He’s writing plays now. ll too often when a singer confronts matters of the darkest heart – or in this case, a broken heart – they dress their songs in ambiguous poetry, the better to distance themselves, perhaps, from any lingering pain, and also to keep the private private. “What I realised was how difficult it must have been for her to ask me to leave. Then came bereavement, excess and the break-up of his 28-year marriage. Chas Smash – now known as Cathal Smyth – first found fame with 80s pop legends Madness. As sad songs go, this is an undeniably beautiful one, and Smyth sounds desperately sad singing it. It backfired.”, He was away from home a lot; too much. He ended up at Cottonwood Tucson, a rehabilitation facility in Arizona, and emerged a month later convinced he was more able to deal with his anger and hurt, and more capable of processing acceptance. He also provided backing vocals on Morrissey's version of the Jam's "That's Entertainment". And his album has clearly invigorated his solo creativity. In 2008, convinced that his ex needed geographical distance from him too, he moved abroad. “I feel like an artist for the first time. See, I’m a cradle Catholic, ex-altar boy. In a career spanning more than 40 years, Smash came to prominence in the late 1970s as the backing vocalist , trumpet player and dancer for the English band Madness . [12] In 2004, after briefly moving his office to Islington, he closed RGR. The label also released material by dance and rap artists Autamata and Border Crossing. Deze pagina is voor het laatst bewerkt op 3 okt 2020 om 16:02. Madness was all about him jumping up and down like a maniac, he says; where he is now is all about stillness. They had three children. I don’t want to embarrass her, cause her pain.”. As a child he went by the name of Carl. Instead, I am greeted by the most gregarious 54 year old, hair fashioned into a Tintin quiff, neck wrapped in a Bertie Wooster-ish scarf, eyes shining with life. When I sit on a plane and hear a child cry, I don’t hear fractious, I hear the music of life.”. After separating, Smyth wanted to disappear. When I’ve played Are the Children Happy? Cathal "Carl" Joseph Patrick Smyth (Londen, 13 januari 1959), beter bekend onder zijn artiestennaam Chas Smash, is (voormalig) zanger en multi-instrumentalist van de ska-popformatie Madness Biografie Jeugd. His eyes are shining now; he seems close to tears. It’s taught me that there is strength in vulnerability, that life is a journey. “I’m not even sure I should be telling you this,” he laughs nervously. 13 talking about this. chas-smash.com Cathal Joseph " Carl " Smyth (born 14 January 1959), also known as Chas Smash , is an English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. [6] In 1989/1990, he became friends with former Smiths singer Morrissey, who had once asked him to be his manager. He orders another espresso and then leads me back to the terrace. Then came bereavement, excess and the break-up of his 28-year marriage. All too often when a singer confronts matters of the darkest heart – or in this case, a broken heart – they dress their songs in ambiguous poetry, the better to distance themselves, perhaps, from any lingering pain, and also to keep the private private. He recalls coming back one time, “and looking into my ex’s face and seeing such fatigue, such separateness. “No, it’s interesting, and for me it’s exploration. His debut album, A Comfortable Man, will be released in 2015. During the late seventies, Cathal became friends with members of the band Madness, and performed as a dancer onstage at their concerts. • Cathal Smyth will be playing at Wilton’s Music Hall in London on 8 and 9 October. That was a wake-up call, I suppose.” His brow knots. Smyth declined, claiming that "I didn't fancy having to iron his socks. Smyth, who may or may not have just abruptly quit Madness (of which more later), has just finished recording his debut solo album, A Comfortable Man, a forensic account of the death of his 28-year relationship with his wife. In 2009 Madness released their first album of new material in ten years, The Liberty of Norton Folgate. Silly question. For me, marriage was for life …” He trails off, then: “The healing process has been a long one.”. De tekst is beschikbaar onder de licentie. In 1999, Smyth formed and fronted the folk-influenced band The Velvet Ghost, which played at the Fleadh festival in 2000. That’s why it feels so awkward talking about all this now, here, with you …”, I start to apologise, but he brushes it away. He dealt with it badly. He recently consulted a Peruvian shaman on the island, who performed a ceremony in which Smyth took ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic concoction believed to clear the mind. I felt a duty to reach out. “No! “See, if I’m an outward-going person, then maybe my ex is the opposite, very quiet, private. Last modified on Tue 14 Feb 2017 14.03 EST. Smyth, whose face is normally so easy to read looks suddenly enigmatic, his smile mixed in with something more vague. And it’s a process Smyth has worked hard at. Ibiza, he says, changed him. Lighting up again, he says that throughout the disintegration of his marriage – with the ex he refuses to name here for reasons of privacy – he maintained his integrity and dignity, “for my children’s sake”. But they remain, today, raw and unflinching. [2], In addition to trumpet, Smyth plays the bass guitar (having initially joined Madness as a bassist), acoustic guitar and other various percussion instruments. Frank William Chase (born September 12, 1970), better known by his stage name Will Chase, is an American actor and singer, best known for his work in Broadway musicals and in his role as country superstar Luke Wheeler on ABC's Nashville

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