Occupation During this time, he presents himself as an amiable and helpful man, always enthusiastic and smiling, who also displays curiosity; while in fact, Chrollo only intends to learn about Neon's ability as one of the requirements for stealing it.[14][2]. [13] The only people Chrollo seems to care about are his fellow members of the Phantom Troupe. It is currently unknown if this is entirely due to his skills, or if Skill Hunter allows him to mimic the proficiency of the original owner of an ability. [22] After helping her to get into the Cemetery Building, he asks her to tell his fortune, which she gladly does. He also has knowledge of Gyo. [14] He is also capable of lifting adult males and throwing them over a distance of multiple meters using only one arm and while standing on top of a parapet. However, Chrollo states he cannot do so, since the ability vanished from his book, giving him and Shizuku a vague detail of what happened to its original owner. After a year, he agreed to a match with Hisoka in the Heaven's Arena, and came out victorious in a fight to the death. [40] Like other skilled Nen users, he is capable of maintaining a state of Ten at all times. Chrollo reasons with him that an informant exists, but this person is not among them. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. He has complete dominion over his emotions, as demonstrated when he was captured by Kurapika; on that occasion, however, he managed to take notice of the latter's weakness (he would prioritize his friends over his revenge). Phantom Troupe Heavens Arena Kuroro Lucifer | Chrollo Lucifer/Reader (112) Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter)/Reader (56) Illumi Zoldyck/Reader (44) Gon Freecs/Hisoka (39) Hisoka & Illumi Zoldyck (34) Exclude Additional Tags Angst (191) Fluff (150) Alternate Universe (112) Smut (97) Violence (88) Slow Burn (88) Male However, he was captured by Kurapika as revenge and his Nen was sealed off, but was released in a hostage exchange. While Chrollo shares his plan of fighting the magician on sight, he asks about the two Spiders' plans. Age [4] His prolonged use of Ren in confrontations[24][25] suggests he can use Ken as well. Skill HunterIndoor Fish (Stolen)Fun Fun Cloth (Stolen)Teleportation (Stolen)Black Voice ("Stolen")The Sun and Moon (Stolen)Order Stamp (Stolen)Gallery Fake ("Stolen")Convert Hands (Stolen)Lovely Ghostwriter (Stolen; Former)Double Face Chrollo concurs and says he wants them to do something for him. [3], On the evening of September 1st, he, Phinks, Kortopi, Bonolenov, Pakunoda, and Hisoka stay in their hideout while the other 7 members sneak in the Cemetery Building where the auction is being held and kill all the Mafiosi and the guests there,[18] only to find an empty vault because the items were already relocated to somewhere else just a few hours before their arrival. He can appreciate a vision of vindictive beauty with eyes of scarlet gems and a frame that moves with lethal grace. Melody has stated that his heartbeat sounded as if he was happy living alongside death. His Zetsu was noted by Silva to be flawless, allowing him to sneak up on his opponent and kill them without leaving the faintest trace of bloodlust,[25] although Hisoka was able to sense it an instant before being hit on at least one occasion. Weaknesses: While using an ability, Chrollo must turn to the page with the skill on it, and the book must remain open in his right hand; this means he could only have access to one chosen ability at a time. Chrollo vs. Zeno Zoldyck and Silva Zoldyck. She calls dibs on killing Hisoka, but Chrollo replies everyone in the Phantom Troupe is after him. Thief Leader of the Phantom Troupe[3] & Member #0[4] Floor Master[5] Até aqui, as técnicas do Chrollo são insuficientes para dar cabo no Youpi. Youpi sem dúvidas, é mais rápido, mais forte, tem mais aura e pode burlar tudo do Lucifer. He tells Paku to check their memories again, but before she can reveal what she has learned about Kurapika, a power outage suddenly happens, allowing Gon and Killua to break free from her grasp. He managed to confront Zeno and avoid his attacks at the last second in order to prevent Silva from exploiting his openings, keeping an eye on him the whole time. Kurapika resists vampire control and works to free all humans from their grasp. Diavolo kills him in R1 though, his time powers are just too much. [15], The entire Phantom Troupe gathers in the dining hall, where Chrollo hears the reports about their fruitless search for Hisoka. Black (1999) Grey (2011) Crie uma conta em poucos cliques ou inicie sessão para continuar. Indoor Fish can only be used in a sealed room. Later on, he orchestrates a massacre of Mafia members as a requiem to his fallen comrade. [41], Immense Speed and Reflexes: Chrollo was able