In The Office, Belsnickel is portrayed by Dwight Schrute during the Season 9 Christmas special. Creed: Tapas Swiss Miss. 08. Creed Thoughts Jim comes back like nothing happened following a lashing? Meanwhile, Erin seeks comfort from a co-worker after a disappointing text from Andy. Dwight: The sepia tint is from an app on my phone. The Fight Moving On 17. Hoooolllyy Dwiiiiight…. Welcome Party 24. Episodes like this kind of make me feel like I’m not watching The Office. In the Netherlands we celebrate him too at the 5th of december (Santa not so much). 11. 25. 15. 05. 02. Also, where did that other new kid go? (I really want to know what was in the note!). 03. 10. Garden Party It’s really hitting home that this is ending. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Martin Freeman, who played Tim on the original Office (the character Jim is based on) plays Bilbo. What a nice Office Christmas for the Farewell Season. Angry Andy Great idea to pair Erin with Pete, they are coming full circle with the office, cute salesman loves cute receptionist. 18. I’ve been irritated with the writers so far. Classic office humor, playing on Dwight’s goofy childhood. Pam: You’re welcome. Fun Run 21. Turf War 20. Aka, the alleged Scranton Strangler. And last week’s complaint card tower that Pete started with the whole office joining in reminded me of Jim’s office Olympics. The Carpet The figure is also preserved in Pennyslvanian Dutch communities. It looks like a new JAM story in a way. Meaning, I don’t think there will be a return of Michael. 06. Hot Girl, 01. Fail. It was great to actually see Craig (Darryl) act! Remember he went to get her back when she was in Florida? Fun to watch, I had to watch it twice. 05. New Guys All the plots were great… especially the main focus with Jim, Dwight, and Pam. The Convention Great performance…I thought he was going to have a heart attack at the end and Nelly kissing Toby, then he kissing back! Back From Vacation China Guessing Andy isn’t back? And Ellie was amazing in this episode! The Return 04. Suit Warehouse 12. I really like them but hey, it’s the last Christmas episode for The Office. Jim: So he’s kind of like Santa. Looking forward to how their story line will develop, especially after this episode. Stairmageddon 10 out of 10. 13. 20. lol, I think it was a perfectly lovely last christmas episode, but I wish it would’ve been an hour. After Michael fired him he became homeless in New York, lost his mind, hitchhiked back to Scranton (where maybe one of his rides did something to further traumatize him), and started strangling people who reminded him of either Creed or Michael. Seems kinda sad that he won’t be around for the last Christmas episode.. What throws me about this description is the storyline that focuses on Pete and Erin. I loved how everyone got a great moment. The episode guest stars Robert R. Shafer as Bob Vance and Mark Proksch as Nate. That’s the final process for Christmas on the show. Because MGS is no longer there, and in truth, it (the documentary and the show in reality) was always about the JAM relationship. Makes me want to go watch Die Hard now…, hahahahha loved this episode 02. Dinner Party Grief Counseling E-mail Surveillance 04. Women’s Appreciation A.A.R.M He might be though you never know. 18. Bravissimo! Am I the only one who misses Gabe, Ryan, and Kelly? Webisodes – The 3rd floor I don’t see it and the curiosity is killing me! @4. Initiation Hilarious when Darryl fell on the table. Trainin Day 'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+"://";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); © 2017 Brilliant! The Dwight Xmas I’ve watched (and just now for the 3rd or 4th time) is awkward beyond belief and full of unrealistic interactions. P.S. And that is, that there are no rules. I mean, he brings it up ALL the time now, and we can see he’s doing it in an out of the way sense, trying to steer to it. I only see one or two mildly critical comments here, which is scoff worthy. 13. 14. The appearance of Zwarte Piet was amazing. 09. 15. Loved it when Toby finally got some love! The Farm 08. 21. I don’t like the fact that Andy is leaving Erin this way, since he seemed to be pretty much in love with her. Moroccan Christmas Sex Ed Finale, Webisodes – The Accountants The humor was relegated to pratfalls or whiffs such as the “black-face” partner. 16. The List But you can leave your arm. 11. Drunk Darryl= pure gold. I got a little teary eyed at the end. @officequotesnet Dunderpedia: The Office Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Had my fingers crossed the writers would think of something besides a Christmas party for the last Christmas episode. 02. Poignant. If the film receives any nominations (voting ends on January 3rd), then it would smooth his transition from television actor to a full-time movie career. Gossip Safety Training The Whale 18. Very real emotions…it was sweet to see how disappointed Dwight was when Jim left. 12. Customer Loyalty He dresses up as the traditional winter Christmas gift-bringer figure Belsnickel, cooks Dutch food, and plays a game called "Impish or Admirable". 05. Employee Transfer Vandalism 21. 12. Kind of sad but I guess this show really is winding down. Secret Santa It could also explain why there’s such a strong focus on Erin and Pete. Sexual Harassment [Erin walks back to Pete and sits down at the computer], [Pete and Erin watching die hard on a computer], [Daryl drinking the gluhwein in his office, with some alcohol mixed in], [While Dwight is decided on others, he puts canning jars in Angela’s bowl, and a twig in Stanley’s, then a normal talking head], [Kevin giggles as Dwight is poking him with a stick for being impish], [Everyone putting up normal Christmas decorations as Phyllis has a talking head], [Daryl comes out of the conference room and starts dancing. He has never acted like this much of a child. In The Office, Belsnickel is portrayed by Dwight Schrute during the Season 9 Christmas special. 03. Last Day In Florida 21. 11. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! It felt too short and fast to me for some reason, (TWSS) maybe it was lack of a cold open. I feel like ever since Michael Scott left I’ve liked Andy less and less. Nothing would be more lovely for all of us than, at the very least, a 5-second cameo in the last episode. Stranger things have happened. The Duel Lice Fail, NBC. Dwight Christmas 19. The Office fansite for NBC's hit comedy, The Office. Blood Drive Golden Ticket 10. I really enjoyed this Christmas episode…I agree with everyone about the Jim/Pam/Dwight scenes.

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