It is a ductless system, and does not require any external venting, which makes it an optimal solution for indoor environments where external venting is not practical or desired. Designed and built to the same high quality industrial standard as our entire SPB product line, this booth is the perfect “small” solution. *��f��?�+Y�(���a��u �N�[��z�#����c� /@.y�R �`5�>�7j8^�E��$��@���z�E�J�e�7&3Ǭ�@x7��1�#q&E�PH�9F�V؍J�J�J�� Riding on the success of the original Small Parts Booth, and because so many you have requested it, the SPB 52 is here and available for purchase! 0000196029 00000 n This system maintains constant airflow in the booth, by automatically adjusting the recirculation fan to the changing conditions of the exhaust filters. <]>>

These energy-efficient systems utilize powerful fans and a variety of high-quality filtration media to provide effective source-capture of airborne contaminants and fumes. A unique internal spray filter, HEPA filtration, and Activated Carbon media help to protect the operator’s respiratory zone while also preventing unwanted spray particulate and odors from entering the general work area. 0000002932 00000 n 79 0 obj <> endobj ©2016 Marathon Finishing Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. STARTING FROM$9,500 VENTLESS DD-PRO NEW LARGE PRODUCTION BOOTH FOR MID TO LARGE SIZE COMPANIES FEATURING TRIPLE VOC FILTRATION, VOC & LEL MONITORING WITH AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF SAFTEY DAMPER INTERLOCKING FOR EXTRA SAFE SPRAY OPERATIONS. The SPB 76 is here! 0000008902 00000 n


H��UM�$7�ׯ��0˒,��l�-�!�%���$ۻ�L`ȿϓ�\���.K����\���i�\R���p�-�>A�Չ��5�N�7���?hj��Th���ҝ�ٜ����2�x/���ڷI��#�~���=�|��������9l�{�� ��y.�%= �Z�z��j�|�-�?�8������y����|�Z��հ�x�Vo5���zd2�,��4������C�\��˥$N�����/b���^n{\O���r���������\�ʉ^?|����P2��_g !��Ψ�N_΢q���v����R:����ґ��%��5�������X�F+��7h��S]I���� � L��%u�� �7�@��8.��%���I������! 0000005267 00000 n 0000007807 00000 n

Filtration:Pre-filter: Internal spray pre-filterMain filter: HEPA (up to 99.97% efficient on particles 0.3 microns and larger)ASHRAE (up to 95% efficient on particles 0.5 microns and larger)Activated carbon, Air volume 50-350 CFM (varies with filter media), Inlet velocities:Pre-filter & 99.97% HEPA Filter: 120 FPM High, 25 FPM LowPre-filter & Heavy-duty Carbon Filter: 105 FPM High, 20 FPM Low, Hood Dimensions:Outer: 24"D x 42"W x 32"HInterior: 23.5"D x 40"W x 24"H, Hood material:Sides: 0.250" (White Acrylic)Base: 0.500" (White High Density Polyethylene)Top: 0.500" (Clear Polycarbonate)Front: 0.250" (Clear Polycarbonate), Blower:Dimmensions: 15.5"L x 13"W x 14.5"H (including control box)Material: 16 ga. carbon steel with polyester epoxy coating on all surfaces, Sound level: 61-66 dBA (blower speed low to high), Max. Built with the same industrial quality materials and components that we use for our full size spray booths, you will not find a better product! operating temperature: not to exceed 170°F. startxref Sentry Ductless Spray Booth 40"W (inside), Paasche BBF Bench Top Spray Booth, 115/230V, Paasche BBF Bench Top Spray Booth, 230 DISCONTINUED, Paasche HSSB Bench Top Spray Booth 22"L (inside), Paasche HSSB Bench Top Spray Booth 30"L (inside), Sentry Ductless Spray Booth 30"W (inside), BigCommerce Design, Development, & SEO by IntuitSolutions. View Custom Portable Spray Booths. A key feature of GFS Recirculating Spray Booths is the Consta-Flow system. Spray Booth LuckyWe Inflatable Spray Paint Booth 33x16.5x13FT with Two Blowers (1100W+950W) Filter System Portable for Car Parking Tent Workstation Airbrushing Painting 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 $1,559.99 $ 1,559 . 0000003355 00000 n

