Aww yiss. In fact, the setup worked so well that I tried the same build on nightmare hardcore difficulty (NMHC) for the campaign. In addition, if you're really serious about nightmare, then you should know it's going to be extremely hard to solo with a single character. The fourth attempt was successful and yielded a nice seahorse with builder stats of 400/400/321/234. Insane difficulty definitely adds a new spin by including a time limit for the build phase. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. It is only visible to you. The Pawn Shot I got from King’s Game was an ultimate-quality item, so I needed a level 90 character to use it. Zooming the camera all the way out can be a good way to avoid accidentally falling off the edge of the map. I used the same strategies as before, only this time everything went quite smoothly thanks to higher builder stats and a DPS hero with actual DPS. Now trying NMHC Aquanos survival mode to get myself a Seahorse pet. I’m thinking that I won’t make it to wave 25 without at least the Summoner and Initiate wearing mythical gear. While the fire rain attack is easy to avoid thanks to shadows revealing the landing spots of all fireballs, they also leave behind pools of fire which will drain your health VERY quickly if you stand in them. The next most common are challenges. (see below). I made it to wave 29 on the next attempt and died. 2. Where can I find builds for insane and nightmare? I’m setting up a sort of a farming rotation, playing different maps for different rewards: I’m adding another map to the rotation to prepare for the ultimate endgame: Continuing the farming rotation. I got only mediocre pets from two Aquanos runs, but a nice supreme random drop Monk weapon for my Initiate with around +350 aura health and damage, as well as +150 aura radius. I'll likely keep playing it for a good while, at least until Dungeon Defenders … I replayed the campaign on medium difficulty to get the Perfectionist and Mastermind achievements. I guess the Squire is just the slowest hero overall. It was pretty easy to lure archers into spike blockades, for example. Whenever he does his single/double fist slam, charge in and attack the crystal in his palm. will give you a bonus. I rarely upgraded anything more than three times, because the tower upgrades are linear, but the cost isn’t. Once you can easily clear 4 man summit congrats! Using a Legendary hero skin (earned by beating Crystalline Dimension on any difficulty) can help a lot, because it greatly increases your health, which in turn gives you a wider margin for error. Here we go, the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards starts now! ¶Intro. New Players Guide Autoloot! You'll be playing against all the regular monster types, but in addition, each mob from the eternia shards will be present on every map (spiders, djinn, sharken, Goblin Copter). I never find myself using spike blockades or slice n’ dice blockades, because I feel that the bouncer is simply superior in terms of the cost-to-effectiveness ratio. Going to try the Portal Defense challenge for Mistymire Forest. The Chicken, Moving Core and Death From Above challenges were similar to Unlikely Allies and Warping Core – I simply put down aura stacks and harpoons and let them do all the work. 1 What is Nightmare? The second and third attempt also failed, mostly because of ogres messing things up for me. Moving on with the rest of the insane challenges. A level 74 char… Overall, everything went better than expected and I managed to beat the map. Fire bad! This is actually the point where I felt that I’ve hit a huge difficulty spike. While there is a little more detail later on in this guide, you should consult character-specific guides for more information. Turkeys spawning at a painfully slow rate and constantly running away from you, coupled with an INCREDIBLY tight time limit for each wave. In retrospect, simply placing proximity mines everywhere would have probably been a simpler solution. You can read it here. The map overlay (Shift key) is very confusing. I can already see this becoming a major issue in later maps. But there is still a final challenge I intend to beat, namely completing the Crystalline Dimension solo on NMHC. Generally speaking, builders want high tower stats and DPS characters want high hero health and hero damage. It also allows you to see the all the pools of fire, so you don’t accidentally run (or jump) into them. Standing back also allows you to react to all of the Old One’s attacks in time. Nice easter egg, by the way *cough* Konami code *cough*. My defenses just can’t hold up against the enemies otherwise. You should know this by now. I tried Akatiti Jungle with three AFK heroes, this time successfully. First things first. You have gotten to the current endgame of Early Access. The final test. Since my Summoner has been using a pristine set all this time, I haven’t found superior replacements in AGES. 3 How do I break into Nightmare? I switched the sets for my Series EV and Summoner, and my minion health/damage stats shot up by +800/+1000. Not taking itself too seriously is also a huge plus in my book. Let’s go! would like to try my way through the game. ¶Welcome! It's not essential, but will make your life much, much easier. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Suffice to say that a matching set of arrmour types (all leather, all pristine, etc.) You can easily take your time and kill each crystal over the course of multiple slams, though. What’s the deal with wave 10 on survival mode? These maps will grant the highest xp/h and some of the best loot drops for your area. The option can be accessed by pressing ESC, click options and its You being constantly chased by a swarm of dark elf warriors and spiders, as well as ALL the evil heroes (each of whom have over 50 million health, by the way). Hey there Demarki. If all the build points are spent, ask the host what they would prefer you upgrade first. I basically needed only auras and some minions at key points to snipe spawning spiders. © Valve Corporation. This guide should help you a little in doing that. Zaxvax started a single player mission to advance into nightmare. For DPS characters, resists, then Hero HP and Hero Damage in equal measures. It's the level above insane, and unlike the ramp from hard to insane, the ramp from insane to nightmare is brutal.

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