You can support your heir to their throne .

Instead he ruined any chance for monarchism in Poland as his return was with the arrivals of Russian bayonets. In 1766 Chancellor Zamoyski laid before the Sejm his project for constitutional reform which included the abolition of the Liberum Veto. If done successfully an achievement is earned. This weakens the empire and if it was not dismantled at the start, it can be done now to open up another front. For military ideas the aristocratic ideas prove to be useful.
also, EU4 in a nutshell: "Get 99% overextension, no one bats an eye. Unfortunately, as a newbie, I am missing a good strategy for the gameplay. This became the first written Constitution in Europe and a satisfactory compromise between the republicanism of Potocki, the radicalism of Kollataj and the monarchism of the king. If relation slots and diplomatic points are a struggle however, it is more beneficial to annex their lands directly. Sigismund was strong-willed and stubborn, so he tried nevertheless. Replace the personal union between Poland and Lithuania with a real union, welding the two countries together into one powerful state, capable of withstanding our enemies. If diplomatic ideas are chosen revoking their march status does not cost stability. They allow Poland to use her full power for more conquest, before having to slow down for the fear of a coalition. Espionage ideas normally are considered weak, but for Poland they can be interesting. Lithuania starts with 48 provinces, so this is true unless they have gained 10 more. At the one hand this will offer cheaper technology, earlier access to the Polish renaissance mission, and a highly developed province. Riga can be annexed for even more Prussian provinces. As of patch 1.27, Poland is one of the strongest nations in the game. Bohemia can also be acquired early as a PU subject if the player is lucky. It won't give a pu in short term . This is steppe terrain and can be given to the cossacks to improve your cavalry. His brother Kazimierz, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, was asked by the Polish nobility to assume the throne but found their conditions unacceptable. If Lithuania forms Commonwealth, it has the decision to move capital to Warsaw.

A safer route that can be taken is going east first, set the Great Horde as rival and attack them. The Sejm did not support the new fleet due to high costs and reluctance to strengthen the king's power which crippled king Wladyslaw's plans. Keep in mind that in Poland, nobility was inherited by all children of an entitled person, so at its peak, half a million Poles could claim a voice in the election - by far the widest possible franchise in Renaissance Europe and probably the largest 'democratic' system until American and French Republics. To be able to raise troops, among them a lot of mercenaries, the King needed money from the Szlachta. From Orthodox in the east to Protestantism in the west to the Muslim faith in the south. hard to set you in the right direction when we dont know where you want to go. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Polish: Rzeczpospolita Obojga Narodów) does not exist at the beginning of the Grand Campaign, only being playable between July 1569 and 23 October 1795. Thus the Effort to end stagnation brought the Second Partition of Poland.

In 1572 the Jagiellon Dynasty was extinct and a new king was to elected. So it's just a matter of being patient and not letting anything happen to screw up the union. You get there eventually. The aggressive expansion impact is amazing. People need to stop thinking Reman invented anything, except a gimmicky Caddo thing whose main interest is it's a clickbait. It is also advisable to annex Danzig and Mazovia to free up diplomatic relation slots. Poland gets the option to move their capital via a decision, this creates a second capital to develop another institution at and it can then spread to a high dev Krakow to fulfill the 10% development requirement when Poland is big. Once again, Austria can provide invaluable aid, they can siege down the Balkans, while Polish troops can reach around the black sea and strike into the Anatolian heartland.
I've always found that Hungary rivals Poland on game start, but it's possible by the normal means when the rivalry goes away. The King had to create Grand Compromises to ensure an at least acceptable outcome. It had seven faculty positions for professors and from 1637 the school had the power to award doctor of philosophy diplomas. This opens up an easy route for expansion. In the peace treaties that followed Sweden lost most of her Baltic empire. Unfortunately high ideals don't always work when faced with the harsh realities of the world, and the ruler of Commonwealth will have to face many internal problems and deal with them quickly. While Charles was still exiled in Turkey, Russian, Danish, Hanoverian and even Prussian troops captured most of the Swedish land around the Baltic.

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