This challenge is actually quite hard, even if you approach it correctly. Dead Rising 4 > General Discussions > Topic Details. Go around the left side of the store and shoot the targets then move over to the other side and finish the job. The highlight of this new release, and what I really want to dig into, is the Capcom Heroes mode, which addresses some of what I found flawed about the original while also shifting it to a different style of game. Second Arthur Training Exercise: The second training exercise is located on top of a truck on the east side of the Tornado Convenience Stop that is in the middle of North Peak. Mortal Kombat Vs. 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Store: N/A It’s very easy to die in this exercise if you don’t approach it very carefully. Try as best as you can do dodge to the side to avoid oncoming rockets. What you want to do is to use X attacks to get hits off zombies and build up you skill attack – you don’t want to kill many zombies without skill attacks since there aren’t that many along the path. While progressing through missions and exploring the world, players will discover arcade machines. Keep moving on to areas with many zombies and you’ll get this one – the time limit is a bit strict with this one, but it’s still very doable. What's more is that you'll also be able to partake in special side-quests for each of the Capcom Heroes outfits and unlock additional abilities, vehicles, and specials. First Amaterasu Training Exercise: The first training exercise is located to the south of the Christmas Tree Lot in the northern portion of West Ridge. Many of the targets are inside the food stands and near the plants outside. Store: N/A District: N/A Whether you already own the game on Xbox One, Windows 10 or Steam or are picking up the upcoming, So grab your X-Buster, Rebellion Sword, and mini chainsaws and get ready to take on the outbreak in. First Mech-Zangief Training Exercise: The first training exercise is located to the southwest of the Tornado Convenience Stop gas station in the southeast portion of North Peak – this area is just to the north of the tunnel leading from North Peak to Old Town. You have to protect her for a total of one minute and thirty second. If you're a Sony gamer interested in mindlessly killing some zombies, Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package will serve that purpose. You’ll have to move to all four sides of the car eventually. The E-tanks are represented by a glowing cylinder with an “E” on it. CAPCOM HEROES An all-new game mode and way to experience the Dead Rising 4 story. Copyright © TechRaptor LLC 2013-2020 Wait for the fireballs to move by then jump in between them to get across the platforms. This is definitely one of the harder exercises since the cult members will not respawn that quickly after being defeated. District: N/A Location: Clear out the emergency shelter in North Peak and this will be available from the Collectibles Vendor for 20000 coins. District: West Ridge Without worrying about weapon durability or scavenging for parts, the game is solely focused on combating the hordes of zombies via button mashing. There will come a point where you have to run and jump across floating platforms and, after collecting the fourth chair, you’ll have to look down and body slam to a suspended platform below. It’s best to hit each standup with a fireball (RT) to usually destroy it instantly. All costumes have a variety of abilities with strengths and weaknesses. Go right once you enter the house then move upstairs by sneaking past the soldier in the kitchen. Whether you already own the game on Xbox One, Windows 10 or Steam or are picking up the upcoming Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package for PlayStation 4, you’ll be able to experience Capcom Heroes. The game runs well on its new platform and including all the DLC from the jump means that you get a complete narrative alongside side modes that are a novelty at best. Shadow versions of outfits can be equipped at Capcom Arcade Cabinets – press the RB or LB button to switch over to the shadow versions of outfits while selecting a new costume. Ghost-Ride the Whip (20 points): Capcom Heroes - Complete an investigation using the Sissel Costume. The targets are easy enough to find (on the ground around the building or on top of the building) but shooting them with zombies around can be annoying. When you're fighting as the photographer, hitting the attack button will produce sledgehammers and guitars out of thin air, but it's in the vein of Marvel vs. Capcom rather than Dead Rising. Frank must find a total of three cursed tombstones and destroy them. You MUST complete the first training exercise with each character in order to unlock access to the second training exercise. This is on the north side of the outside of the house. Build up the skill move by tossing out fireballs then run into a heavily populated zombie crowd and perform the skill move and you’ll likely get around 75 kills per skill move. Vick will unlock the cell doors and Frank will get attacked by some zombies. He's listed there, so there has to be a way. Use a combination of the X and Y attacks to get this one eventually. Capcom Heroes Brings Classic Capcom Characters to Dead Rising 4, Since Frank West first donned a Mega Man costume and jammed a Servbot head onto a zombie in the original, It’s something close to the heart for the, Capcom Heroes is a free mode coming for all, . Location: This costume requires a small side quest to be completed. Frank has two minutes to hit five evolved zombies with at least one attack. Toward the end of the battle, there will be several evolved zombies in the area with Frank. In addition to using the arcade machines, Frank can purchase some outfits from vendors and unlock others by finding collectibles hidden throughout the world. Don’t even use the super attack since it will not build up the hit counter. Frank has two minutes to kill a whopping total of 300 zombies with skill moves (super moves). The gas canisters will flash red and a total of 16 of them. District: Willamette Memorial Megaplex – Amazon Food Court Over a dozen are included, and in the video you’ll get a look at: Cammy was released as part of a Street Fighter pack in January along with Zangief, Guile and M. Bison. It’s also hard to get some of the flowers in focus. Go into the bottom room. When you get in the area where a cursed tombstone is located, take out your camera and switch to your spectrum analyzer (d-pad right) then search for a purple glow near a tombstone to reveal the cursed tombstone. Location: Complete all of Case 3 and this costume will be unlocked at arcade cabinets. Frank has two minutes to defeat the Obscuris officers. Location: Complete all of Case 1 and this costume will be unlocked at arcade cabinets. Second Bass Training Exercise: The second training exercise is located inside of a barn before reaching the dam building in the north portion of West Ridge. By Stephany Nunneley, Store: N/A We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Capcom unveiled a brand new mode for Dead Rising 4, even though the game is about to be well over a year old. The first cat is on a haystack in the starting barn, another cat is in the back of a military truck to the north, another cat is on the east side of a greenhouse to the east and the final cat is behind some boxes in the a north building (east side). It’s best to stick with normal attacks while building hits for the super attack since Joe’s bomb will kill several zombies and you don’t really have many zombies in the area for this exercise. DO NOT focus on shooting the yellow spheres – focus on dodging them and ONLY shoot them if they get in your way of dodging them. The trailer was posted up over on the official Dead Rising YouTube channel. When Vick opens the third cell, the second Capcom Hero Star will be inside and you must collect it to complete objectives. Frank West returns once again in Dead Rising 4 and this time he goes back to the city where it all began - Willamette, Colorado.

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