In May 2018, he released the song “Yeah Right,” becoming his first to chart on a Billboard chart, peaking at 23 on the Billboard R&B Songs chart. This is one of the reasons that led him to quit his YouTube career. Let’s check, How Rich is Filthy Frank in 2019? George Miller, best known by his stage name Joji or Filthy Frank, is a Japanese-Australian YouTube personality, Vlogger, and humorist, with channels called DizastaMusic and TVFilthyFrank. As of May 2020, Filthy Frank has an estimated net worth of more than $2 million. His ethnicity, as well as religion, have also remained a mystery. Data protection is of a particularly high priority for the management of the SuperbHub. Filthy Frank released several singles as Joji and a remix called ‘Medicine.’. In addition, he also composed music such as Pink Guy and Joji. He has written a book, Francis of the Filth, which was released in 2017. One of the most popular YouTuber globally is Filthy Frank. Near the end of the video, Miller starts dancing on a green table. Joji Net Worth Though the channel is slipping down, it still boasts over a million views per month. on December 2017, he announced that he was permanently stepping away from YouTube to tend to his health issues. Filthy Frank has his own YouTube channel known as ‘TVFilthyFrank.’ Filthy Frank in his released videos shows his own performances comprising of rants, ukulele, and others. He lives in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States. His wiki revealed his real name, age, ethnicity – running TVFilthyFrank channel. Filthy Frank has been a part of the YouTube Star list. Miller revealed that his parents died while he was 7-years-old, hence, he was raised by his uncle Frank whom he often calls the “Bald Man.”. George points out the label likes “a good challenge.” When asked to elaborate, he responds: “Well, ’cause they’re turning a fucking joke into something serious. Filthy Frank was born on 18 September 1992, in Osaka, Osaka, Japan. Filthy Frank is fluent in Japanese. ?’ illustrates himself as a college student in Brooklyn, New York. As of late 2017, he had stepped away from ‘TVFilthyFrank’ channel and is focusing on his music career, where he has undertaken the name Joji. His channel ‘TooDamnFilthy’ has been able to achieve over 170 million views as well as it has 1.8 million subscribers. The content of this channel features topics like: “He behaves and reacts excessively to everything expressly to highlight the ridiculousness of racism, misogyny, legalism, injustice, ignorance and other social blights.”, ”He also sets an example to show how easy it is in the social media for any zany material to gain traction/followings by simply sharing unsavory opinions and joking about topics many find offensive.”. Let us know in the comments.. Filthy Frank’s age 25 years (as in 2019), height Unknown & weight Not Available. All these ventures has resulted in Papa Franku’s net worth being $1.5 million as of 2018. Around September 2017, Filthy Frank appeared an episode of ‘Hot Ones,’ one of the television series. Latest report shows, Filthy Frank’s channel, ‘TooDamnFilthy’ has 170 million views and 1.8 million subscribers. On YouTube, Filthy Frank has around 6.4 Million subscribers. In the present day, all his channels have over 1,276,000,000 views, which means about $2,552.000. He would become a member of a four person group called. Filthy Frank was bornon September 18, 1992 in Japan. Perhaps you know a thing or two about Filthy Frank, however, how well do you know about him? Celebrity News, Entertainment, Bio & Article. George is half-Japanese and half-Australian. Who are the richest people in the world? placement: 'Below Article Thumbnails 2nd', Also, Filthy Frank earned from his releases including remix and albums that he released in as Filthy Frank, Jijo, and Pink Guy. George specifies that Joji isn’t a character like Pink Guy and Filthy Frank.

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