The bus brings you to the channel between Baltra and Santa Cruz Islands. It is very, very rare for ferries to be cancelled. HI! I am going to a wedding on San Cristobal the first of Nov. 2017. For public ferry boats between Santa Cruz and San Cristobal: Leave San Cristobal at 7am, arrive Santa Cruz around 9:30-10am, *Leave Santa Cruz at 6:30am, arrive San Cristobal around 9-9:30am, Leave Santa Cruz at 1:30pm, arrive San Cristobal around 4-4:30pm, *Leave San Cristobal at 3pm, arrive Santa Cruz around 5:30-6pm. Hello, is that easy to visit the Isla Isabela and Isla San Cristobal without a tour guide? Before you sail, and especially when you are planning a big ocean passage, you have to prepare the boat and stock up provisions. Puerto Ayora and I have a departing flight at 10 am what time do the first water ferries cross the channel between Santa Cruz and Isla Baltra? in advance from home/Quito. DID YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS? Thanks again!!!! Is it possible to buy our return ticket 8 days prior when we arrive in Balta/Santa Cruz? Thanks. We were happy to find your site! You’ll need to take a 15-20 walk there or hop in a taxi from town. Many thanks in advance. Isabela is definitely worth spending some relaxing time on. hello, want to know if ferry tickets will be sell out during Christmas holiday? So we sail by it adjusting our course south-southeast, direction Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador. We love having Canadians on our trips . Your boat tour company should easily be able to organize this for you. No. The water taxi cost should be $0.50 per person at Santa Cruz and San Cristobal. Hi there, In most cases there is no need to book a ferry in advance. Do you know if ferries are likely to be cancelled if the weather’s bad? Rome2rio makes travelling from Ecuador to Panama Canal easy. There are no large ferry boats or catamaran type ferries you may have traveled on in other countries. They only have 1 or 2 staff checking passports and taking park fee payments, so it can go slow! If you visit San Cristobal, stop by to say hello. Hello Sarah! We are coming to the Galapogas in December this year (from Wellington NZ) Is there any way I could leave Isabela that morning and still catch my flight? Will we be able to just purchase tickets for the ferry, we tried the online but havent had any luck in being able to purchase them. Rome2rio also offers online bookings for selected operators, making reservations easy and straightforward. It is the seat of the Ventanas Canton. Thanks for the usefull information! Thanks for reaching out for help from Galakiwi…sounds like you are flying into San Cristobal? And whether we can count on the later ferry running ? Some travel restrictions are being lifted in Ecuador. No, there are no options for travel by boat from the mainland to the islands. Coming from the Midwest! There is no way to speed up that side of the journey. Hi Tom, You could probably throw a rock across the channel, that is how narrow it is. Usually the cruise boat would be in town or close to town early in the morning. On Isabela Island, the public ferry boats depart from the dock located outside of town. engines. Safe travels! Sure Christine, you can visit some places on both Isabela and San Cristobal without a guide, if you stick to areas in and near the towns. Hello, I would like to commend GalaKiwi for this informative website. i am flying in to santa cruz in the morning and need to get the afternoon ferry to san cristobel. Ginny, Do you think there is enough time? If our planes lands at one pm on San Cristobal, do we have any hope at all of catching the 2pm ferry to Santa Cruz? The best way to get from Panama to David Airport is to taxi which takes 6 min and costs $4 - $6. It has an urban population of 880,691, with over 1.5 million in its metropolitan area. You can fly. For the latest travel status, we recommend checking the official page for Ecuador. Keep in mind – A ferry at a cheaper price may mean it has less horsepower, so is a slower boat. Then, we sailed again. Hi Peggy, Hello Laura, It may take 10 minutes, it may take 20 minutes total, but usually not longer than that. It is generally a secure, dry area as long as the crew doesn’t leave any small hatches open! (More common from August to December). Maya and Lea are good friends and they spend the next day playing together! In rough seas it can take up to 4 hours, in perfectly calm seas you might make it in less than 2 hours. First of all, Thank you for your help answering all these questions! We've got the lowdown on how to get you and your car across the Darien Gap. and 5 delightfully under-the-radar French towns you need to visit - to help you get the most out of your next trip. Or it could mean they simply have a few extra seats they need to sell that day. by clicking the Privacy policy link at the bottom of the page. Spend the night of maybe 21st, the 22nd (doing a tour from San Cristobal), and maybe the night of the 23rd (also doing a tour from San Cristobal), in San Cristobal before leaving early on the 24th for Santa Cruz- arriving by 10am and hopefully doing a day tour that day if we aren;t too late. The north winds pick up a lot behind us as soon as we get out of the Gulf of Panama and the sea rises. Hi There! However, the next day we need to be in Baltra to catch our flight back home. So keep any needed items on your body, or with a daypack. Thank you Hello all, Does anyone know if there is a ferry that operates between Panama and either Ecuador