The earliest recorded forms of these three names do carry Norse meanings: Fetlar is the plural of fetill and means "shoulder-straps" Omstr is "corn-stack" and í Ála is from ál meaning "deep furrow". "A Voyage in Search of Hinba" in, Woolf, Alex "The Age of the Sea-Kings: 900–1300" in Omand, Donald (ed.) Pages Related to Gaelic Girls Names. The earliest written references to Scottish islands were made by authors in Classical antiquity. eilean. In AD 43 and circa AD 77 respectively Pomponius Mela and Pliny (in his Natural History) also referred to seven islands they respectively called Haemodae and Acmodae, both of which are assumed to be Shetland. Baby names of Celtic – Gaelic Origin Celtic or Gaelic baby names are the names whose origin is the Gaels, meaning the group of people dominating in Ireland, the Scottish Highlands and the Isle of Man, a subgroup of the Celts. in Ballin Smith. What was described in the Statistical Account of 1794 as the grave of "a daughter of one of the Kings of Denmark" is marked by two small standing stones about 10 m apart, though there is, sadly, no good evidence to support this tradition.

First recorded in 1190.

English is a West Germanic language, the modern variant of which is generally dated from about 1550. 248-49. All Rights Reserved. Many of the names for larger islands show some continuity although few of the names they identified for the smaller ones are cognate with the modern ones. probably adaptations of a pre-Norse language. The earliest written references to Scottish islands were made by classical authors in Latin and Ancient Greek. [18] It is a language variety historically spoken in Lowland Scotland and parts of Ulster. St Columba visited Islay on his way north, prior to setting up the famous monastery on the island of Iona, off the south-west tip of Mull.

There is a wealth of descriptive words for mountainous features. Various possibilities have been put forward, including "island divided in two" and "the law island", while it also has been suggested that the name derives from a Pictish princess called Ile, who lived around 650-700 AD. [84][85] This may have been Pictish but there is no clear evidence for this. Otherwise the name seems to have emerged around that time with no obvious reason for it. They interpreted its features as part of her body. There are also some island place names that originate from three other influences, including a limited number that are essentially English language names, a few that are of Brittonic origin and some of an unknown origin that may represent a pre-Celtic language. 11–13. The following list is not exhaustive, but should help in de understanding of more names. [11] The term "Pritennic" is sometimes used to refer to the proto-Pictish language spoken in this area during the Iron Age. The modern names of Scottish islands stem from two main influences. [78], There are few other recorded names for these islands from early dates. The rulers of the Kingdom of the Isles, which comprised the Hebrides, the islands of the Firth of Clyde and the Isle of Man were of Norse origin from the mid-9th century. The next important influence on place-names in the Hebrides was that of Viking settlers from Norway, who contributed their sea farers’ vocabulary describing coastal features in detail: bogha (low point), sgeir (skerry), vik (bay), ness (projecting headland) as in Bogha Thangaraidh ( the point of the tangle garden), dubh Sgeir (black skerry), Lathaig (surf bay). Murray (1966) p. 49.

Proponents of the controversial Vasconic substratum theory suggest that many western European languages contain remnants of an even older language family of "Vasconic languages", of which Basque is the only surviving member. Ross (2007) p. 44. [116] One of the complexities is that an island such as Rona may have had a Celtic name, that was replaced by a similar-sounding Norse name, but then reverted to an essentially Gaelic name with a Norse ending.[117]. Lightweight and soft sided makes an ideal companion on Islay. [112] Nonetheless if we distinguish between names of obviously Norse origin and those with a significant Scots element the great majority are in the former camp. In the Small Isles, as in the rest of the Highlands and islands, place-names are particularly descriptive of the shape, colour and size of the landscape features. But as Viking and Gaels merged into one culture - that of the Gall-Gaidheal (foreign Gaels) - the Gaelic language too absorbed the Old Norse. They are linguistic fossils, perhaps some three thousand years old or even older. This the oldest known form of the Goidelic languages, which is known only from fragments, mostly personal names, inscribed on stone in the Ogham alphabet in Ireland and western Britain up to about the 6th century. Ile dates from 800 and Ilea from 690. Gaelic is one of the three languages spoken in old Ireland.

