The next, and final transmissions from Flight 19 were incoherent, and made no sense. He immediately informed the Air Station of the situation and then contacted the Avengers to ask if they needed assistance. The sea was very rough.”, In that massive efforts with planes scouring the seas in close coordination — one more plane was lost, a PBM-5 Mariner, with call sign Buno 59225. comments:  These instructions would have made sense if the flight had been over the Keys, but if over the Bahamas, it was the equivalent of vectoring the flight out over the open seas. TALLY CLASSIFICATION OF ACCIDENT CAUSES D R A-B O AIRCRAFT ACCIDENT D R A-B OTHER 100% UNDETERMINED CARD NAVAIR 339C X X, Lieutenant (jg) Walter G. Jeffrey - Search Aircraft, DATE HOUR LOCATION PURPOSE SERIAL NUMBER 5-Dec-45 UNKNOWN UNKNOWN EMERGENCY SEARCH ATU-11-45 PILOT NAME, RANK & SERVICE GROUP ASSIGNED CEILING VISIBILITY WIND FORCE DARKNESS NIGHT HRS NIGHT HRS JEFFREY, WALTER G., USN, Lt(jg) VPB2-ATU3 6000 8 270 10 YES UNIT AIRCRAFT ASSIGNED WEATHER @ ACCIDENT INSRUMENT INSTRUMENT TYPE CLEARANCE VPB2-ATU3 NAS BANANA RIVER HOURS HOURS CONTACT TOTAL HOURS TOTAL HRS THIS MODEL TOTAL HRS LAST 3 MONTHS HRS THIS MODEL LAST 3 MONTHS TIME IN FLIGHT MANEUVER OR ALT OF MANEUVER ANGLE OF IMPACT, STOP DIST, EST SPEED 1917.8 426.2 85.7 85.7 UNKNOWN UNKNOWN PREVIOUS ACCIDENT RECORD Informal fact finding board convened by CO of INJURIES TO PILOT NAS BANANA RIVER, FL to investigate loss of MISSING A PBM-5 59225 & crew of 13 officers and men.

456 (1919) Observance of the Sabbath Day, General Order No. as his transmissions were fading, he must have been going away north as I headed south. All that remained were the elements of mystery and a mystery it quickly and easily became. The messages were overheard by the senior flight instructor at Ft. Lauderdale, “Fox Tare Seventy-Four” (FT-74), who contacted the flight from his aircraft. At this time, the weather at Palm Beach, which was roughly on a line of where they would have been, had turned stormy, which made sighting the land even more difficult. Teletype communication with several locations was out and radio fixes were hampered by static and interference from Cuban broadcast stations. No sign of the flight. the explanation about why flight 19 crashed is explaine BUT they never said that FT28 was found…infact it was just FT23 and FT28 are the only planes that were found and they have nothing to do with FLIGHT19. . At 1927, PBM-5, Buno 59225, was airborne from Banana River with 3 aviators aboard and a crew of 10. We must have got lost after that last turn." . 27, USS Chincoteague AVP24 War Damage Report No. Did he remember any more? Flight 19’s radio transmissions soon became increasingly faint as it meandered out to sea. A Martin PBM Mariner suspended from a ship’s stern crane. How could both his compasses have gone out? DAMAGE DAMAGE DESCRIPTION & REMARKS Fact finding board of investigation has been appointed AIRCRAFT A/C & ENGIN LOST AT SEA by CNAADTRA to make detailed report on & if possible ENGINES determine cause of loss of subj a/c. Others assert that strange magnetic and natural forces unique to the area and unknown to modern science are responsible for the disappearances. I’m at 2,300 feet.

Everything looks strange, even the ocean." GALLIVAN, ROBERT, F. SGT, USMCR-A A Efforts were made immediately to contact flight by radio & to direct them to fly course 260 degrees or into sun. This is one of the most famous mysterious incidents of all time. ELIASON, LLOYD A. ENS USNR MISSING A 1. The actual final radio transmission was a faint, garbled message. I then learned that his first transmission revealing that he was lost had occurred around 1600. 74 (1908) Establishing Ship Post Offices, General Order No. On review, it seems likely that the loss of Flight 19 was more an issue of a command failure than one of little green men. Source: USN. At 1804, FT-28 called to his flight, "Holding course 270 degrees we didn't go far enough east .

"Both my compasses are out and I am trying to find Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 61, USS Northampton CA26 War Damage Report No. These, compounded by mechanical failures and what seems to be a failure of leadership, culminated in one of history’s greatest aviation “mysteries”. 258 (1917) SecNav Announces Death of Admiral Dewey, General Order No. 93-16], Riverine Warfare: The US Navy's Operations on Inland Waters, Rocks and Shoals: Articles for the Government of the U.S. Navy, The Recruitment of African Americans in the US Navy 1839, The Role of COMINT in the Battle of Midway, The Role of the United States Navy in the Formation and Development of the Federal German Navy, 1945-1970, Royal Works USS Lexington [Crossing the Line 1936], Rules for the Regulation of the Navy - 1775, The Russian Navy Visits the United States, A Sampling of U.S. Just like poor Amelia…. Great Article!

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