Attorneys representing David Sullivan’s family accuse the two officers of shooting the man “in cold blood,” contending he was trying to escape and wasn’t posing a threat to anyone. Sullivan was calm and cooperative. Officer Colon, who was riding in the passenger seat of the marked patrol car, directed Officer Tran to conduct a traffic stop. The license plate inquiry showed the registration expired in June of 2018. It shows what happened shortly before noon on Aug. 19, 2019, when Colon and Tran pulled Sullivan over on North Gilbert Street in Fullerton for expired plates. The family, which has also filed a federal lawsuit, hopes to persuade the county to take a new look at the shooting. What started as a routine traffic stop escalated when the officers checked police records and realized the vehicle had been stolen, prosecutors said. Santa Ana, California — (Scroll Down For Video) — On Monday, August 19, 2019, early in the morning, David Patrick Sullivan (“Sullivan”) arrived at the Shell gas station where he worked. Sullivan then handed Officer Colon his California Identification Card. More: Modesto police shoot suspect sought in connection with double homicide near Stockton park. Sullivan, ignoring each of the exit commands, pulled his left arm free, put the Range Rover into reverse and, with the driver’s door wide open, reversed at a high rate of speed forcing Officer Colon to jump back in order to avoid being hit by the open car door. At 5:20 a.m., Sullivan stole about $1,000 in cash and loaded more than one thousand dollars-worth of store merchandise (cigarettes, pastries, lighters, energy shots, […] As body cam footage of this murder shows, Sullivan was unarmed and attempting to flee when BPPD Officers Bobby Colon and Jennifer Tran shot him seven times. shows Sullivan jumping out of the car, yelling "f*k you" to the officers and running toward Colon. He advanced toward Officer Meghan Lyall, obscenely threatening to kill her and ignoring her repeated commands to drop the knife — until she shot him. By the time paramedics arrived, Sullivan was deceased. "It's very unusual to see a suspect run directly at an officer, not away.". I didn’t want that to happen to him, man.” The policeman in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, had just killed Kevan Ruffin, after a nightmarish encounter in the early-morning hours of July 2. It is only when cops kill a black suspect that CNN and the rest of the media mob shift into 24/7 coverage mode, with hourly updates to incite racial tensions and provoke “mostly peaceful protests” that invariably turn into violent riots. Modesto police shoot suspect sought in connection with double homicide near Stockton park, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. “Despite being wounded, he is seen on the video continuing to change direction and charge at police again. They shoot him seven times in all. "They didn't have to shoot him," said Kent Henderson, one of the attorneys who represents Sullivan's mother, Deanna Sullivan, in a civil wrongful death lawsuit against Buena Park and the officers. Evidently the teenager expected to get away with his crimes and became enraged at the cops who foiled his caper. Sullivan exited the Range Rover, yelled obscenities at the cops, and charged toward Officer Colon, who opened fire with his pistol. In June, DA Todd Spitzer declined to file charges against Officers Bobby Colon and Jennifer Tran over the killing of David Sullivan, saying in, that there was "substantial evidence that their actions were reasonable and justified under the circumstances. I am scared of a...Read More. from "reasonable" to "necessary," but it's unclear whether it will result in the prosecution of more officers. “He did not deserve to die like that. To support our non-profit public service journalism: Donate Now. Sullivan’s mother, Deanna Sullivan, said her son was “gentle and kind.” She said her son was going through a tough time because his brother died and his dad was diagnosed with cancer and angrily denied he committed suicide by cop. What you learn from watching these videos is how quickly and unexpectedly a law enforcement officer’s job can go from routine to life-or-death. Cummings, 27, remains hospitalized and is expected to survive. For about 10 minutes, officers questioned Garcia and asked him to step out of the car. The family, their attorneys and activists also want an independent civilian oversight board to consider officer-involved shootings. When fellow officers arrived, Officer Bryan Pray was emotionally distraught by what had happened. >> Want to read more stories like this? She had taken a job in L.A. and David was living with his grandmother in Anaheim Hills when he was killed. After confirming that the registration was expired, Officer Colon told Sullivan to “Hang on” and then returned to the patrol car. Sullivan recalled how David loved music. If these rioting mobs would just stay home and watch Police Activity videos on YouTube, they’d get a more realistic picture of what cops face every day. Unless you live in Southern California (or watched bodycam video of the incident on Police Activity’s YouTube channel), you never heard about the shooting of David Sullivan. A witness standing across the street described the decedent’s action: `He had full intention of doing some form of physical harm or damage to the officers by his attack.’ ”, The District Attorney’s Office statement added, “As with the case in any investigation or prosecution, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office will always consider any new, pertinent information at any stage of an investigation, including after the legal conclusion has been rendered.”