Date: February 16, 2019 He fulfills orders himself. Discount is reflected at checkout. Click to …. Mark your calendars, it's going to be a great weekend! When automotive enthusiasts (who have no idea who he is) ask, I give the following answer: He’s an automotive gear-head focused primarily on building crazy fast General Motors cars and trucks (and then having tons of fun with them afterwards). When a non-automotive enthusiast (such as my wife) asks me who is Cleetus McFarland is, the most succinct and descriptive answer I can give is the following: He’s just a normal (somewhat goofy) kid from Florida who decided to turn his passion into a living. We help Sell your Cleetus and Cars tickets. Cleetus has dropped the money on the cars, upgrades, roll cages, and the production staff to try to pull off the most epic race in history. In my opinion, it was the leasing of shop space that established him as a legitimate brand (if that really means anything). There was no specific theme or style defined for the content that he and his team were creating at first, but most of it involved fast cars, good humor, and crazy challenges. Ticket prices may be above, or below, the face value printed on the ticket. Buy with confidence: TicketCity is one of the only ticket companies who has refunded customers for events cancelled due to Coronavirus. Large party or corporate event? NASCAR Cup Series action returns for 2021 …, Monster Jam Save $25 on Monster Jam purchases over $200. Fans looking for additional Cleetus and Cars discounts on tickets should join our email list to receive our latest ticket deals and special offers. Gate 3 opens at 2:00 PM for General Admission ticket holders. Collaborations are one of the best ways to grow a YouTube channel, as it exposes the audience of each channel to someone they may not have heard of before. But there’s a lot more to him than that. Tickets are no longer available at pre-sale price online but there are plenty at the gate. Location: Houston Raceway Park Powered By Pennzoil Address: 2525 S FM 565, Baytown, TX 77523 Date: Saturday, February 15, 2020 Web site: … With a combined 14.5m+ Social Media followers, these drivers have plenty to prove and nothing to lose… so get ready to watch em’ let er’ rip! AMA Supercross is the premier professional Supercross league and one of the most popular and competitive extreme sports in the country. Kyle (Boostedboiz) 5. Demolition Drag Racing, NASCARS, burnouts, Murica, and MORE! The tickets listed for sale on our site are owned, priced, and fulfilled by the ticket seller. Demolition Drag Racing, NASCARS, burnouts, Murica, and MORE! He was running their social media at the time, but it was mostly just a side hustle to make a little extra money. More specifically, he has others on his payroll do it for him, which you can often see in his videos. Web site: So, here is what I know about the Cleetus McFarland merchandise line: As I’m sitting here writing this article, I can’t help but think how fun and cool it would be to create a line of T-shirts (maybe even hats) that simply says “who is Cletus McFarland?” I’d totally rock a shirt like that – if only to be able to spread the word about how awesome he is. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Mark your calendars, it’s going to be a great weekend! Want Premium Tickets? Another way to explain it is how TJ Hunt moved from Calvin’s parent’s garage to his own warehouse in 2017. incredibly entertaining burnout shows and competitions, The amazing rental car facility at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport, He studied law in school (did his undergrad at the University of Tampa), An extremely talented and knowledgeable drag racer. For fans looking for a premium experience, our team can customize a Cleetus and Cars package to include tickets, travel accommodations, and hospitality. Demolition Drags Tech Card:  $75 The shop was (is) located in Clearwater Florida just outside of Tampa. This high energy event is fun for all ages and tickets are in …, NASCAR Kicks Off 2020 at Daytona Speedway on February 14th Now that the 2021 NASCAR schedule has been released and we’ve had time to digest all the changes and differences for 2021, here’s a look ahead at the season kick-off: the Daytona 500. A “Cleetus and Cars” event is scheduled for Nov. 20 and 21 at the Freedom Factory. It’s basically the TLDR of this entire article: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commissions by advertising and linking to Fans seeking cheap Cleetus and Cars tickets can use our handy event page filters which allow you to organize the inventory by the lowest priced tickets. • Burnout contest at Sunset. Request Tickets today to have our team help you find the right seats. I’ve been watching Cleetus McFarland videos for years, and I’ve seen James, Cooper, and even his girlfriend processing orders in the background. TicketCity is a ticket reseller who offers fans the opportunity to purchase Cleetus and Cars tickets from a safe, reliable source. 2:00pm: Pit & Spectator Gates (Gate 1&3) Open for GA Note that this is 100% speculation on my part. “He” is actually the lead of a team consisting of two other people: Garrett’s channel started as a continuation of the redneck theme he had established in that video he created that went viral. Race Class info • Giveaways. The best way to understand how Garrett grew the Cleetus McFarlnd brand so fast (and so well) is to think about how I explain him to others. Demolition Drag Racing, NASCARS, burnouts, Murica, and MORE! I mean…how freakin’ awesome he is. We can help secure travel, hotel, and much more. Garrett and the guys aren’t trying to be anything other than what they are: just ordinary guys from Florida who love fast cars. An up and coming entrepreneur (which I will get into below). Cleetus and Cars is coming back to Bradenton Motorsports Park in 2019 on November 23rd! TECH will be in the Staging Lanes under the oak tree and Open at 1:30 PM, Burnouts permitted only on race track and burnout pit • Food and drinks on sight. We're here to help give your group the best experience possible. This event has been canceled The April 4th, 2020 Cleetus and Cars Florida at Bradenton Motorsports Park is being rescheduled. In my opinion, the best way to answer everyone who has ever asked “who is Cleetus McFarland?” is to list out the biggest things Cleetus (I mean…Garrett) is known for. Yet. • Cleetus McFarland meetup and signing party. Because he has so much content to upload on a weekly basis, he created. James. I subscribed to the Cleetus McFarland YouTube channel several years ago because of how rowdy he got behind the wheel of a fast car. To buy tickets, select the Cleetus and Cars event you need from our schedule on this page. 4. 1:00pm-3:30pm: CLEETUS Meet & Greet Not anyone else. For those that don’t know, selling merchandise is a very big part of the net worth for many large YouTubers. Drag Race Tech Card Registration : $40 We have Cleetus and Cars tickets available to purchase. It’s true. Within the first month of ownership, Garrett (ahem…Cleetus) invited both Adam LZ and Vaughn Gittin Jr to the Freedom Factory, which resulted in epic content for everyone involved.

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