"I felt I couldn't communicate," he says. The Galen Center, with a capacity in excess of 10,000, was big enough, and the band loud enough, that he couldn't hear his father's voice. "Kind of like a parade," he says. He has seen drive-bys at funerals. “Every city has its ups and down, good and bad, and we’ve been through the same,” Williams said. I had no other options.". On Sunday, the NBA's most egregiously undermentioned MVP candidate will play in his fourth consecutive All-Star Game, his second as a starter. And he'd tell him: DeMar might punt the ball away or complain to his mother. DeMar DeRozan hasn't changed either. He understood the stakes and the perils, and perhaps, that failure was a more dangerous proposition in Compton than it had been in Louisiana. “He’s a humble kid who’s fulfilling his dreams,” DeRozan said of his son. "I'm no stranger to pain," he says. Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images. It is by far the farthest he's lived from the modest, fenced-in townhouse in Compton where he spent most of his life. He could have gone to North Carolina. But again, DeRozan isn't buying it. It was much harder to share personal stuff, and looking back now I know I could have really benefited from having someone to talk to over the years. If Diane recalls her brother as "a good guy who went to work every day," DeMar remembers him as "one of the biggest Crips in Compton." It's difficult to overestimate the effect LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Bosh had signing with Miami. The spots appeared on Diane's hands as DeMar DeRozan was settling into high school. DeRozan, for his part, made his own 2016 free agency dreadfully uneventful. DeRozan was recently applauded for opening up about his own struggles, telling the Toronto Star how overwhelming depression can be for him. “He helped turn this program around. Alone was a fool's errand. It's not grueling work, but it's mentally draining. His son's popularity, rather than expanding their social circle, has kept him wary of people's motives. Now that sick feeling in his gut was worse than ever. I never did. This boy's a basketball player.". Today, I’ve realized I need to change that. They’re a lot like depression or anxiety in that way.”. Also Read | Kobe Bryant death: Steve Kerr gives insight on NBA legend's life before tragic death. DeRozan made his first trip to the playoffs that spring, capping what was then his finest season at better than 22 points a game. "I didn't know how things work.". Still, he made of that freshman year exactly what Frank had wanted. He'd knock him down. to Kendrick Lamar to Tayshaun Prince, Frank DeRozan has watched a lot of the locals get their shine. DeMar started playing with his father around the time he began going to funerals. He grew up on Aranbe Avenue, the only child of Frank and Diane DeRozan. But Frank DeRozan had used his camera to get everything his family needed, filming weddings, funerals, even a male exotic dance show if the fee was right. And then one Sunday, they're driving on the 101 freeway to visit DeMar's considerably older half-brother in The Valley. He'd block the kid's shot. Can you draft an All-Star champ? He often makes the 30-minute drive to Compton to visit the school or do the odd video shoot, even though he jokes his son "retired him" last year at 60. Partly, I want to do it for me, but mostly, I want to do it because people don’t talk about mental health enough. "But he only uses that when he has to. This season, the struggling Raptors will be searching for a player to thrill their fan base the way all-star Chris Bosh did before he left for the Miami Heat. Because I’m saving my own life.”. DeMar DeRozan celebrates after hitting a three pointer late in the game as the Toronto Raptors beat Indiana Pacers in game five 102-99 in their first round NBA playoff series at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. "I had kind of given up hope when I found out I was pregnant with DeMar," Diane says. His uncle Kevin had been shot in the heart by a member of the rival Bloods gang. it gets the best of you, where . Can you draft an All-Star champ? God's honest.". If Lowry had some prodding from general manager Masai Ujiri, he had none from the guy who was becoming his closest friend: DeRozan. Don’t talk about your feelings. “Salute and respect, brother!”, ‘I’m still unsure how to handle it’: Bill Haas returns to golf after crash that killed his friend, Texans deny report saying they won’t sign players who knelt during national anthem. DeRozan's daughter Diar is 4 years old now. "I can't die," he said. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Then he started working on skills. That was his identity, the result of birth and geography. He understood the stakes and the perils, and perhaps, that failure was a more dangerous proposition in Compton than it had been in Louisiana. "I put a lot of blame on myself," DeMar says. What moved Frank was more than a case of thwarted athletic ambition. But growing up, it made perfect sense.". Then again, that may be overthinking things. "I put a lot of blame on myself," DeMar says. The latest and best from The Undefeated — straight to your inbox. DeMar DeRozan is the only child born on August 7, 1989, to his father Frank DeRozan, who worked as a videographer and mother Diane DeRozan, who had a job at a thermostat factory. As it happened, they didn't have a real talk -- more an acknowledgment, actually -- until the next season, after Rudy Gay had been traded. The cool kids go to the cool places, like South Beach, of course, and