Endy launched in 2015 before being bought out by Sleep Country three years later. In this next section, we’ll see how the Endy Mattress compares to similarly constructed models from other brands. Those who like the balance of conforming and responsiveness from an all-foam bed should consider the Endy Mattress, while the Brunswick Spring Mattress is best suited to hot sleepers and shoppers seeking stronger edge support. Endy’s higher price tag, along with a few other minor shortcomings, kept it from landing in the Top 5 of our Best Mattresses for 2020 list. The Endy Mattress is available for purchase on the Endy website, but this model is not sold on Amazon.com at this time. Plus infused copper, so you’re sleeping cool in comfort. Unlike other bed-in-a-box brands, including Douglas and Bloom, Endy does not list any eco-conscious fabrics in their outer layer construction. This appearance helped the brand gain name recognition in Canada, establishing Endy as a notable bed-in-a-box brand. We estimate the Endy Mattress will perform for about six to six and a half years before a replacement is needed. Joe has an undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University and an MBA from Columbia University. If durability is something that you are looking for in your mattress, Endy might not last as long as other brands with higher-density foams. The temperature of a mattress throughout the night is affected by how much body heat is retained. A measure of how effectively a mattress absorbs motion across its surface, preventing partner disturbance. Brands we own—Brunswick, Douglas, Juno, Logan & Cove, Novosbed, Podium, and Recore—are reviewed and advertised where indicated. Brands we own – Apollo, Brunswick, Douglas, Juno, Logan & Cove, Novosbed, Podium, and Recore – are reviewed and advertised where indicated. Nectar Mattress Review – Affordable Comfort? The Endy has a very streamlined design, and it has three layers but is still a, The Endy Comfort Foam has memory foam qualities but it is also. Since filming the episode, Endy has affirmed its role as the #1 market leader in Canada, in spite of fierce competition in the direct-to-consumer mattress space. Due to its lower density (3 PCF), the material is fairly breathable but also susceptible to early wear and tear. The Endy has a thinner comfort layer so I am pressing right through that and engaging the support layers below. This makes the mattress feel firmer to me than it did to Joe as a result. Endy is a brand based in Canada that specializes in low-cost sleep products. For most average weight sleepers, the ideal mattress falls between medium-soft and medium-firm. Since I am 5’9″ 160 lbs, I wanted to get a different opinion on the Endy and asked Marten, one of our staff writers and reviewers, to talk about his experience on the Endy. The full report is linked below and has been given the official stamp of approval from an APEGA-certified engineer operating under a strict ethical code of conduct. This is important for couples because they both want to make sure that they will have enough room to sleep. The Endy Mattress, by comparison, is more limiting for shoppers, but this model offers better edge support. In terms of firmness the Endy Mattress is considered medium-firm, which corresponds to a 6 on the 1-10 firmness scale. First, they have a different number of layers; the Casper has four layers while the Endy only has three. The Endy Mattress has a 5-inch polyfoam support core. That top layer of Endy Foam is soft but also responsive.

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