The SPB 30F is the 30 inch wide, full-height version of our original Small Parts Booth. Join our mailing list to receive exclusive offers & coupons. 0000187741 00000 n 0000003430 00000 n The 50” Wide Ductless Spray Booth is a reliable, energy-efficient, and economical solution for applications that require the control and removal of aerosol spray and odors. Meets OSHA Requirements: 1910.107(b)(5)(i). Manufacturer of Automotive, Industrial, Truck and Waterborne Paint booth, Spray Paint Booth & Spray Booths for over 30 years. 79 45

0000014517 00000 n Sentry  The 40"W Ductless Spray Booth provides a negative-pressure hooded enclosure for the control of aerosol spray. Please choose options for all selected products. 0000001642 00000 n

2 Amps), (220V Approx. Includes clear anti-static vinyl curtains and variable speed controller.

0000190981 00000 n

SPB 52 – Ductless 0000194798 00000 n 0000006080 00000 n Built with the same industrial quality materials and components that we use for our full size spray booths, you will not find a better product! 0000010838 00000 n


Please specify voltage, 115V will be shipped if not specified.

I am interested in: That’s right… a FULL 76 inches wide!

�ĕS�X�$�����N���q��}r���vp�i��2����+�����1� �}2��)�-b�R�U��2��MR�~�+a%ͨnwRE���Gv��S&��zp*`�6JY�kcT`ܻ���m���psLFW��z0����� xref MODELS RANGE FROM 24'-40' IN WIDTH UP TO 18' HIGH 0000185795 00000 n Here are two testimonials from different customers about their Sentry Air experience. 0000008684 00000 n 2600 Bridgeport Drive 0000040315 00000 n %PDF-1.4 %���� Riding on the success of the original Small Parts Booth, and because so many you have requested it, the SPB 52F is here and available for purchase! This can be moved to surround heavy items for ease of use. 0000003279 00000 n 0000001196 00000 n

Move it to surround heavy products, and make your finishing process even easier! You asked, and Marathon delivered! 0000001947 00000 n

Keep in touch with us! Spray Booths. This website created and maintained by the MFS web team. 0000042849 00000 n TWICE the size, and just as rugged and dependable, this is what you’re looking for if the SPB 30″ is not big enough. 0000185084 00000 n

0000008283 00000 n

SPB 30 – Ductless Marathon’s SPB 30 is our original Small Parts Booth, and is STILL the perfect solution for businesses that are tight on space, tight on money, or BOTH! 123 0 obj<>stream ����2f29e��

0000184690 00000 n 0000002854 00000 n 0000203093 00000 n � 0000001722 00000 n More room to get things done AND affordably priced. Midwest Technology Products 0000184634 00000 n Description: If your application requires a hooded type enclosure on the work surface for aerosol spray control, the Sentry Air Ductless spray booths may be an excellent choice. These systems utilize powerful fans combined with a variety of pre-filters, HEPA filters, and carbon

Paint Mixing Room Prep-Stations About Us Contact Credit Application. TWICE the size, and just as rugged and dependable, this is what you’re looking for if the SPB 30″ is not big enough. 0000185522 00000 n Sioux City, IA 51111, © 2019 — 2020 Midwest Technology Products | Sitemap | Privacy Policy | BigCommerce Design, Development, & SEO by IntuitSolutions. 1000 Hi 2000 Hi 2000 Hp 3000 Hi Truck Booths. 0000011847 00000 n Consta-Flow consists of a VFD, differential pressure gauge and sensing probes. eMail Us: [email protected], We Use Only Quality ComponentsFrom These and Other Companies.