lately, L.A. For years, there has been a preoccupation with forecasting (often erroneously) which stars would end up there, and which of its native-born sons were a lock to return. Although he worried that people would find out, he sought therapy and now meets with a counselor, he estimates, “a few times” a month. When they get to Jermaine's house, Frank is still playing it off. Even in this gang-riddled pocket of south Los Angeles, where wearing red on the wrong block can get you killed, you're as likely to find a red-and-black Raptors poster as you are a Lakers jersey. all of that. But two weeks into DeRozan’s freshman year, he walked to the front of the classroom of a math class taught by Thomas. “The air felt thick and heavy,” he wrote. Jerry Bembry is a senior writer at The Undefeated. "Never," Lowry says. He grew up on Aranbe Avenue, the only child of Frank and Diane DeRozan. Might as well start with the hands. “My mouth was like chalk. "That's his sanctuary.". And push. 10 that his son, DeMar, wears for the Toronto Raptors. Then DeRozan stands, turns and points out the words on the back of the jersey — DeROZAN DAD — written just below the No. “That fact that he comes back every year, and talks to us, and plays with us — he’s made me believe that I can be a good basketball player.”, Asked why he maintains such strong ties to Compton when others have bailed on the community, DeRozan asked in return, “Why would I not go back?”, “Compton is a big reason why I am the person I am today. Life in the neighborhood -- an approximate 10-block radius emanating from Marian Anderson Elementary School -- revolved around a single affiliation: the Poccet Hood Compton Crips. While it relieves his parents to have him far removed from the sirens and bullets, he keeps his history close. "I wouldn't call it a homecoming," he says. Well, on the right day tourists can take a ride through the drive-through window where people could view a body through bulletproof glass. My mom always told me: Never make fun of anybody because you never know what that person is going through. But the subject of free agency doesn't come up. “Coach [Tyrone] Lue came up to me. “Back in the day of serious gang-banging, there was a lot of violence at funerals,” Sababu explained. What began with great expectations ended in rage. "I never cared about branding," he says. He made neither demands nor trade requests and recruited nobody while remaining entirely unmoved by the mercantile possibilities of playing in a market like, say, Los Angeles. The better his son became -- winning a league championship, McDonald's All-American -- the more he dwelled on the kid's failures. You never know.”, Marshall went public with his 2011 diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and has called raising mental health awareness “my purpose on this planet.”, “It’s extremely important for us to have this conversation not just in sports, but in society,” he told USA Today. As he prepared to enter Grade 9, several schools vied for him, including nearby Dominguez High School in Compton, which had had national championships and future NBA players Brandon Jennings and Tayshaun Prince on its roster. Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire. . The new house was so quiet, the DeRozans didn't know how to act for the first six months. It might be a cosmopolitan city in a league that fancies itself a global enterprise, but in basketball circles, it lacked cachet -- a snow-filled hockey town, a stop, not a destination. He's not trying to outjump people now. But while he's humbled and honored to be starting in yet another All-Star Game, he's not buying into the script. Last summer, it was 3s (he has taking twice as many as last season while increasing his make percentage from 26 percent to 34 percent). Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire. Diane's brother Kevin had worked for the post office. DeRozan works under Raptors coach Rex Kalamian, who is from Glendale, which is maybe half an hour from Compton: "Finish. Every day was a challenge for me. From N.W.A. Lawsuits, Liens or Bankruptcies found on Frank's Background Report Criminal or Civil Court records found on Frank's Family, Friends, Neighbors, or Classmates View Details. You just couldn't do it alone. Really I was just hoping my heart would stop racing. It's just the two of them, and Frank keeps swerving right. "It's all I knew. Build your own superstar roster and try to defeat Team LeBron or Team Steph. But Compton is home.”. These weren't merely one-on-ones. "It's kind of sickening.". But again, DeRozan isn't buying it. Though Lowry was given Bosh's old locker, right next to DeRozan, their conversations were limited. He gets better every season, even in this, his most difficult of seasons. If you’re suffering silently like I was, then you know how it can feel like nobody really gets it. “He had a sense that the NBA wasn’t the main reason I was there that day, which turned out to be refreshing,” Love wrote of the first session. "I don't want to follow another man," he says. His first couple of seasons in the league, it was mostly a matter of getting bigger and stronger. "It's like I unconsciously understand what I need to improve," he says. DeMar DeRozan Net Worth, Salary, Cars & Houses DeMar DeRozan is an American professional basketball player who has a net worth of $23 million dollars. DeMar was a Compton baby just like his mother, raised under constant watch. Frank and Diane DeRozan stood by their son’s side for the ceremony. 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