Four years of 911 Communications experience. endobj ���7�~����E~_� If you require help preparing your FEMA resume (USAJOBS resume), the team at can assist you in strategically targeting and qualifying, as well as writing, your FEMA resume. Ensured policies and procedures were adhered to. Monitored and authorized entrance and departure of employees and visitors. Reservists can be hired under a streamlined process instead of a competitive process. I have many years of public safety/emergency services experiences including the following: My years of experience in a vast area of emergency services gives me the opportunity to be able to relate to officials in other agencies and an understanding of their operations and procedures which in the end is an asset allowing me to perform my job more proficiently. <>>> All rights reserved. Steps to Apply - Find out what FEMA looks for in employees and how to apply for a job, including information for applicants with disabilities, Tips & Guidelines to Federal Employment - Get general information about applying for jobs in and working for the Federal Government. Reservists are hired under the Robert T. Stafford Act and are excluded from the provisions of Title 5, United States Code, governing jobs in the competitive service. ����k:KYҖk�t�(^$�#�`:J h��U��LF�c��X΄��i���_��7�a@|B��t�Q��?i����O���͕dL��>a����X���91��B'�?���~��KfU"2���BׅK�9�0L� �b�e�3�J������l~�e&�����-�04ܢ�� Procure goods and services via one-time purchase or contract to support incident operations. Provided information on disaster assistance programs available. management functions; disaster survivors assistance and providing administrative and financial support. �H%��l�c��G�'p�J�TJ�(y��fʃ���)r�i� ) or https:// means you’ve safely connected to the .gov website. Responsible for preparing FEMA Project Worksheets; This involves identifying the eligible damage caused by a disaster, documenting the extent and type of damage, determining the scope of work to repair the damage and developing a cost estimate for the repair. ���i�݄�K$�3�y�{��y%zv�3�^j0��`�v4mF���݈�P�� M���F�b Four years of 911 Communications experience. Coordinated domestic and international travel arrangements, including booking airfare, hotel and transportation. You can apply to be a Reservist by emailing your resume to and include the reservist "cadre" of interest in the subject line. Dispatching appropriate agencies to calls fro emergency situations. ���A��`��FŸ��Bq��Ĵ���� ��@ɑă�Z��s���(ȼ���v,Q�7��GM���-�-�v �Qٌ���~ʯ��y��2op���M�X������w�''�{�OD Reservists are hired under the Robert T. Stafford Act and are excluded from the provisions of Title 5, United States Code, governing jobs in … ��L�@���Z�B9���c�P�^�����}�?��I=��7���O]]�v�mp-����giv�腰�!l{8H�ֳ��g۱S3j�{��]݈c�6��@y�؉�vة�:� 8���������.vJ��&I���A�÷��t�߆��ayaR1��c���8@�� J���f@qUu��#���W�ӡQ��D���3������1@�� �c���rV��ۣ. Examined, categorized and sorted incoming documents. Warned offenders about rule infractions and violations and verbally evicted violators from premises. articles lost, found, and claimed items. %%EOF Minimize damage and repair costs through careful management and preventative maintenance on inventory of temporary housing units. x㉆�q�wv�k�i��\ty��n��z�2��y����߱Z�ܹ�3� Appointments are for two years and can be renewed. �@�@Ί�p?�ξ��{�`Z]e��3�|������ڦp��B��Fq ��4�.� Overseeing the two fire departments which comprised the fire district. Assisted guests and employees with questions and problems in a friendly and engaging manner. Now, Stafford Act employees can compete for PFT positions at FEMA under Merit Promotion after 3 or more years of continuous work. Krucial Staffing supplies both clinical and non-clinical support staff to any location requiring urgent assistance. August 2012, Supported survivors of all-hazard incidents I am considering sending in my resume to apply for various FEMA Reservist Cadres, or CORE, to hopefully get some more EM experience and maybe even some volunteering to boost the ol' resume. h�b```�c,�� ��ea�� H *qa�c=�f������}1��P�vWa���3��♭��Y�}�K���Af�)Z �Q�Om�`h �( gf@x �� t�>��" � ļ G3*3�0.����*=1W2a7��F�G�L�KA�X"����?��< ���nivUk�� Sl,D-c @� wn. © 2020, Bold Limited. endobj I have held many positions in emergency management and worked in many areas. 722 0 obj <> endobj When a disaster strikes, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, springs into action. endobj ���Ro����y~�,��~�n��U��(t�������Z�[�W�:.������O2NI�ɨk7�2�Ё���֨������DR�?0?����T��=H�e��'�H��Ҽ�p�M�0�iq�7$�w��Kߴ �cŜ'1�+�#)��a��sv�G�c���>��3A�R77���Z��T�4�|T�M�p��)|+���G�5� Upheld confidentiality of all information. A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. Environmental & Historic Preservation Guidance, Work With the National Flood Insurance Program, Voluntary & Community-Based Organizations, Environmental Planning & Historic Preservation, National Business Emergency Operations Center, Cadre of On-Call Response/Recovery (CORE), Applicants must commit to working on an on-call basis, Be available to travel within 24-48 hours.

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