The Seeker looks a bit like a fixed wing helicopter, with a ‘bubble’ cabin in front and a pusher configuration propeller and engine up behind your head. Apart from commenting on the ‘very honest’ flying characteristics – ie very good!,,, PO Box 237, Black Rock, Victoria 3193, Australia, Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Blog. I have loved aeroplanes and flying as far back as I can remember and was lucky enough at the age of 17 to be taught to fly in the UK by the Royal Naval Fleet Air Arm under their cadet flying scholarship scheme. – Has the aircraft been used in a school or club? Again, it was one of my dream planes and great to fly, particularly if you wanted to get somewhere fast! Any problems will become yours if you buy the aircraft. We were dealing with summer temperatures, bushfires and had no inkling of what was to come. The mothballed aircraft were shocking enough but somehow the hectares and hectares of empty long-term car parks really hit home. Other aircraft on the list include Piper Colts (in which I initially learned to fly), Piper Cherokee 140s, a Chipmunk, a couple of Super Cubs, many different Evektor SportStars, a Tecnam or two, a Cessna 152, a Thorp T211, a Slingsby T67, a Beagle Terrier (for flying training when spinning was on the syllabus and the Colt just couldn’t cut it), a Beagle Pup (which, although severely underpowered, was a delight to fly once you got off the ground…which took quite a while), a Dimona motor glider, and a Cubcrafters Carbon Cub. Although a thorough inspection may cost you up to A$500, it could save you ‘000s. Some manufacturers – including Aeroprakt – give blanket approvals for aircraft damage repairs ‘carried out by suitably licensed engineers’ but any other changes must have factory approval first. I tried to find phone numbers for the various news media which published the report – ABC, Channel 9 News, 3AW, Herald Sun and The Age newspaper – to advise them of the errors. In addition to all the information on the A-32 and A-22 aircraft, and essentials like Service Bulletins, there are many new photos and videos to see. Changes include virtually everything to do with the aircraft – for example: tyre sizes, propeller, instruments, avionics, damage repairs, type of coolant, GoPro and other camera mounts, lighting changes, addition or removal of a parachute, etc etc. However, as they say, ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’. With it, there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about the definition of what actually is an incipient spin, and it seems that even the local regulators have some difficulty defining it. 1. Lockdown handover Micro Air radio M760Q, Standard analogue: VSI, Altimeter, IAS, T&B indicator, Tachometer, Compass, Perfect - freshly painted in blue colour scheme. it was a real delight to fly. I landed at Albury around 4.00pm in the afternoon. They do not thus fare well when left outside in the elements, even when properly tied down and the controls correctly secured. My logbook now shows that, apart from the Foxbat (and its various versions) I have flown almost 30 different aircraft types (excluding various sizes of hot air balloon). – seat belt correct installation (A22L & A22LS) Hour-for-hour, the difference in price between a good one and a bad one could be as much as 50%. In any case, at Foxbat Australia we recommend that any advance stalling and spin training should be conducted only in an aircraft certified for that purpose. Is there a clear maintenance record of this? Depending on the quality of the instructor(s) this might mean anything from not much at all, right through to dozens of (very) hard landings at the hands of poorly managed students. The Rex turbo-prop parked way out on the apron and I disembarked and boarded – still alone – a shuttle bus back to the terminal, passing row upon row of mothballed JetStar Airbus airliners, engines cocooned and landing gear covered in plastic protection. If so, the gearbox slipper clutch should have protected the engine. If not, there is no certainty the engine will reach its 2,000 hour expiry time. This pandemic is something completely outside our experience, knowledge and understanding. – When was the last time the gearbox slipper clutch tension was checked? Just after 07.00, my colleague Ido Segev and I collected two Ferrari-red Alto aircraft from Moorabbin Airport and flew them to our home base at Tyabb Airport (home of the Peninsula Aero Club), about 15-20 minutes flying time to the south. Quite an exaggeration to say the aircraft had ‘come down’. He seemed to have a natural flair for aircraft control, whatever the size of the aircraft. In a testament to the airframe, the aircraft remains aerobatic even after the aileron is detached. – complete service records and any accident damage history. To check the bulletins, enter the engine number on the Rotax Owner website – – (click on ‘Does your engine comply with all required bulletins?’ in the page header), enter your engine type (all our aircraft use 912ULS engines), and then the engine serial number. The economic cost is astonishing. Willing a way In late June all was looking good… I still don’t know if the Herald Sun changed their feed as they insist you pay a subscription to see their news! Even after that, there were intermittent and heavy rain showers, so the day was pretty well a wipe-out. They do not thus fare well when left outside in the elements, even when properly tied down and the controls correctly secured. Arriving in Melbourne Airport was eerie. Just behind me in our Alto demonstrator, Ido was enjoying the silky smooth air too. My return flight was with Rex, fully known as ‘Regional Express‘ airline. STOL capabilities with takeoff and landing roll of under 100m. – all applicable airframe and Rotax engine (see below) service bulletins have been complied with. Therefore, get a written statement from the vendor either that the aircraft has not been modified after original new delivery or that if it has, specific Letter(s) of Approval (LOAs) have been issued – and are attached with the statement. Best climb is 1,200 fpm at 57 knts. We are also hoping for a supplement to allow doors off flying in the A32 to match that of the A22LS. Our initial training was on Piper Colts, an aircraft that would just not spin – a spiral dive maybe, but not any kind of real spin. Look for water damage inside the aircraft. Ask the vendor if there has been any incident/accident damage to the aircraft and if so, who carried out the repairs. Pandemic shocks So far so good! Welcome to Hawker Pacific Aircraft Sales and our direct purchase listings of used aircraft. Just lately, I have been doing quite a bit of flying in a new, Czech built LSA called a DirectFly Alto…but that’s another story. winds on Sunday and Monday for our trip home. – Has the aircraft been parked outside or kept in a hangar? We got on with re-assembling the aircraft at Moorabbin, south of Melbourne, getting it signed off and all the many admin things you need to do to get a new aircraft registered and test-flown. – The asking price of the aircraft should reflect all the factors above. There were a few bumps developing on the south lee side of the hill at Mount Martha, so we climbed to 2,000 feet, tracked in a big loop back to the north and tried the beach again. Do the controls feel ‘sloppy’ because the wind has slowly but surely worn away at the control bearings? At Tyabb, we met up with Matt McPhee, who would pilot one of the Altos in formation with Ido, and Mike Rudd, our videographer/photographer extraordinaire, who would be flying with me in our company Foxbat. The main benefit is noise reduction in the cabin, particularly noticeable in the A32 Vixxen, which is already a relatively quiet aircraft. After about 45 minutes of planning, Mike and I took off, followed by Matt and Ido – Matt would be ‘number one’ closest to the camera and Ido ‘number two’, further out. and be kept up-to-date with the latest new With the Rotax 912ULS/100hp engine, its performance figures are very attractive too. This plate is a wear item replaced on condition and if too worn can allow the flaps to retract without warning. The Aeroprakt A-22 Foxbat is a Ukrainian two-seat, high-wing, tricycle landing gear ultralight aircraft that was designed by Yuri Yakovlev and is manufactured by Aeroprakt.In the United States the A-22 is referred to as the Valor, while in the UK and Australia it is called the Foxbat.It has also been marketed as the Vision. Two people were on board and the aircraft was a ‘high wing A22 Foxbat, made in Ukraine’ owned by a local flying school. Probably my all-time favourite was a Glasair Sportsman, which I bought, as a ‘two weeks to taxi’ used aircraft, from the USA. Presumably, the last thing they want is people calling to point out errors in their stories, as their lines would be permanently clogged! – Has there ever been a prop strike? Apart from needing a degree in contortionism to get in and out of the front (pilot) seat, it was very comfortable and forgiving to fly. However, irrespective of the wrong reporting, our thoughts are with the pilot, who was taken to hospital with serious injuries. For the Rotax engine check the following: Only The Age newspaper responded with an apology by email and immediate correction on their online news page.

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