Just set it and forget it. If the AP is running 8.9 code version, the command. At least 20 seconds are required for a full restart. http://www.BradReese.Com. Ensure that all the software images, including the current image, configurations, and personal data are backed up before you If this is not done, GUI of the EWC will become inaccessibe as explained later in this guide. and Radioactive Tracing, Troubleshooting the Software Configuration, Recover from Corrupt or Missing File Image or in ROMmon Mode, Prerequisites for Performing a Factory Reset, Restrictions for Performing a Factory Reset, Configuration Example for Performing a Factory Reset. Note: The web redirection to the EWC configuration portal only works if you are connected to the provisioning SSID. APs joined to EWC can only function if they are in FlexConnect mode. APs joined to EWC can only function if they are in FlexConnect mode. It does not work if your laptop is connected to another wifi network or on the wired network. The prompt changes to Router#, indicating that the router is now in privileged mode. Additionally, your investment in Cisco Catalyst access points is protected as your needs evolve. | Unless noted otherwise, Once the AP has rebooted in EWC mode, it will broadcast a provisioning SSID ending with the last digits of its MAC address. variables. You should see this ROMmon prompt: 3.Change the configure register value to ignore the startup configuration by issuing the confreg command, as shown in this example: 4.To reload the router, issue the reset command, as shown in this example: 5.After the router boots, issue the enable command at the Router > prompt. Make sure that the phone is behind an ASA or a managed circuit before performing a factory reset as doing so can cause additional issues. To save the blank configuration, issue the copy-running config-startup config command. Wait 5 to 10 minutes for the router to finish … 2.If this does not solve the problem, attempt to break into ROM Monitor (ROMmon) by issuing the break sequence (usually Ctrl and break from the Hyperterminal) from a console connection. To perform a factory reset, complete this procedure: factory-reset This video will demonstrate how to perform a factory reset on a Cisco Touch 10. TFTP server with AP images only needs to be present on site during initial deployment and upgrade. Only Cisco Catalyst 9000 series APs are capable of running EWC code. Erases all the content from the NVRAM, all the Cisco IOS images, including the current boot image, boot variables, startup and running configuration data, and user data. When the switches rebooted, it promptly asked for a password (fortunately, it was CISCO. The Cisco ® Embedded Wireless Controller on Catalyst ® Access Points provides an option for your Wi-Fi 6 network that is easy to deploy and manage. This table lists 6.To enter config mode, issue the config terminal command. Unlike Mobility Express, it is required to specify 2 different images: one for the AP and one for the EWC. This document describes the procedure to recover a lost administrator password from the console port of a Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switch. The port where the EWC AP is connected to must be a trunk port with the native VLAN that of the management VLAN. Before converting the Access Point, it is best practice to perform a factory reset, even if it is brand new: Unplug the AP from its power source; Plug the console cable in and open a serial session on your PC; Press and hold the Mode/Reset button on the AP; Plug the AP back to its power source while still holding the Mode/Reset button Connect to the console port of the controller and log in. Up to 100 Access Points can be joined to EWC. As well, we will follow the reset with a procedure on how to check the IP-Address assigned to the SPA504G by your network DHCP server/router. Copyright © 2020 IDG Communications, Inc. Software patches, if installed on the device, will not be restored after the factory reset process. Having HTTP enabled is crucial for some features like web authentication and it is recommended to have it enabled. Reset Router Using Reset Button. Data erased includes configurations, log files, boot variables, core files, and credentials like All the commands specified in this article are enough to have EWC up and running and have APs join to it.

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