To fully prepare for this conference, we decided to adjust the conference date to September 18 - 20, 2020. This year, like most events scheduled for 2020, EDGE|X went virtual and the impact has been bigger than we could have imagined. For participants reside inside China the payment can be made in RMB using another registration system constructed locally. Besides, SCF 2020 participants can also watch the presentations by clicking the links in the Advanced Program. There will be two registration systems. researchers and industry practitioners to exchange the latest fundamental advances in the state of the art and The event will also allow participating managers the option to choose between paying a registration fee or donating directly to a charity of their choice that benefits at-risk youth. EDGE Clinical Research 2017 © University of Southampton, Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre. Stock markets, Mamma Mia! IEEE International Conference on Edge Computing. Detailed information can be seen at the Registration page. With our annual Gaining the Edge – New York conference postponed until the spring of 2021 and most investors/allocators and alternative managers not traveling, this is the ideal time to launch this new, online initiative. Morgan Stanley Tops M&A Financial Advisers In ICT For Q2 2018, Closing the Gender Pay & Wealth Gap: Shot Caller Podcast Launches…. This was our first time, and I can honestly say we found it really useful. is the fund industry’s leading news, research and analysis source for individual and institutional accredited investors and professionals, © copyright 2020 - IntelligentHQ proudly powered by, Hedge Think – Digital meeting place for fund managers and investors, The Benefits of Signage for Your Business, Custom signage: A Tool for Business Recognition. This is a unique feature of the event, which will benefit charities across the globe. After the live-like event, all plenary talks will be converted into On-Demand Webinar for SCF 2020 participants. The goal is to raise over $1 million from these virtual cap intro events, A flexible meeting format that will be scheduled over two weeks. S2 is registered in the USA as a "501(c) organization", which means that it is an American tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Learn more about our past EDGE Conferences: 2019, 2018 and 2017. EDGE2020 Conference Programme @edinedge #EDGE2020 DAY ONE Thursday 27 th February 2020. A few things to note: 1. Fintech Pledge: The Platform To Further Strengthen UK’s Fintech Sector, New Companies Join Tech Nation’s Fintech Programme As The UK Leads…, Challenger Bank Survival Depends On Profitability, But Only If Exceptional Customer…, RegTech, Why It Is Important For FinTech And Financial Services Firms…, Credorax Partners with Feedzai for Innovative Anti-Money Laundering Solution, London Forum Brings Together Top Experts To Discuss Climate Risk And…, Legal Departments Face Increasing Work Demands While Trying To Adapt To…, Crypto And Anti-Money Laundering Compliance: Chamber’s Token Alliance Addresses AML Regulation…, Gaining the Edge LLC and Agecroft Partners have donated over $2 million dollars, Central Banks Become Net Sellers Of Gold For First Time In A Decade, The Scope Of Studying Finance In 2020: A Complete Guide. More information can be seen at the Advanced Program. The conference dates remain as October 18 – 24, 2020. All the invited plenary talks and Chairs' messages will be broadcasted in an automatic way in selected time slots. The conference theme centred around the brand new decade – 2020 – and envisioning new ways to take research to new heights with the use of EDGE. 600 hedge fund industry professionals gather in New York City to share industry expertise, facilitate debate, and create lasting business relationships 4. Hedge Fund Branding Drives Asset Flows Regardless of Fund Size, Fintech Leaders Raise Almost $4 Billion Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, How asset management landscape will change in 5 years time. For the last five years, we have gathered thousands of people from across the country together in Indianapolis for our annual EDGE|X Conference, where notable keynote speakers have taken the stage to inspire and empower our attendees.. Authors and non-authors who have already registerd at the original fees will be refunded the price difference. For general inquiries, please contact ieeecs DOT edge AT For participants outside China the payment will be made in USD. The EDGE is a Junior High youth conference centered around Reformed theology as well as Counselor and Student relationships.

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