They chalked up the missing meat and mischief to bears, nothing more, and emptied out the freezer. Here’s the roster with TTV field notes: 9am, Dr. Webb Sentell. "You can take a picture of it if you like," said a church lady sitting at the card table in front of the journal and a cash-box. All Rights Reserved. Thirty seconds later, another yowl bellowed across the copperhead-ridden river water. The trees quickly muffled the safety of camp. person will not be tolerated. Share with Us. Another group of Squatchers were throwing out Bigfoot calls to attract the real deal. Story goes, they didn’t have to wait long. Cargo shorts. Self-described Jungian clinical psychologist and hard-knock rationalist. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism We had pitched our tent just a Bigfoot-stomp from the wild woods, once roiling with angry predators and nervous rifle-fire, to get up close and personal with an Okie monster legend.

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