This articile states that any material can be flocked 'except materials containing silicone' - this is incorrect as I have witnessed first hand a silicone mould being flocked. Reference: Biz, F. (no date) Support. When punching hair there are some materials that are easier to punch into. (5LB), Suede-Tex Flocking Fiber - Black - 1 LB BAG by Donjer, Scentsicles Scented Christmas Ornaments for Christmas Tree, All Natural Holiday Air Freshener (Snow Berry Wreath Holiday Fragrance) Includes 6 Ornaments & Hooks, FloraCraft Diamond Dust Glitter 14 Ounce Clear Glass, IME Natural Jute Twine,3 Ply 100m Long Crafts and Arts Twine String Garden Twine Spring for DIY Gift Wrapping,Gardening,Recycling and Wedding Decor 2 Pack Green and Brown, Moomass Artificial Lavender Flower with Ceramic vase, Flocking Lavender Bouquet, Wedding Eternal Flower Purple Lavender Silk Flower, Suitable for Home Garden Decoration. Prices of the electrostatic system varies from £100-£1000's. Below are a couple of images of a model maker punching hair into his animal head. The secret Galvez touch - chop tufts of Coyote har and glue inside the ear, press into prosaide. Electrostatic flocking gun and machine. Remove excess flock fibres by means of suction, ie blowing, brushing, washing. The procedure repears itself until the fibre finds a surface in the adhesive.,, Flocking is the application of millions of tiny fibers onto an adhesive coated surface to create a velvet-like texture. 95 $27.95 $27.95 CLOSED 4 HALLOWEEN VACATION until Nov 4th - place your order now and it will shipped upon our return **** Contact for Professional Discount Club * * * Open for Shipping Delivery & Pick Ups - Contact * * * Click On 'Shop By' and choose SHREK / GRINCH to see those makeups in stock and ready to ship * * * 10% off Ben Nye (except for kits) use … Turpin, B. In the above final image and and first image you can see the variations in colour created by flocking. Available at: (Accessed: 19 April 2015). SCHUSTER. Inside the animatronic 'War Horse'. Reference: Biz, F. (no date) Support. In the 1970's it was popular as a decoration method. Todd Debrecini's book explains the actual process of the flocking gun and how flocking is applied to the prosthetics through static energy. - It is important to study the fur direction, - Wear suitable protective clothing such as aprons, paper suits, masks and goggles, - If the gun starts to flash intermitadely it can cause electric shocks, - You can make your own flocking by shaving a cow hide (winter coat), 4. The application is durable and permanent so there is no room for errors. Here it is interesting to see detailed behind the scenes images of the processes involved in flocking the horses. Available at: punching involves individual hairs being pushed into a prosthetic appliance whether it’s silicone, gelatin or foam latex. (2012). Debreceni, T. (2008) Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen: Making and Applying Prosthetics. It differs from knotting hair quite considerably as you do not knot the individual piece of hair onto any lace it is simply punched into the surface of choice. [online]. Brick In The Yard Mold Supply (2013) Special Effects Tutorial: Hair Punching Tips. This is often a more popular way of painting pieces since the airbrush is much smoother and leaves no brush lines or any traces of unrealistic painting. Nylon synthetic fibres used for flocking - apply lighter colour first, NOTE: sculpt your character smaller as the fur adds bulk to the finished creation, 1. Nigel Beauty 11252 Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601 (818) 760-3902 Visit Us Once the hair were flocked, an airbrush was used to blow the hair into the desired hair direction which makes the hair look more naturalistic. Finish with darker shades ie, chocolate brown and black. Denise Leibee Baer is a professional make-up artist specialising in punching hair. Makeup & Masks - PREVIEW - Duration: 0:51. Hair punching needles can either be bought or made using a standard needle. If it was not for the appearance of animatronics at the end of the clip I would think that this was a real horse. Deborah Galvez has worked on many projects that involve her creating such hair work on prosthetics. It differs from knotting hair quite considerably as you do not knot the individual piece of hair onto any lace it is simply punched into the surface of choice. Above are some examples of prosthetic heads/ models that have been painted with silicone pigment paints. To the left is another video that shows how pieces can be painted with silicone pigment through an airbrush. The flock develops a charge through ionisation and travels to the opposite pole along the field lines. The horses in the 2011 film 'War Horse' were flocked as part of the finishing processes. The glue can be brushed, sprayed, rolled, dipped or even screen printed on the required area. Available from: [Accessed: 19 March 2015], FLOCKIT. 6. The needle is inserted at the angle at which you want the hair to lay to prevent the hair from standing up in an unrealistic manner. They would have also been pre-painted to add depth to the characters and then flocked with the lightest colours first, and then finished with the darkest. A needle can be made by sanding down a sewing needle into a hook shape, and putting it into a holder. J ust what is floc king? It was important to do this prior to the glue setting so that the hairs were able to move. Silicone pigments are mixed with naptha and silicone sealer to create translucent paints that can be pre painted onto prosthetics. 8. However removing tiny hairs from unwanted areas can be extremely tedious and frustrating. Larger needles can be used when there needs to be multiple hairs punched at a time often used to create bulk hair on a piece. Available at: (Accessed: 5 April 2015). This is useful as punching needles can be quite expensive especially with the consideration of different sized needles for different purposes. Available at: (Accessed: 29 April 2015). The flocking process is shown after the images below, this shows they can both be used to achieve a particular look of fur etc. It explains that punching hair is only done onto pieces that are not on the face or body for obvious health and safety reasons.

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