7. "That's critical for us moving forward as well," DeCosta said. A graduate of the Ravens’ “20/20 Club” (includes members of the personnel staff who started with the team as young assistants and grew into evaluators with more input), DeCosta joined the franchise in … In a new video, DeCosta … [That same year of 1996], I think Eric was never 'Eric the Intern.' "We certainly won't do everything the same, but we're not going to try to reinvent a wheel, either, because I think what we've done has been pretty successful over the years," DeCosta told the Ravens' website. ERIC DeCOSTA has been a part of the Ravens organization since the beginning. "My friendship with Ozzie is a helluva lot more important than my job," DeCosta said. That’s something which the coach admitted to not being sure about at this point in time. Baltimore Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta showed off his setup from his home office for the NFL Draft. So, the Ravens will lean more on analytics with DeCosta in charge. Since Baltimore won the Super Bowl in February 2013, its drafts have produced two Pro Bowl players (linebacker C.J. While some might not be as concerned as Harbaugh, his point is a good one. Here’s a look at where the Ravens picks will be coming from: GM Eric DeCosta checking in with a tour of his Draft room setup: pic.twitter.com/Sqb6GfLY5A, — Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) April 22, 2020. Over the years, DeCosta was repeatedly asked why he wouldn't interview for other general manager jobs. As DeCosta said, no matter who gets picked in this unique setup, he is ready for the draft and excited to make it happen. ", Ravens' moneyball? DeCosta has been with the Ravens organization for 22 years, including the past six as assistant general manager. DeCosta pointed out how he wants the Ravens to be more "creative, organized and responsible" with the salary cap. Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta joked that Harbaugh is being too concerned about cracks in today’s communication technology. We're not going to do that.". As Harbaugh recently said, the concerns he has for this year’s draft revolve mostly around technology. Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta declined to speculate on whether team might be interested in signing the mercurial receiver Antonio Brown. My family is from this community. I want us to be ahead of the curve. Powered by. I really believe that I can be a great friend and also work extremely well with Ozzie. The Ravens are seemingly in a decent spot in terms of both sides of the ball thanks to the fact that they have a young roster, but there’s little question that the team needs to make a few well placed additions, especially on offense, as DeCosta hints. That would be foolhardy. "You have your ups and downs but in general people would look at Ozzie's regime and his tenure and say it's been a smashing success. Mosley and fullback Kyle Juszczyk) and featured busts like safety Matt Elam, linebacker Arthur Brown and wide receiver Breshad Perriman. The major question behind one of the biggest changes in franchise history is how much DeCosta will deviate from Newsome's philosophy and system. That is my Daughter as The Ravens Tee Kid. In a new video, DeCosta explained some of the inner workings of his draft room and gave fans an inside look at how things will happen in the room. “Hopefully we’ll be OK. DeCosta might be in a safe place, but his coach has some concerns. He remembers reading "Moneyball" in 2003 while sitting in the waiting room while his daughter was born. ö®­‹õö^!«ïF¨ø�NğÓ|ª}P�ú€Ğï1Màc¡í„o9ák¤pÈÙß+æáìÿqê±è´�F˜ ‚‘O~‹lƒ{ºÎ¡ÿï%ü4ò¸®ş­4 lO—¸ôn. He remembers reading "Moneyball" in 2003 while sitting in the waiting room while his daughter was born. DeCosta, 46, indicated that Newsome is probably the better evaluator, and that DeCosta has the advantage when it comes to utilizing analytics. READ NEXT: NFL Analyst Predicts Ravens Draft Trade, Ravens’ Eric DeCosta Provides Tour of 2020 Draft Setup [WATCH], Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta recently took out time in order to show off where all the magic will happen over the weekend, and it’s his home office. He will be remembered for drafting 18 players who became Pro Bowlers, starting with his first two picks, offensive tackle Jonathan Ogden and linebacker Ray Lewis, who became Hall of Famers. She got to run out on the field and get the kicking tee. In a perfect world, Eric DeCosta would acquire an above-average right guard by the trade deadline or Marshal Yanda would show up in Owings Mills having regained 65 pounds and wanting a second ring. DeCosta's close relationship with Newsome is a big reason why he feels it will be a smooth transition. “I think we have a great opportunity to make this team the best it can be,” he said. What a fantastic day. You don't want to be a GM?'" "I know maybe that sounds crazy to certain people, but that’s just the way that I'm wired. Nine years ago today this awesome event took place. 6. OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- Eric DeCosta said he is ready to take over for Ozzie Newsome as the Baltimore Ravens' general manager after the 2018 season. "I appreciate people who can take information and either find trends, or find loopholes, or find patterns or things that we could exploit and ways of gaining advantage.". But the Ravens haven't reached the playoffs for the past three seasons because recent drafts haven't lived up to expectations. DeCosta held his …
