If your ancestor has a common name, however, it may be difficult to distinguish him in these lists until you have identified his location and regiment. The Union side suffered more than 350,000 deaths, both battle and non-battle related. Our Civil War collections include more than 18 million names from both Union and Confederate records, so you can find your ancestors no matter which side they fought for. Union Civil War Pension Records are available from the National Archives. The term is still used by the Sons of Confederate Veterans organization but with the intent to represent the Confederacy's cause positively. Congress has never adopted an official name for the war. The Civil War pitted the Union north against the Confederate south, with slavery at the center of a conflict that threatened to tear the nation in two. Confederate pensions, on the other hand, were generally only available for disabled or indigent soldiers, and sometimes their dependents. English-language historians[8][9][10] outside the United States usually refer to the conflict as the "American Civil War". U.S., Civil War Soldiers, 1861–1865 "[7] European diplomacy produced a similar formula for avoiding the phrase "civil war." Often, particularly with Southern armies, corps were more commonly known by the name of the leader (Hardee's Corps, Polk's Corps). Most genealogical records created during the decade of the Civil War are related to the soldiers and regiments of the Union and Confederate states. The majority is predictably from the south, although a few northern states are represented. [citation needed] Abraham Lincoln used it on multiple occasions. U.S., Civil War Soldiers Records and Profiles, Civil War Pension Index: General Index to Pension Files, U.S., Colored Troops Military Service Records, 1861–1865, U.S., Union Soldiers Compiled Service Records, 1861–1865, U.S., Confederate Soldiers Compiled Service Records, 1861–1865, Confederate Applications for Presidential Pardons, 1865–1867. Others relate to service in the Spanish-American War, the Philippine Insurrection, the Boxer Rebellion, and the Regular Establishment. Pagkakaiba ng pagsulat ng ulat at sulating pananaliksik? This includes Confederate records captured by the Union armies. [4][5][6] In 1862, the US Supreme Court used the terms "the present civil war between the United States and the so called Confederate States" and "the civil war such as that now waged between the Northern and Southern States."[7]. Why Were Flags So Important in the Civil War? [citation needed] (Walt Whitman calls it the "War of Secession" or the "Secession War" in his prose.). However, not all of the disparities are based on those naming conventions. The conflict known to most of us as the Civil War has a long and checkered nomenclature. If you know the county where the soldier lived when he enlisted, then county histories or other county resources should provide details of the units formed in the area. [34] More euphemistic terms are "The Late Unpleasantness"[35] and "The Recent Unpleasantness. Once you've determined the state from which your Civil War ancestor likely served, the next helpful step is to learn which company and regiment to which he was assigned. U.S., Colored Troops Military Service Records, 1861–1865 *RUN AWAY* from John Steven's plantatio... She was my 2nd great grandmother. The CMSR contains basic information about the soldier's military career, when and where he enlisted, when he was present or absent from camp, amount of bounty paid, how long he served, and when and where he was discharged, or died. Names used to refer to the American Civil War, War for Southern Independence/Second American Revolution. In most East Asian languages, the war is called "Battle between North and South of the United States" or, more commonly, as "American (U.S.) North–South War", depending on the individual language. Wiki User. Union brigades were given numeric designations (1st, 2nd, etc. Memorial Day: The Women Behind Its Origins and History, 19 Places to Research Your Family Tree for Free. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Browse by Last Name (Veterans History Project, Library of Congress). Amanda Jane "Mandy" Stubbs was born on 23 May 1856 in Christian County, After the war, the memoirs of former Confederate officials and veterans (Joseph E. Johnston, Raphael Semmes, and especially Alexander Stephens) commonly used the term "War Between the States." They maintain the assertion that the Confederacy started the war by initiating combat at Fort Sumter. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? [29], Conversely, the "War of Southern Aggression" has been used by those who maintain that the Confederacy was the belligerent party. This database is an index to and images of pension cards of Civil War veterans in the United States and also includes earlier service by Civil War veterans. If your ancestor has a common name, however, it may be difficult to distinguish him in these lists until you have identified his location and regiment.

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