And I think we almost all agree that she knew a Lot more than she ever talked about! Sr. Russell knew she was dying, so why not " give up the ghost" and tell all that she knew, unless she had more involvement than she ever let on about. . I just finished binge watching this series. ☝️, Awesome, You’re All Set! When they returned, they claimed to have found Cesnik's car abandoned in front of the apartment complex. Would not surprise me if it were true though. View Gerry Koob’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. And who composes poetry for their friends and records themselves reading it? Koob, now a 77-year-old Methodist minister living in New Jersey with his wife, was in a romantic relationship with Cesnik at the time. Olivet United Methodist Church Charlottesville, VA The Rev. She turned him down, but they continued to spend time together and write each other love letters. and I highly doubt brother bob was a cop because i believe it would have been a heartless kill like a bullet. The Baltimore Archdiocese refuted the theory in a statement to Romper stating that "Father Maskell was never considered a suspect in that murder. According to a 2015 HuffPost feature on the case, Koob had been in a romantic relationship with Cesnik at the time she went missing. Like I said breaking your vows is a huge deal even 50 years later. 15 hours ago, by Grayson Gilcrease Maskell? Confirmed as fact there were some serious sickos on the force and a code of silence for the worst things. The newspaper could have made a mistake, the friend could have misspoke, it happens a lot in stressful situations that facts are confused. Get the daily inside scoop right in your inbox. I felt it was a great series, and very well done by Ryan White. Koob arrived at Cesnik and Phillips' apartment with another Jesuit brother soon after the call was placed, and, together, they decided to contact police around midnight that night when Sister Cathy failed to return home. Could Gerry Koob have been one of the pedophile priests. My personal belief is that it was just a stunt by the PD to shock him into confessing. Let's Investigate. But it doesn't help or damage him in any way in terms of establishing his guilt or exonerating him. You would think if he was involved in assaults, that in the 90s some victims would have come forward accusing him. Koob is a former priest who has since converted, become a Methodist minister, and gotten married. Theory: Gerry Koob Was More Involved Than He Let On Viewers have continually questioned the credibility of former priest (and Cathy's former romantic interest) Gerry Koob. there is a scene in the first couple of episodes where Koob plays a sound file on his computer of Sister Cathy reading poetry that she wrote for him. If you are not wise to these folks when they are in your spaces you can fall victim to who they really are. Soppy letters don't mean they were actually in love or it may have been one sided or a bit of a fantasy. According to a Baltimore Sun City Paper story on the murder: Koob is featured in The Keepers in present day, revisiting the case. Whatever fresh insights he may be willing to provide this time, you can catch then when The Keepers drops on May 19. This is 50 years later. But at the time of Cesnik's disappearance, he was a Jesuit priest living in Annapolis. Maskell's death, that Sr. Russell didn't bother to tell what she knew? That kind of suspicion is something that I really can't understand. pregnancy? Not only that, they bonded over a each onemlosing sombeody that they deeply loved. 2.) It's just weird. share. First, it implicates him in a sexual relationship with Sister Cathy which raises suspicion on him by the police. There are little details here and there that you can twist to throw suspicion, but the whole of the evidence points away from Koob. Also in that last letter to Koob what is she talking about when she says something about understanding the troubles he's been having lately? it seemed weird to me that Sister Russell would call Koob first when she was concerned that something had happened to Sister Cathy. What's up with the vagina in the newspaper? I think people are underestimating the fear that the Catholic church can instill in people. hide. Wouldn't he try to stay under that protective umbrella like Maskell did instead of going off to Minnesota where he likely wouldn't be as protected by a hypothetical network that he had in Baltimore? See cops in the hall ever? And these reasons, among others, have led some viewers to suspect him in the actual killing. A subreddit dedicated to the Netflix series, "The Keepers," about the murder of Sister Catherine Cesnik. I think I'm suspicious of Koob, because Nugent is (suspicious). To me Koob started out with a lot of question marks, but once more is revealed throughout the series, my opinion is that it's really a stretch to think that he had anything to do with it. (Not saying he was involved but he may know something more than he's letting on). She may have had secrets and she knew she was dying, but she probably also knew that the Catholic church could harm her family in the event that she disclosed anything. The only explanation would be if he had a greater loyalty to Maskell than Cathy (unlikely), and once he found out Cathy was going to out Maskell his position changed? He was the first person Cesnik's roommate, a fellow nun named Sister Helen Russell Phillips, called when she realized Cesnik had gone missing around 11 p.m. the night of her disappearance. He may not be brother bob and brother bob may be someone else maybe a police officer because that seems like that would be the only other person who would make Cathy feel comfortable in some way (but i still kind of doubt that) but I still would NEVER clear koob...Cathy seemed to be a very smart & independent woman who wouldn't just go confide in anyone and wouldn't be considering giving her life away to someone like koob I'm sorry i just do not agree. by Yerin Kim These doubters cite Koob's alibi, bizarre recollections of police questioning, and seemingly intentional downplaying of his relationship with the murdered nun as reasons for suspicion. In fact, prior to her taking her final vows as a nun, he had asked her to marry him. If he did that then he's truly an idiot because it doesn't help him at all. I believe it's because it wasn't maskell she was worried about at this point even if she was dying she was worrying about the safety of her family who remains here on earth when she no longer does because the evil she is truly fearful of is still walking here amongst us which very well may be koob. , 4 Intriguing Theories You Should Dive Into After Finishing The Keepers, What You Should Know About the Tale of Chang'e From Netflix's Over the Moon, It Took 140 Wigs and Over 1,000 Pairs of False Eyelashes to Create the Characters in The Witches, Julie Andrews Spills All the Tea in the Teaser For Shonda Rhimes's Netflix Drama, Bridgerton, The Undoing: So . Hear rumors? Read one such theory below. I highly doubt it. So she took his secrets to the grave also! & they all just decided Cathy wouldn't want them to ruin their lives.

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