The first few strokes were a little bit of a push, but once I was going, it held speed quite nicely. The Meno bag also has front roller wheels, setting it apart from all of the other GILI Sports bags. How do you install the fin?Slide and push the fin into the groove and lock the fin with the rear latch. The stability is stellar, and is capable of supporting 450 lbs with a little bit of practice. Keep this guy nearby at all times. EARLY NOVEMBER. Finally, a wide, stable do-everything board that doesn’t compromise on performance. Overall, this is a great all-around SUP that offers good performance on the water, while keeping the weight (and price) low to accommodate those interested in their first SUP and those looking to upgrade. The sub $800 dollar price tag should also be enticing for experienced paddlers looking to upgrade to a more premium, upper end paddleboard without breaking the bank. While most traditional bags and accessories will still clip in fine on these D-rings, making them a little bigger would make attaching things even easier. A great SUP for beginner and intermediate paddlers. Every GILI Paddle Board order directly benefits our oceans, reefs, and endangered sea creatures. If it's not a perfect fit for you, you may return the board within 60 days for a full refund minus a 20% restocking fee. How long does it take to inflate and deflate?Inflation takes most people 5 to 10 minutes. I believe had I brought along with me one of my carbon fiber or fiberglass paddles, I would have felt quite a difference. Be careful and watch your balance!. Though I don’t say that with a cynical tone as I personally love the snap lock. The paddle included with the Meno 10’6’ is no exception, weighing just 29 ounces.

Deflate super simple as always too. Great overall kit. For a budget board, it tracked quite well. Those who want a multitude of fin options for various situations.

There isn’t much rocker in the nose, so it was kind of like pushing an elephant up Mt Everest.

As I stated, it tracked well, but the turning was a bit slow and staggered. The 10’6’’ Meno doesn’t just come with long fins for improved stability and tracking, but shorter fin options as well. The center handle is the best of the three, featuring a neoprene grip that is very comfortable to hold. That kind of profile obviously makes for a stable board, but the let down is the decrease in performance. Accidental drops, crashes, and other common accidents will do little to no damage to the overall structure of the SUP. While the Meno’s dual-layer PVC construction will resist most common accidents you might experience on the water, it’s definitely nice to know you’re covered if something does happen. Advanced paddlers who want to paddle with a second person will probably be more interested in the 11’6’’ than the 10’6’’ Meno. You’ve also got front, rear, and center grab handles to easily carry your SUP to and from the water. I don’t mind having a single fin setup, but it does limit performance. Beginners will benefit from the Meno 10’6’’, not just for the great performance but the kit that features everything needed for the water out of the box. It’s great that the Meno 10’6’’ can provide enough support for two paddlers at the same time, while staying light enough that a single person can hike to the water with it. Heyo! As an all-around, the Meno 10’6’’ is good to use for most SUP water sports, be it racing, touring, or even yoga for those with a good sense of balance. You can feel good knowing that you’re helping create a better earth, and also getting an amazing product. Gili meno savère être le choix idéal pour une escapade en amoureux, loin de lambiance agitée et festive de sa voisine Gili Trawangan ! Because of its great stability, along with the fantastic fins included that you can read more about below, you’ll be able to use the Meno in almost every water environment. They include: Gili Meno 10’6’’ Center Fin Options: With these fin options, you’ll be able to fine tune your fin setup for any water environment or situation. Deflation takes only 2-3 minutes. Recommended PSI is 15! The carbon rails also help with maintaining a firm, rigid board that will keep you above the water and going where you want as you explore lakes, rivers, and the ocean. When you’re ready to hit the water, your action camera mounts to the nose in seconds. iSUPs don't ding or scratch - ideal for carefree paddling.MORE AFFORDABLE: iSUPs are less expensive than hard boards - get MORE for your money with an inflatable SUP. COVID-19 STATUS: WE ARE OPEN & SHIPPING | FREE USA SHIPPING | Buy 2 Sups & Save $80 (Details). Very stable, rigid all-around SUP with good tracking and glide. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! The recommended PSI is the same as many other SUP’s at 15 PSI and was achieved in 8 or so minutes. To start, my initial observations were on speed and stability. We also like the color of the deckpad, which resists and hides stains well. Gili meno, c’est l’endroit idéal pour trouver la flemme, tout ce que vous avez à faire c’est prendre votre serviette, la poser délicatement sur la plage, vous baigner, et de temps en temps prendre votre masque et tuba pour voir des zolis poissons.

Pack all of this in the rolling iSUP bag and get that weight off of your shoulders! SUP anywhere with the versatile US Fin box with a 5 piece fin kit: a 9” Center Fin, a 4.5” Speed fin, a 3” River Fin, and two removable side fins. It’s always the day you think you won’t need it that you do! Front & Rear Bungees to stow your cooler, tackle box & fishing pole. The pad feels good, but we would love some groves for traction, Tri-fin setup, US center fin, snap in side fins. A good indicator of how much we like the design and the shape of the Meno 10’6’’ is that it is nearly the same design as the BLACKFIN Model X. Gili also made sure that there is a deflation option with this pump as well, making it easier to deflate your SUP once you’re ready to pack up for the day. These strings help it attain the SUP shape you see above as air inflates this drop-stitch core, despite being an inflatable.