or Peru? Yes it is easy to get from Baltra to Puerto Ayora. It says the ferry will arrive in Puerto Ayora at around 9:30/10- will this be enough time to get to the airport and get our flight? We arrive in San Cristobal end of April from our cruise (departing in Baltra, but arriving in San Cristobal). Hey Don, Usually there is no snacks or drinks on ferries to/from Isabela. How can I confirm ahead of time if I’ll be able to do that for a party of 5? Hi Gill! We get tons of long-lasting food provisions and fresh fruits and vegetables for the journey south. Will it be better to take the ferry next day? The ticket booths near the supermarket area are also the best place to buy your tickets in Puerto Ayora. The public ferries are run by various private boat owners. You can Is it possible, we can get the ferry from Santa Cruz to Isabela at 2:00 pm? Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. Do the ferries offer life jackets for toddlers? © 5 – Extra costs – the ferries at Isabela, San Cristobal and Santa Cruz Island now all require a water taxi transfer to reach your boat. Thanks. There are no public ferries between San Cristobal (Puerto Baquerizo Moreno) and Isabela (Puerto Villamil). Regarding ferries running on Christmas Day – most likely some of them are running. Your email address will not be published. For the latest travel status, we recommend checking the official page for Panama. The transfer across is timed to work at the same time as the busses on Baltra Island, usually running about as early as 1.5-2 hours before flights leave. Does anyone know if there is a ferry that operates between Panama and either Ecuador or Peru? Rome2rio's Travel Guide series provide vital information for the global traveller. Would it make a difference if I took a taxi, instead of a bus, from Santa Cruz directly to the ferry dock in Puerto Ayoro? The busses on Baltra run in conjunction with flight times and there are always taxis available in Puerto Ayora or at the Santa Cruz side for going between the channel and town. If you are already near Puerto Ayora that morning you may be able to get off the ship in town, instead of worrying about the transfer from the Ithabaca Channel. Or if you want to go from Isabela Island to San Cristobal Island in 1 day, you need to transfer via Santa Cruz, taking two different ferry boats, and it will take you an entire day. Mate: My partner and I will be in Panama City Last week of November or first week of December 2005. Hi Adria! Thank you for the detailed info! Hi Jenny! There are cruises in the area, but none of them start in Panama or Cartagena. Watch us on YouTube @Fata Morgana, Your email address will not be published. We have the following ferry schedule available for you to save in your bookmarks or copy onto your phone. What ferry company have you contacted in Panama? Thank you Hi there, we use cookies to improve your … Hi Lasse, But we don’t see any line and nothing really changes when we pass from the North Pacific Ocean into the South Pacific Ocean. So buying a San Cristobal to Santa Cruz ferry from Isabela is possible. Have fun! Much different than San Cristobal where the airport is only a 5 minute drive away. Thank you You can expect your ferry boat to almost always be fully booked by the time it departs. Some domestic travel restrictions began to ease in Ecuador from June 1. International flights leaving Panama are suspended as part of the response to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Your ferry could take 3 hours. Hello all, Internet Explorer 10, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Copa Airlines and Avianca - Aerovías del Continente Americano S.A. offer flights from Panama City Airport to Guayaquil Airport. Instead, winds from south gently pick up in the evening and we are on our way again! Lonely Planet. Thankfully, the ferry times have not changed for years. ROBYN, HOW WAS THE FERRY TO SANTA CRUZ FOR YOUR FLIGHT? We arrive in Ecuador in the evening of the fifth day of this passage, after exactly four days of sailing and we drop anchor outside the bay, at the entrance of a river delta. Thorn Tree is currently set to READ-ONLY mode. IT WAS A CRAZY DAY? Watch our YouTube video  Sailing from Panama to Ecuador. This topic has been locked by a moderator. That means under normal circumstances you would have plenty of time to get to the pier and hop on a afternoon ferry. And then that night of 27th in Santa Cruz and we;d be there for our flight out on the 28th. I think you get the point. It will save you time to have someone local ensure your ferry tickets are booked as soon as possible. We have a 3 year old son, do the operators usually allow children on the boats? We motor up river, where all the other sailboats are moored, protected from the ocean waves. It’s best to check with a couple of ticket sellers in town before buying your tickets. On January 17th, we sail again starting in the evening- 600 nautical miles ahead of us. Is it possible to get from San Cristobal to Floreana and then from floreana to Isabella? Hi Jasmine! Islands are far apart in the Galapagos! There are flat rates for taxi services on Santa Cruz, it should be around $25 for the ride from the channel into town and vice versa. If you don’t have any delays getting through the airport customs, paying your park fee and grabbing your checked bags it would be possible. We spent a few months in Panama and went backpacking in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

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