These islands have all been occupied by the speakers of at least three and in many cases four or more languages since the Iron Age, and many of the names of these islands have more than one possible meaning as a result. [Note 13]. There are numerous variants - Broderick (2013) provides a comprehensive listing for these and other early names. The earliest written references that have survived relating to the Hebrides also appear in the Natural History, where Pliny states that there are 30 Hebudes, and makes a separate reference to Dumna, which Watson concludes is unequivocally the Outer Hebrides. Youngson is "quite convinced by MacEachern's reasoning about Saine/Sainea".

The Gaels’ Celtic ancestors looked at the land as the body of the goddess Earth. The informal use of "Isle of" is commonplace, although only the Isle of Ewe, the Isle of May and Isle Martin of the larger Scottish islands use this nomenclature in a formal sense. [47], Watson (1926) concluded that Adomnán's Airtraig is Shona but Geona and Ommon are unexplained and Longa could refer to several islands. Many of these are found on the island. [52] Fitzpatrick-Matthews chooses Colonsay for Regaina although his reasoning for not preferring the "usual" identification of Rathlin may exaggerate Watson's remark on the topic. "[82], The main difference between Youngson/MacEeachern and Fitzpatrick-Matthews is that the former assumes two different routes for the relevant Ravenna listings whereas the latter assumes the second list is further north and west. [26], For the individual Hebridean islands, Islay is Ptolemy's Epidion, Malaios is Mull and his Scetis is presumed to be Skye (although it is not listed as one of the Ebudes).[19][27][28]. Scots Gaelic Translation. Breeze, David J. If you want to see the full list of Irish and Gaelic boys names… [10] However, there is virtually no direct attestation of Pictish short of the names of people found on monuments in the lands controlled by the Picts - the area north of the Forth-Clyde line in the Early Middle Ages. [3][4][5][6] By the sixth century AD, scholars of early Insular history often begin to talk about four geographically separate forms of British: Welsh, Breton, Cornish, and the now extinct Cumbric language.


The Norse name means "Holy Isle" - see also. Aonach is a mountain whose summit has the form of a ridge with steepish sides. The earliest comprehensive written list of Hebridean island names was undertaken by Donald Monro in his Description of 1549, which in some cases also provides the earliest written form of the modern island name. Thus the name of Eigg itself - Eilean Eige is a combination of Gaelic (Eilean – island) and Old Norse (Eag: wedge or notch) referring to the shape of the Sgurr of Eigg against the sky, or Eagamol, combining Eag and maol to make  the notched, rounded headland on Muck. Stress is indicated by underlining the appropriate syllable, as in Bow-more. There are three island names in Shetland of unknown and possibly pre-Celtic origin: Fetlar, Unst and Yell. [98][99] Caer in Welsh means a "stone-girt fort" and was especially applied to Roman camp sites. STUDY OF THEIR USES AND LORE I—ROOTS AND STEMS This paper is not meant to be an exhaustive treatment of the flora of the Highlands, but a study of the outstanding plants and trees known to the Gael for their several virtues—dietetic, medical, and magical. They also owe much to the culture and customs of the people who lived in the Small Isles throughout the ages. [118] "Island" also occurs, as in Island Macaskin and Mealista Island although both islands are also known by their Gaelic names of Eilean Macaskin and Eilean Mhealasta. The following table lists island names that are either recorded prior to AD 1200 or, in the case of the Norse names for the Suðreyjar, were probably recorded at a slightly later date but are likely to have been in use by then.

Islay is therefore a five star holiday destination. Work with sheep is alluded to in Fang Ruadh, the red fank, or with bringing the crops: Cnoc an t-Sabhail: the hill of the barn.

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