w�n��T2� endstream endobj 80 0 obj<> endobj 81 0 obj<> endobj 82 0 obj<>/ColorSpace<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/ExtGState<>>> endobj 83 0 obj<> endobj 84 0 obj[/ICCBased 103 0 R] endobj 85 0 obj[/Indexed 84 0 R 1 111 0 R] endobj 86 0 obj[/Indexed 84 0 R 5 113 0 R] endobj 87 0 obj[/Indexed 84 0 R 1 115 0 R] endobj 88 0 obj[/Indexed 84 0 R 120 106 0 R] endobj 89 0 obj<> endobj 90 0 obj<> endobj 91 0 obj<> endobj 92 0 obj<>stream Ductless Spray Hoods are typically used for light spray painting, aerosol sprays, epoxy overspray, touch-up painting, conformal coating fumes, and a variety of other processes that release aerosol particulate and odor. 0000004451 00000 n 0000040653 00000 n 0000031404 00000 n

Select Your Size: 0000002296 00000 n The ductless and recirculating design of this benchtop hood eliminates the need for external ducting or costly replacement air. 0.75 Amps)8' grounded power cord with NEMA 5-15P plug.

0000185578 00000 n Testimonial: Ductless Spray Paint Booth for Paints & Solvents - Sentry Air Systems, Inc. Our Ductless Spray Paint Hoods are receiving raving reviews about their performance and safety features.

Description Sentry The 40"W Ductless Spray Booth provides a negative-pressure hooded enclosure for the control of aerosol spray.

0000175437 00000 n

Please try again. AirTech, Anning Johnson, Argon Inc., Arkansas Electrical, Bayer, Bell Helicopter, BP Mechanical, BTI Services, Caterpillar, Custom Aircraft Cabinets, Deep South Fire Truck, Eaton Oil, Elite Customs, Express Energy Services, Operating LP, Eaton Oil, EMI Industries, Gaylean Equipment, GKN Aerospace, Horton Emergency Vehicles, Hydro Control, Feld, Entertainment, International Steel, Interstate Custom, KNS, Marborg, Midgley Huber, MRI Inc., National Oil Well Varco, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Omaha Standard, Overseas Aircraft Support, Philadelphia Gear, Pro Armor, Quantum, Robinson Helicopter, Rotork, Seamless Marine, Thrush Aircraft, and more!

T���@�u2j�D�+Fe8( hn)ܠ��$pћ�8B!�ܝb��f�i�cYmL|\��e�s�. 0000002889 00000 n 0000185015 00000 n

x�b```e``������c� Ā B@6��� ϴ�_�����{�a��DjgG@Rά����Ԇ�2_4U�b�7]1bRY�권���w�Np�诘�C��Od���u��}`�I[�������o&9��*�^W۽C����S����2:@LA!������x��`&�7��l�@!- �+Ufd�g�kpL r���XlHd�h��a^�p�!�A��)~�i�W���)s�[�Я��Ũ4%� ���F"�=,kxw5h�}���!���H�a���cR�>���a�°���A�������b`��H3�5�1������. 115/220V (115V Approx. Small Parts BoothTruck & EquipmentAutomotiveIndustrial FinishingWood & CabinetsHeaters & MoreExhaust WallsCurtain WallsFilters & SuppliesInstallation, Small PartsTruck & Equip.AutomotiveIndustrialWoodworkingPowder CoatingCuring OvenGrinding BoothBlasting Booth. 0000009970 00000 n

0000003063 00000 n ��Z��)�8�\�}$�a+(��P�!-k�B�1���4�jm��A8��ֻ���(�s� DG�-0F3��.�K�I֦lw��#�� ���*�6�f��X�kt��D�U���b"���S���S&�j��)��Ȳs 0

This booth gives you full sized spray booth capabilities, in a small package.

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