to fight Zeno and Silva at the same time, avoiding or shielding against their powerful attacks effectively. [4], As the members walk away, Phinks muses that the leader showed his hand when Chrollo mentioned the first tier, implying that there might be treasures hidden there. Kuroro Lucifer | Chrollo Lucifer/Reader (112) Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter)/Reader (56) Illumi Zoldyck/Reader (44) Gon Freecs/Hisoka (39) Hisoka & Illumi Zoldyck (34) Exclude Additional Tags Angst (191) Fluff (150) Alternate Universe (112) Smut (97) Violence (88) Slow Burn (88) But what’s he gonna appreciate about a Pennywise/McDonalds lovechild that’s wrapped up in glorified stickers and gum and that looks like a child’s rejected art project? English Voice Diavolo kills him in R1 though, his time powers are just too much [10] Their power is such that they can even counter the restrictions on Skill Hunter, preventing a copy created with Gallery Fake from disappearing even after the ability is no longer in use if a mark has been affixed on it. Mas por outro lado, não vejo Youpi conseguindo atacar o Chrollo facilmente, creio que Lucifer tem mais destreza que o homem mais resistente do anime; mas talvez Kuroro criasse uma estratégia que prendesse Youpi em algum lugar ou algo parecido. A main antagonist in the anime and manga series Hunter X Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi. Near midnight, they find where Uvogin is being held captive and free him after killing Dalzollene, the head bodyguard of the Nostrade Family. However, by his own claim, he sees no difference between a puppet and a person. Chrollo encourages for their newest member to introduce himself; Illumi Zoldyck shares that he and Hisoka had once had a give-and-take relationship, though this time, it is Hisoka's request that Illumi joins the Troupe and have Hisoka as his assassination target. His physical strength ranked seventh in the group. Related GIFs. Double Face somewhat circumvents this and allows Chrollo to use two skills at a time. Kuroro Rushirufuru All of the above must be done within an hour. Hisoka finds the substitute and gives chase, killing it. Then, he kindly advises Chrollo that he should forget all of his worldly ties once he boarded the ship, and then asks whether it's hard for Chrollo to do so. Copy the link to this page and share it with your friends. Chrollo is extremely intelligent, resourceful, and charismatic. VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. [19], Following the order, Uvogin massacres the Mafia and four Shadow Beasts in the Gordeau Desert,[20] but he is captured by Kurapika shortly afterward. His talent for Nen is judged prodigious not only for his age but even by the standards of masters in the discipline. [40], Hisoka lands one more hit with the other projectile, but Chrollo manages to keep hold of the book and retreat into the background. His antennae are different from Shalnark's, having a small, dark sphere at the top and angel wings instead of bat wings. [15], As part of his act, Chrollo smiles at Neon. Neon refuses to read her own predictions, feeling it would spoil her ability,[14] but Chrollo has his predictions read out by the addressees. Kurapika has no choice but to let him go to the exchange site with them. When Hisoka tries to break his fall by using Bungee Gum, Chrollo throws two spectators at him, causing him to fall back into the ring filled with puppets. The victims can no longer use their stolen abilities. The blast wounds Hisoka and severs one of his legs. By using this site you agree to the following Terms of Use. [45], On August 9th, Chrollo meets up with Machi at a market inside the Black Whale. The Hunter × Hunter OST (2011) refers to Chrollo as "The Man of the Reversed Cross," much like Hisoka's prediction. His whole name is Chrollo Lucilfer, and is also known as "the Man of the Reversed Cross". He can appreciate a vision of vindictive beauty with eyes of scarlet gems and a frame that moves with lethal grace. [13] The technique he relies on the most, however, appears to be Hatsu, with Chrollo proving to be extremely versatile in the technique. Easily charmed Neon Nostrade. [21] They kill all of these men excluding the Owl, who they capture and successfully get the items from. It has a black hilt with a slightly curved knuckle guard, similar to a D guard. Manga Debut Feel free to send us your "Chrollo Lucilfer Wallpaper", we will select the best ones and publish them on this page. [34] Chrollo, who is sitting next to Kurapika in the back seat of a car, is then beaten up, but he discovers that Kurapika puts his friends above all else, which he considers a vital weakness, thus he hopes Paku and other members will come to the airport together.

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