Anything further to say about the bike in conclusion? A well designed, reliable touring workhorse for its day…, 1980? And I hate that spongy handlebar grip, the double brake levers and that awful saddle. Key features include: Reynolds 631 double butted frame & triple butted forks; Shimano Tiagra 30 speed gears with Tiagra STI shifters; Shimano BR-R517 mechanical disc brakes; Alex XT19 double wall rims with Shimano M430 Q/R hubs; Schwalbe 700x32c Marathon road tyres ; Shimano FC-T551 26/36/48T chainset with 170mm cranks; … These ready-made fixing points offer a secure home for heavily laden carriers and almost anything else you might like to bolt on. Dawes also has a number of specialist touring bike dealers throughout Great Britain who are able to help you. I am considering changing to either a Long Haul Trucker, or a Koga Miyata possibly the signature with S&S couplings. Your email address will not be published. anyone that is 6’5″ (195cm) need not apply. i realised that the traditional touring position for cycling does not suit me anymore. My friend gave me his Dawes bike when he gave up cycling and i would like to restore it but it has lost the top tube decals. This has given me better access to shifters, a more enjoyable riding/viewing position and still variety in hand positioning, less fatiguing on back and certainly improved riding experience for me. I own two Galaxy bikes myself, my son has one, and I would buy another in the future if I had to. I am IN LOVE with my Ultra Galexy, shipping was 200.00 US. In the early 1990’s, there weren’t nearly as many available touring bike models as there are today. They didn’t produce a Chopper or a world beating professional bike, and always seemed a bit, well, straight-laced and boring. The gear shifters mounted on the bars are great for first time cyclo-tourists because you can still control the bike while changing gear. I use it for winter training miles when I wrap up the road bike in cotton wool for the gritty salty months. Sold it so I could upgrade a Holsworth with cantilever brakes and two extra bottle cages. It's a large bike and with the high front end it's always going to favour comfort over speed. It has Cantilever brakes and gear levers on lugs.. similar to Seb’s picture. what do you recommend?. Reynolds 631 for the frame and cromoly for the fork. The same goes for internal gears vs. standard gears. Did any part of the bike feel too stiff or too flexible? I dont do ebay but suppose i could learn….. The Galaxy’s chromoly front fork is ready to accept a front carrier if necessary (but a front rack is not included with each bike). Manufactured in the far east, but sold mainly in the UK, they come equipped with rear carriers (also known as “racks”), mudguards (“fenders”), bottle cages and are fitted with a group set that, even at the lowest price point, is capable of handling any terrain. If I could I would buy a Ultra Galaxy, however in the meantime I will continue to nurse my 15 year old Super Galaxy through the highways and byways of Europe. My interest is I am A Dawes, and and liked my name on the frame. See price. Advertising, commercial: sales [at] road.ccView our media pack. Bought a 10 speed Dawes Galaxy in 1971. Tell us what the bike is for, and who it's aimed at. Quite slow. Dear all, My main road touring bike over the past couple years has been the Fuji Touring, but I have the Bike Friday New World Tourist (which is a folding bike) that I have used on tours in the past. Paint details are minimal and the fork crowns are plain and undecorated. Your subscription will help us to do more. So let’s be clear: there’s no way this bike is going to rival the beautiful ride of the Touristique, a bike from the early 1990’s with a very different set up. Even the basic Galaxy has Shimano hubs, stainless steel spokes and double wall alloy rims. James. 0 bids. Bicycle Touring Pro: Wild Camping T-Shirt, Waterproof Handlebar Bag - Ortlieb Ultimate 6, Learn how to conduct your own bike tours ►,, Land’s End to John o’Groats 2000 | Even The Animals Stare, make a donation of any size using the form on this page. Comment on any other components (good or bad). Highly recommended. You can always contact an international deal and arrange for that foreign touring bicycle to be shipped to you in the USA (or wherever you live in the world), but there is likely to be a significant shipping cost involved. It's very comfortable though, as you'd want and expect from a tourer. At least, I think that's what it means and while there's a whole debate to be had about the merits of different steels and whether the numbers mean a great deal in the Real World(TM). It's incredibly high - even with the (butt ugly) adjustable stem set at its lowest, the bars are a full 5cm higher than they are on the Raleigh Sojourn I tested earlier this year. I've been testing the Super for a large proportion of the year and having racked up well over 700 miles I can confidently say that it's a very nice bike and I'd happily own one. . As you might have gathered, the Super Galaxy isn't exactly built for speed. I’ve always thought that touring bikes can sometimes seem a bit nerdy, with their array of extra mountings and knick knacks, their racks and frippery. I miss mine. If you like, but you don’t like ads, please consider subscribing to the site to support us directly. What do the manufacturers say about it? © 2017 Velo Collective. Ok..nice looking bike. I had a friend who used to bring in bike catalogues to school, and we used to pore over them during break time. ha esetleg szeretne valaki venni egy super galaxyit az kérem jelezze nekem. Because these Galaxy touring bicycles come so well equipped off the showroom floor, they are a perfect bike for a first time long-distance cycle tour or as an upgrade for someone who has tried cycle touring in the past on a bike that wasn’t as well-suited for the job. Anyone have any views of if i could ‘convert’ it ? The Galaxy has changed shape over the years and the current crop (in three flavours, plain, Super and Ultra) all have a compact frame, 631 steel for the Galaxy and Super, 853 for the Ultra. The Galaxy was always marketed as a heavy-duty touring bike. Well made and tidy with a tough paint job. Touring suggests leisure, not speed and graft, and that in itself could be a class thing in Britain. Tel 01225 588855. I don’t think this bike has been abused like some sad old junkers, but it was definitely abandoned, given up on. nice bike, but limited in size. Upgraded brakes to avid shorty ultimate and bigger than factory size tires that req’d new fenders. Unflashy but a solid and reassuring companion. What finally happened this Dawes Galaxy? My wrists ached and got ‘pins and needles’ regularly. The touring bike, therefore, was a minority purchase.

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