You can’t expect some high-performance behavior from a board in this range, but I do have to express how well it tracked it a line and held some speed. The forward and rear bungee cargo areas serve a similar purpose for coolers, lunch boxes, and other small containers. Last update on 2020-05-04 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. This section of the lake actually is tidal, so as the day went on, I was battling tidal currents. Slow going rivers and small, easier rapids (and we’d recommend the 10’6 Meno over the 11’6 for whitewater because it’s more maneuverable). However, I did have some trouble getting it to secure to the valve. Not only is this board great for all activities, bring the whole family aboard! Woohoo! You’ll have no problems going straight on the water while maintaining momentum to paddle along at a steady pace. We've added our Carbon Tech Rail for supreme rigidity and durability. Rated for over 45 lbs, you'll find room for your kids, fishing gear, and more! The Gili surprised me. Now I’m only little, 55kgs, so I will be giving this board to a bigger rider at some point and getting back to you about rigidity then too! Gili has been a great company to purchase a board from. launching the board . 7.6 /10 Bien. We always recommend heading out with a PFD for the safest SUP experience. Rigid thanks to its multi-layer fusion construction, carbon rails further help it stay firm for added performance. Both the 10’6 and the 11’6 Meno feature oversized bungees on the nose and tail to stash all of your gear safely and securely. However, the included repair kit can help you fix minor problems with your Meno 10’6’’. Very sturdy dual-layer fusion PVC construction + carbon fiber rails. It really bugs me when there is a limited storage area. Besides adding extra protection to the sides of the SUP, the added rigidity really makes a difference in performance without significantly increasing the weight and cost of the SUP. I bought the Gili 10'6" for my wife and she loves it. Nothing like the recently reviewed ERS deck pad but that’s two very differently priced boards too! The tracking and glide are good, enhanced by the diverse fin setup that you can fine tune for any occasion. Designed for stability, speed and portability, the GILI AIR 10'6 Inflatable Paddle Board is the perfect blend of balance, weight and size. This also results in it being extremely lightweight. At we are a team who love the water, the outdoors, and are more than grateful that our full-time job allows us to review stand up paddle boards. You can wrap the 10’ coiled leash around your ankle or thigh, and attach it to one of the D-rings scattered on the SUP. Plus, plenty of space for gear. So, all of this summed up tells me one thing. Anyone wanting a wide, long SUP deck pad for activities like stretching and yoga.

Then as pre-mentioned in the materials, the handle in the middle can be undone. Those who want great stability while keeping the SUP light. It’s so easy and quite to install a fin. It’s a diamond grooved deck, and I found it to be very grippy and cushioned. So long as it’s been put together well and it doesn’t come loose. Also, it’s cheap but not going to be a complete let down like many other boards under $500. When I left home on a worldwide trip I learned how to surf, scuba dive, and paddle board.

The most important parts of enjoying your SUP is the prep and the actual ride. As I noted, the pump is great, better than great comparing it to other pumps in this price range. Or in the market for a second board? However, the wide deck is a major reason for the superb stability and weight capacity that the Meno 10’6’’ features. If the Halkey-Roberts inflation valve comes loose, you can tighten it up with the valve wrench. When you buy a paddle board from GILI, we donate a portion of your order to one of several charities that support our Oceans, Reefs, and Endangered Sea Creatures. Can also be used as a tie up point. If you have a small scratch or hole you want to cover that isn’t on the seams, the included patches can serve to be a temporary solution. Heyo! Thank you for reading, and we hope to hear about your adventures on the water! The lack of side fins also did make trying to do back foot turns a little wobbly. I bought the Gili Meno 11'6" inflatable SUP package for my husband for his birthday. Something that will last more than one use, something that delivers a good level of performance and fun. The twist lock in system allows you to alter and secure the height of the paddle in seconds, with the perfect height setting for almost all adult paddlers marked on the shaft. Bluefin 14’ Sprint Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. Extra D-Rings for your ice chest, cooler bag, or tackle box! The aluminum paddle is enough to get you started. Gili Meno 1 location de vacances, 35 m ² 3 personnes, 1 chambre, 1 salle de bains. ", Carbon Fiber Paddle, Dual Chamber Pump, Rollin Backpack, Fin kit, Carbon fiber rail for extra rigidity and performance, Premium iSUP Accessory Bundle: includes Pump, Leash, Rolling Backpack, Paddle & Fin Kit, Great for all water conditions and all skill levels, especially beginners, 35" Width for extra stability, yet the hybrid shape cuts through the water with minimal drag, Supports Up to 450/485 lbs (up to 500 lbs for advanced riders), Fusion Dual Layer Technology, the strongest and lightest iSUP Material available, Action Camera Mount and D-ring on the Nose of the board, Inflate your board twice as fast with the dual chamber, 3-stage pump, Fin kit includes a 9" Race Fin, 4.5" Speed Fin, and a 3" River Fin. Ocean paddling, including riding small waves. Several fabric sheets are connected by thousands of short strings. Featuring 18 of d-rings to attach extra gear like a cooler, waterproof speaker, bait box, etc., you can also mount our Kayak Seat if you prefer to paddle your SUP like a kayak. Easily adjustable to your height, our Carbon Fiber Paddle breaks down into 3 pieces for quick storage. Performance Stability Much the same as every other inflatable SUP. Easily mount fishing rods, fish finders, Action Cameras, bait trays and more for the ultimate fishing SUP!

The Meno 10’6’’ is covered by both a 60-day guarantee and a 2-year warranty.

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