Phase 3 will include self-directed services and other services necessary to meet the requirements of the Cures Act. Special Information about Electronic Visit Verification (1/31/17) Electronic Visit Verification Implementation Status Update 12/23/16. Fee-for-Service Fee Schedules, Contact Us Additionally, there will be a webinar for ICAs and SDPC regarding their role in EVV. We’re conducting a brief online research study. ICAs, in their role supporting participants as employers, should provide participants with worker training information. Newsletters contain program updates and helpful tips. To sign up to receive these communications, click on the Stay Informed tab. Electronic Visit Verification Forum presentation 10/17/16 EVV Welcome Kit Effective October 17, 2019, all Alternative EVV vendors are required to demonstrate their System meets all of the ODM requirements. The goal is for these staff to become familiar with the aggregator tool that collects the data from their contracted providers. What does EVV mean for agency and non-agency providers? Those administrators will be responsible for ensuring their agency’s employees are trained for their roles. FEAs can sign up for the provider agency administrator training through the Sandata learning management system. Click Forgot Password? The goal is for these staff to be trained on EVV so they in turn can train other agency staff and also train self-directed workers on how to check in and out of EVV. The webinar will provide more information on ICAs’ role within EVV. Training sign up started July 22, 2020. Viewing group visits in Visit Maintenance, Starting & completing a group visit using mobile & telephonic visit When selecting a vendor for an alternate data collection module, providers should explore the system functionality thoroughly to ensure that it meets the agency’s business needs. Passwords are valid for 60 days. Only agency providers are eligible to use an alternate EVV system. If the certification process was completed prior to October 17, 2019, providers must submit a completed Request to Schedule Demonstration no later than November 15, 2019. Starting and completing a visit using the mobile, telephonic, fixed visit verification methods. FEAs If you feel you need access to these documents please forward your request to the EVV mailbox at, All Phase 2 provider documents have been archived. These groups will be using EVV directly. Identify training needs, and sign up as appropriate. Click Back to Login. All phase 1 visits were required to be documented using EVV for dates of service on and after July 8, 2018. In partnership with DXC Technology, the CoreMMIS system will be configured to integrate with the Sandata EVV system.. verification methods, viewing & editing a Group Visit in Visit Maintenance. Providers will not receive their Sandata EVV Portal Welcome Kits, which include their login credentials, until a representative from their agency completes an EVV train-the-trainer session, or the self-paced training now available on the Sandata Learning Management System (LMS). On November 27, 2019 AHCCCS submitted a request and justification to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to extend the timeline for compliance. Both agencies and non-agency providers are impacted by EVV. To schedule an Alternative EVV System demonstration, please fill out the ALT EVV Demo Request and email it to 50 West Town Street, Suite 400, Columbus, Ohio 43215, Ohio Medicaid Consumer Hotline: 800-324-8680, Older Adults / Individuals with Disabilities, Federal Requirement for Revalidation ReEnrollment, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Emergency Applications, Direct Care Worker Training Video – SMC/TVV, Phase 3 Bridge Training Registration Quick Reference, TVV Call Reference Guide - Non Group Visit, Notice to Managed Care Plans About EVV Edits, Alternate EVV System Certification Process, Alternate EVV Certification Informational Webinar, Alternate EVV Certification Informational Webinar Slides, Alternate EVV Information Webinar - 10/22/2019, Alternate EVV Information Webinar - 10/22/2019 Slides, Streamlining EVV Workflow: Reducing EVV Maintenance by Increasing Auto-Verification. Out-of-State Toll Free: 1-800-523-0231, How to Apply The timeline is in the federal regulation and is the timeline for AHCCCS to comply without incurring penalties. Provider agencies, Family Care FEAs, and microboards will need to know how to train workers and how to use the Sandata EVV Portal to make sure visit data is correct. Obtain unique worker IDs through the ForwardHealth Portal: Develop a plan for how training will happen in your organization. *AHCCCS has received a one year approval to implement by January 1st, 2021. All other training for use of the alternate EVV system, including training other administrative staff, ICAs, SDPC, participants, and workers, is the responsibility of the FEA and alternate EVV vendor. A training link will be sent to provider agencies from Sandata as part of the alternate EVV certification process. 4. Subscribe to the HCBS email notification list to receive updates on the EVV initiative, including outreach and traning information. An email invitation for this October 2, 2020, webinar was sent to all ICAs and SDPC. If you feel you need access to these documents please forward your request to the EVV mailbox at. *All Phase 1 alternate EVV certification documents have been archived. Please note that each webinar seats 100 users. The link will provide access to the required on-demand recordings. These services may be provided by different provider agencies, including: Attendant Care, Personal Care, and Homemaker. The claims submission process will not change due to the implementation of EVV. ICAs and SDPC ODM is providing the Sandata EVV system at no cost to providers or individuals receiving services. If a provider is interested in using an alternate EVV vendor, please refer to the tab entitled “Alternate EVV System Requirements and Technical Specifications.”. Phase 3 of EVV went live on September 4, 2020.

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