(Isaiah 59:1) Have bulldog tenacity just like the parable of the widow did that Jesus told of. Im sorry we all have gone through this and many hugs go out to each of you! Read the Bible and you will come across so many accounts of God’s men taking women in marriage without any courtship before that and those marriages lasted. I go to a wonderful church and read the bible but I just don’t feel the Lord’s presence and that is horrible for me. I downloaded the ebook last night, and ended up reading the entire book! No contact with my grandson. But I know that God has a purpose for all of this. Be positive. 4.4 out of 5 stars 248 ratings. Calls me names other times he can be very nice reaches out to me and telling me how much he loves me. Keep faith and hope alive. Help us so we can help others. I feel like I am going through the saying, ” You don’t know what you have until you lose it”. Contrary to what some people may think, not everything that happens in life is by God’s will or by His choosing. Im going through this right now and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. The key that you mentioned is that your husband is angry and blames you for everything. I have learned to work on yourself and your relationship with GOD first. Months later he awakens from a coma, returns home and ... See full summary ». Lifting my hands and crying out to GOD. What are you going to do then? Sandy has moved into Jessica\’s basement and is sleeping with another man while we are still married. “Thank you for the prodigal spouse book”. I am going through similar condition in life where after 5 years of rock solid marriage, suddenly, my wife’s priorities became different and she was ready to forget the responsibilities of a careful mother(we have a 3 yr old daughter) and a nice wife(ours was a passionate love marriage with enviable chemistry between us). God Bless x. So far, there have been only broken promises. Instead, we are loving, kind, patient and we put each others needs before our own. The other problem I’m facing is that her family members have interfered and are because they have no regard for Godliness but have other agendas that would dissuade her away from me. I can’t move on, the pain is still brutal. I know for sure he’s attracted to me, I just. Ive tried looking for answers etc but to no avail, this has drawn me closer to god in a big way, with prayer, worship and the bible, i tried to sort things but met disastrous consequences and now im completely surrendered to god with the situation, i pray regular in the day and ive had some signs so he is there, i know things will happen for the better and it is a time thing and it is hard, i pray for the marriage and my wife and by seeing this post ive started doing everything right, in my circumstance god has moved in mysterious ways with bringing me closer completely broke me down but now i can feel him building me back up, strange things are happening and your post has given me more hope and i thank you for it, she hasnt mentioned divorce yet and she did mention she needed space and time so a couple of positives, i believe that god will do what he needs to, i hope that everyone holds their faith, trust god. Format: DVD. I’ve been fasting and praying God has answer many of my prayers but nothing in the way of even a tiny little bit of him moving this way back towards us. ( Log Out /  Everyone wants to be loved and feel loved. I am losing patience with my prodigal husband. He started out with having an adulterous relationship but it is now over I believe. He moved in with the other woman. This verse is not saying the wife is less than the husband. All I can do is pray for God to draw her back to Himself and that she would choose to come back to me. have you found anything…. This is one of the toughest times I have ever had in my life. He has been a monster! I am sure it’s not as though you want nor desire to be unhappy, but everyday, when you feel this feeling of despair, remind yourself of everything that you are thankful for, so that these thoughts can slowly wither away. I had sex with him 7 times the rest just talking. WOW!! Don’t play hard to get or play games that you may believe will entice him to come back. When God cast satan down, he was given dominion in this world, the physical realm, the one we walk and see in. I have prayed every day and begged God to please restore my marriage. I love my husband and acknowledge I have made terrible mistakes In our marriage. There are over 2 billion people in the world today who claim to  be Christians. God and God alone can save and is mighty to do so. It is the worst pain to experience …you feel ripped apart on the inside. Please keep me in your prayers that the enemy’s plan won’t work and God will be glorified through this because I know God don’t want to see the D word happen. He wanted the same. You cannot allow him to have both and allow this to continue in your life. If you can tap into what makes your husband feel respected I believe you will see some breakthrough. And the longer this separation is prolonged, I fear that she is getting used to the idea of no longer having me around. (2015). I am going through this now, I don’t think you should give up so easily. I wanted to finish my residency in Pediatrics there and then come back to Sri Lanka. I thought about other woman because my wife and I hadn’t been close for years. Satan will be defeated. As for my wife, she knows I want to reconcile and restore my marriage. Thank you for honestly putting it out here that it’s that person’s choice and that God will not force a spouse to reconcile. Many many years ago people in all societies, be it Africa, Asia or Europe, entered into arranged marriages which lasted up to the point when the one partner died. He dates me, he buys me things, he takes care of me financially, but he insists that there is no hope of us ever reconciling. When a man knows you are bitter, because you refuse to speak to him, when he knows you are still angry and hurt by him, is he more willing to return? It was wrong on all fronts. Modern society has lost a sense of sin. No matter how it hurts, and how I want it to work, I realize that it must be God’s way. Maybe by then, you will realize the true value that even I, a stranger reading your post sees, that you won’t want him any more, when you see how incredible you are. Watching your significant other fade away, giving little effort into the relationship almost feels like betrayal. I left my husband in October and have begged and pleaded to get him back. If you are in the lonely position of holding on to save your marriage while your spouse says it’s over, then there is a good chance you’re seeking some help. VERY young anywhere from 35-40 yrs his Jr. Now this 1 he wants to marry. The Prodigal Spouse was very supportive for me in my lowest of lows with losing my husband this year. So likewise, whoever of you does not forsake all that he has cannot be My disciple. I so desperately want God to heal this mess we’ve made. It has been very helpful. And yes God will help you through it. Add the first question. The past 2 we have lived in separate houses. We have a 4 yr old daughter who lives with me and sees him part time. Even though she won’t admit it. I had sex with the other woman. Instead you have to think of yourself being a believer who has the secret that will fix his pain. This time around my hart is very hard. He ignores me, won’t talk with me reasonably without fighting and yelling and doesn’t want to get counseling together. I want to have a good life with my spouse but this situation is taking my energy. It has also been described as the sin of unforgiveness. I feel so afraid abandoned and alone. So I have a lot of hope that things will get better. i have lost hope, too much pain, don’t know what to do. I ask God to bless our marriage and give me the tools to restore what he has put together. We firmly believe in God’s redeeming grace and we want to share that message every chance we get. You only believe that God is restoring your marriage and everything is alright, and that is what you speak. Bit of back ground on the circumstances that led to what she said, prior to going home in november on r&r my wife was sending me parcels with i love yous etc same with a letter and in text messages all upto and the week before i went home so all seemed good phone calls indicated nothing etc, so i got home and all was ok, she had an argument with my daughter on day three which was not good because of what was said then it happened she phoned me and scalded me and told me it was over, i still stayed at home for the next two weeks and we slept in the same bed nothing intimate and that was the time i started to notice things, nicola was tired and working long hours, she was worried about christmas and money, the house was a mess and been so since id left for tour ( took me best part of a day to clean it, this isnt nics fault because shes at work and she has my 15 year old son at home and my daughter with her two year old neither of which help with housework or support) nics nan passed a couple of days before i left for cyprus and i couldnt attend the funeral, she wasnt eating properly or taking her medication as she should which has side effects and its lifetime medication for thyroid, she would rather be out than at home whereas before she just wanted to stay in so lot of burdens, nevertheless she has stuck to her guns with the its over business.

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