. The scene of the Kevan Ruffin shooting, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, July 2, 2020 (TMJ4 News/YouTube screenshot), Hunter Biden Cashed In to Fuel His Drug and Sex Habits, Targeting People With Mental Illness and Dementia for Euthanasia. Carroll said Cummings recently completed a 64-month prison sentence. Of course, that would be unfair because, unless you live in Sheboygan, you probably never heard about Ruffin’s death, which is not one of the cases the media have turned into a national cause célèbre. Officer Pray had been dispatched by a 911 call shortly before 6 a.m. reporting a disturbance involving a knife-wielding man. The Left’s rhetoric about “white privilege” and “systemic racism” simply don’t match the facts. Officer Pray got back in his patrol car and went in pursuit. The video produced by Modesto police also includes body-camera video from the Oct. 16 shooting that shows officers performing CPR on two victims and tending to a third victim before medical units arrived. The law gives officers wide leeway to use deadly force. After an investigation that lasted nearly 10 months, Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer concluded that “Officers Colon and Tran were reasonably justified in believing that Sullivan posed a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to themselves, and nearby civilians,” and they were cleared of any wrongdoing. Cummings immediately fled on foot and officers fired, striking Cummings in the back and legs, with one of the bullets exiting his chest. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. “We’re here today because Daniel Sullivan was murdered,” said attorney Humberto Guizar, who represents Sullivan’s family in a federal lawsuit, at a news conference outside of the county Hall of Administration. Tran and Colon then opened fire on Sullivan, who was struck by bullets and handcuffed, prosecutors said. ", a new law that raises the standard for when officers can use deadly force. “We are here demanding justice,” said Christian Contreras, one of the attorneys representing Sullivan’s family. Colon and Tran should have used Tasers or tackled Sullivan, said Henderson. The Police Activity channel features those videos made public, as is often the case in what are called “officer-involved shootings.”. Bryan Pray and others prove that the media presents a skewed narrative of policing in America. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'mynewsla_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',166,'0','0']));Sullivan was accused of stealing about $1,000 in cash and another $1,000 worth of merchandise such as cigarettes, snacks and a gas can from a Shell station where he worked on the day he was killed, according to the prosecutors’ report. Attorneys for the family of a 19-year-old man fatally shot by two Buena Park police officers in 2019 are calling on the Orange County District Attorney to reopen the investigation into the incident. The video shows Sullivan jumping out of the car, yelling "f*k you" to the officers and running toward Colon. It's in your heart. “I can’t even talk right now, man. In a statement released Tuesday, the DA's office reiterated its original findings, saying they were based on a "thorough, independent analysis" of the incident. ", Do We Need Police To Curb LA's Traffic Violence? Under the circumstances, however, Ruffin’s attack left Officer Pray with no alternative and, earlier this month, the local prosecutor concluded his investigation and announced that no charges would be filed. Sullivan abruptly stopped, turned around and began charging at Officers Colon and Tran a second time. Colon said he thought Sullivan was reaching for a gun in his waistband, although it turned out he was unarmed. ", "For the longest time I thought he would come back. A later ruling said the determination of the reasonableness of an officer's use of force "must embody allowance for the fact that police officers are often forced to make split-second judgments — in circumstances that are tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving — about the amount of force that is necessary in a particular situation," according to the DA's report. Officer Bryan Pray, who shot Kevan Ruffin, is himself black, and had tried hard to build good relationships with the black community in Sheboygan. At approximately 11:35 a.m., BPPD Officers Colon and Tran were on patrol in a marked patrol car, traveling eastbound on Artesia Street, when Officer Colon noticed the registration tag on the Range Rover Sullivan was driving was expired. At this point, Sullivan turns around and runs toward the officers again. At the same time, that doesn't necessarily mean it was an unreasonable shooting, said Obayashi, deputy sheriff and policy advisor to the Plumas County Sheriff's Office. “Step back,” the cop warned, pointing his taser. Santa Ana, California — (Scroll Down For Video) — On Monday, August 19, 2019, early in the morning, David Patrick Sullivan (“Sullivan”) arrived at the Shell gas station where he worked. "This is something that you can't walk away from," she said. Sullivan, who did not physically react to any of the shots, changed his direction, and continued running. When Colon and Tran asked him to get out of the car, he re-started it and drove backwards — smashing into a palm tree and another car that was driving by.

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