And if worst comes to worst, one of your heavy-hitting characters can always circle back to take care of any possible stragglers. Welcome to the Forest of Corpses: for the next few dozen levels, this dreary place will be your best friend. Thus, a viable tactic for increasing the level of weak characters it to place them on top of a strong character, and then attack a high-level enemy. For example, Adell has three students. (Rank 20), Enemies: Netherworld SP x12; Force Knight; Star Skull; Star Mage. For example, Adell has three students. If you're not strong enough, many of those spells can destroy characters under level 400 in a single hit. Swords appear again in Disgaea 4, but no longer cost high amounts of SP and are capable of doing good damage to multiple enemies at a time, making them one of the most common weapons used. At the RosenQueen Item Shop (and at various item shops found in the Innocent Towns in both the Item World and Chara World) you can purchase potions to grant small amounts of mana or experience to a specific character, but these items can only be used in-battle (and are typically far less effective than grinding). They provide a 1% increase per lover to the character's base stats, plus an additional bonus to the character depending on the character. Pre-Battle Setup: Place Desco in Aura Pyramid and Training Ground symbols to spread out the EXP and mana she'll be earning. Trust me get a levelĀ 1 character, and a level 100 character with the same aptitude in a stat. Experience: 1,728 (Rank 0) / 432,866 (Rank 20). Guess what the key to beating this map is? Powerful weapons and emblems, greater movement speed, etc. 4)Get 300% aptitude on all aptitude stats. For monsters, the level of the character increases the modifier from one to fifteen. Set enemies to Rank 1 in the Cheat Shop. The master will receive a bonus based on their students. Team attacks divide experience equally between all characters involved. Concrete knowledge is, yet again, a Desco-centric map. It's a great map for that, too. You'll get a bonus 130% Multiplier to all the equipment with matching rarities. increase those stats a great deal--they're absolutely indispensable for combat against higher-level enemies. You can either obtain them by capturing level 1000+ Nekomatas or Cat Sabers, and then torture/coerce them into giving you a chest location. Not only will you be awarded a significant amount of experience for all of the destroyed demons, but you'll also earn a full bonus gauge--which will yield you bonus experience, bonus HL, and several useful items. Corrected typos; re-wrote and reformatted multiple sections. NS_Arcane posted... Not even close, if you're talking about being able to keep up with the LoC enemies. Guide for details). Some are inclined toward defense, others toward offense.

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