Yes. "I want us to be innovative with the salary cap. DeCosta said. “I have more confidence in Zoom than I do in Ozzie [Newsome, executive vice president], John, Steve [Bisciotti, owner] and Dick [Cass, team president], with a copy of our draft board that they just leave in the car on their front seat or something like that,” DeCosta said.”. That would be preferable, if we can stay away from that.”. The league will have to take steps to ensure that their process is secure this year as the draft goes virtual. So, the Ravens will lean more on analytics with DeCosta in charge. The 2020 NFL Draft will be very different for every team including the Baltimore Ravens, and unlike previous years, war rooms will be in home offices throughout the country. Baltimore could still use another receiving threat to help Lamar Jackson, and depending on what happens with some of the team’s own free agents, another linebacker could be on the docket as well, though that position could get filled in the NFL Draft. So, anybody coming into a situation like that would be foolish to try and just blow everything up and make tremendous change. Regardless of who the picks are, DeCosta will be making them from this comfortable setup over the weekend. He was more than a scout. So it was a relief when he knew that owner Steve Bisciotti was going to announce on Feb. 2 that DeCosta would take over for Newsome after this season. Will the draft be safe in terms of not having any potentially damaging hacks or leaks? We were on field for the warm ups, introductions and some of the first quarter. I really wouldn’t want the opposing coaches to have our playbook or our draft meetings. Continuing to add defensive backs and keep the right players in house could be a huge benefit to the team moving forward that helps them continue to cultivate a championship roster. I think all those things play together.". Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta recently took out time in order to show off where all the magic will happen over the weekend, and it’s his home office. Baltimore has been limited in cap space because of restructuring deals and overpaying players, which has hurt the team's ability to keep young talent and acquire top free agents. Eric DeCosta prior to a Ravens game. So far, that’s been the move for the Ravens this offseason. Newsome, the Ravens' only general manager, built two Super Bowl teams in Baltimore. Soon-to-be GM Eric DeCosta will lean on analytics, Bills crank up run game, give needed boost to pass-heavy attack, A 365-day turnaround: Brian Flores' Dolphins go from NFL worst to good, After decades of dominance, Patriots are a long shot to win AFC East, Jets' 'pursuit' of 0-16 and top pick could be ruined by ... Bill Belichick, Carson Wentz was bad, Cowboys worse in key divisional win for Eagles, Cowboys' ineptitude continues in loss to Eagles, Another week, another squandered lead as Chargers blow 21-point advantage, Drew Lock leads furious Broncos comeback, stakes long-term claim, Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams' offense shut down by Miami Dolphins, Cam Newton's devastating fumble big blow to Patriots' playoff hopes, Jets contain Le'Veon Bell but get bell rung in sadly familiar loss, Derek Carr slays cold-weather dragon in Cleveland, leads Raiders to physical victory, Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes adds deep ball back into bag of tricks, Cowboys like what they see, hear from rookie quarterback Ben DiNucci, Inside story on why QB-needy Jets passed on drafting Patrick Mahomes, Lives in the Baltimore area with his wife and son. Otherwise, I’m inclined to stick with rookie Tyre Phillips and hope for improvement. He is thankful for the opportunity to learn from Newsome before taking over, which doesn't happen very often in the NFL. Baltimore shouldn’t need many more dramatic moves after what they have already done, but should continue to lock up their own talent while looking to make a few well-placed additions to the mix. "I appreciate information," DeCosta said.
But I love this community. That will likely be a major focus as the draft shifts into gear. So, the Ravens will lean more on analytics with DeCosta in charge. Getty “It’s a big concern,” Harbaugh said during the Ravens’ pre-draft news conference. In a piece by ESPN’s Jamison Hensley, Harbaough’s thoughts are presented, and it’s clear the coach has some reservations about the safety of how the draft will be carried out this year. "I don't have to worry about other teams or worry about people saying to me, 'What are you, an idiot? It's a special relationship in my life.

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