Former two-time mayoral candidate Corey Ellis is back in Albany politics, running for common council president.

It was an honor to join in the 125th Anniversary Celebration of Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church - Albany NY and present them with a proclamation. But he did not deny the possibility of a mayoral campaign. Galin and Sheehan’s director of operations, Brian Shea, questioned why the council hadn’t been quicker to resurrect the Gun Violence Task Force, a committee the council was required to fill out as part of the city’s equity agenda that was passed last year.

Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Decision 2020: Will Democrats break through in Georgia? But he said any of his comments have "nothing to do with politics.

Additional candidates are entering the race for Albany Common Council President.

Candidates relish the final showdown. Ellis says he believes it’s the public’s right to know who was the last legal owner of a gun seized by police, and how that gun entered their neighborhood. Under state law, a gun owner must report the loss or theft of a firearm to police within 24 hours or face a misdemeanor charge. The 2021 political calendar hasn’t been released yet but candidates will have to start circulating petitions by February ahead of the primary.

But  it appears several new faces could be joining Albany’s Common Council. With current Albany Common Council President Carolyn McLaughlin running for mayor in tomorrow’s pivotal primary, three Democrats are vying to replace her. But the responsibility to call the task force falls to Councilman Kelly Kimbrough, the president pro tempore and chair of the public safety committee, Ellis and Kimbrough said. ALBANY – A back and forth between Mayor Kathy Sheehan’s office and Council President Corey Ellis is providing a glimpse into what could be a potential 2021 mayoral primary. The latest Republican effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act has triggered a series of rallies across New York. ALBANY – A back and forth between Mayor Kathy Sheehan’s office and Council President Corey Ellis is providing a glimpse into what could be a potential 2021 mayoral primary. As a largely self-funded incumbent, Sheehan would present a formidable challenge to any potential candidates looking to quietly garner support behind the scenes. It’s all about turnout in today’s pivotal Albany primaries.

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Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan gave her State of the City Address Monday night before the Common Council. On Friday, Ellis said his focus was on ending the gun violence in the city and that his comments at the council meeting were in response to Anane’s speech, rather than positioning himself for a mayoral run. They are talking to nurse managers," Corey Ellis, political director of NYSNA, said of Albany Med. Sheehan had repeatedly requested the task force be restarted during conversations with Ellis and other council leaders, they said.

Reach him at (518) 454-5438. Decision 2020: Will Republicans hold onto North Carolina? Nurses from Albany Medical Center assembled in front of the hospital on Sunday to highlight conditions they say may threaten nurse and patient safety, ahead of an anticipated second wave of COVID-19.

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