Removing river otters from the wild in North America is a bad idea, and more likely to be illegal even if the state allows captive-bred otter ownership. All those things you find cute on IG are them showing their distress ! If a state doesn’t prohibit the possession of "non-domesticated carnivores" or the family Mustelidae (of which Asian small-clawed otters are a member), and it doesn’t have an awful list of "non-regulated" species of which all not named on it are considered illegal, then these otters might be legal! The woman in the video DOES SAY she would 100% NOT recommend an otter as a pet... Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on May 27, 2019: Shame on you! No. However, there are few countries which appear to favor having otters as pets. Pool should make up about 30% of the enclosure. That being said there are no breeders , otters are poached from the wild. Call state wildlife officials to confirm. I don't approve but it amazes me the animals aren't showing obvious signs of distress. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. However, keeping otters in captivity is not the same as keeping an otter as a pet. Question: Are Otters legal to own in Texas? Captive otters require caging. If you want to read similar articles to Can You Have an Otter as a Pet?, we recommend you visit our What you need to know category. There are many exotic pets that people fantasize about owning — baby penguins, panda bears, dragons — but they are often shocked to hear that some people can and do legally keep exotic pets like fennec foxes, wild cats, and marmosets. However since the reintroduction of otters to our waterways you can't even catch a pumpkin seed out of either of them. I tend to state that there’s no such thing as a good or bad pet — it depends on what you’re looking for in an animal. Aggression in otters is also something important to consider. All 13 species of otters are wild animals, extremely sensitive to environmental changes, and are a marking, latrine species. Even if it weren't, keeping wild animals as pets is not a good idea. Otters are so adorable, I can understand why we would want to have them as a pet, but it's not right. Its wrong for all the people who have commented to post where do I get get one, how much do they cost, etc... why would you people even post shit like that. Or someone actually get it and have no proper information on how to care for it? (2019). Parasites and general hygiene issues created by otters are also significant factors in why you shouldn't keep an otter as a pet. If you do not live in a warm climate, supplementary heat is necessary for land. I have to say that most though not all of the comments cause me extreme concern regarding our society today. please can someone help. If you love animals, then volunteer at shelters, rescues, or an ACA accredited zoo. They deserve to be out in the world in environments which we do't interfere with. can u own a otter in ohio or any other place please respond because im in highschool and i have plans to move to a place that allows pet otters please respond this important or my dreams wil be crushed to live a happy life, really i cant find any where to own one now i feel depressed so where, cus im planning to move to a state that allows them whith a friend. I’ve occasionally seen them offered for sale on in the past, but not for a while. Question: Where do you go to adopt an otter? Fortunately, many governments and jurisdictions have created contingencies to try to protect these animals. Because I love otters. I was looking into purchasing a friend but after all this I think it’s not the best for either of us. The unfortunate reality is that there is only one species of otter that can possibly be owned—the Asian clawed otter—and even finding this species is difficult. Retrieved from. Answer: Yes, but you would have to be granted a permit, which isn't easy. Question: Specifically what is required to own an otter in North Carolina and what type of otter(s) can you have? Veterinarians are well trained in looking after a variety of animals, but most will not have the specific training required to look after the health and well-being of an otter . In the wild, they feed on mostly invertebrates and occasionally frogs. Summary: These Kentucky statutes comprise the state's Dog Laws, which were amended significantly in 2005. Environmentally injurious and inherently-dangerous exotic wildlife species are prohibited unless you’re exempted; and some species regularly held as livestock or pets are exempt from the transportation permit requirement. The food they eat will also need to be considered with an appropriate diet and at least 350 g of food per day for each animal. They are so delightful, you could see why people might want to have an otter as a pet. They’re destructive and will hurt you or your kids and they will get depressed ! Otters are not ferrets; they are not animals that should be kept with the intention of cuddling it. Serfass, T., Evans, S. S., & Polechla, P. (2015). They are an absolute nuisance! Otters aren’t as cute as you might think. Included are all vaccination, licensing, animal control provisions, and the relevant dog bite statutes. However, there is also DNA evidence to suggest that cats were susceptible to the process of domestication and may have even domesticated themselves[3]. Just saying because you want an exotic pet doesnt make you a bad person. And then you need to give all your time. This craze of having exotic pets like fennec and foxes (in Russia its popular ), beautiful exotic reptiles and so much more is so wrong ! It is extremely important that you provide diverse enrichment for otters — and all animals for that matter. If you still want to own this aquatic creature, the biggest obstacle you will face is this: where can you find one? Below is a basic care guide. Answer: Australia is extremely strict with entry and exportation of exotics, so no. Even ferrets are not necessarily easy pets but the first thing I would recommend as a mustelid for a pet. If you legally obtain a non-prohibit… Cats Domesticated Themselves, Ancient DNA Shows. Also They really have an annoying squeal. It's like having coyotes that can swim! Don’t get an otter just because it’s adorable , you probably will not be able to care for her . Otter. This requires a fence which is not climbable and has a horizontal ledge at the top. The space aka property with a huge pond that I would build a huge enclosure around. What does this really mean? They are not very tame in the best of cases and can give a nasty bite. foxy on November 29, 2018: Asian small clawed otter in flordia :3. I spearfish the invasive fish in the eel river and have had wild otters swimming feet away from me eating the fish I kill. Unless you are an expert or biologist or zoologist, you should not own an exotic pet. However, like all mustelids that aren’t domesticated ferrets, they are also challenging to keep, and will require large enclosures and extensive enrichment. If i found a fox or coyote i would raise it. They’re not for us to publish to get likes ! 1. You should be ashamed Mellissa! The ideal temperature for their pool is 75-85°F, but they also need a dry area because if they are wet all the time, they can develop health issues. Other animals in the Mustelidae family include the ferret. Otters are much happier (and quieter) in their natural habitat. They would come to the nano-reef forums posting spotless 10 gallon tanks loaded with fish including tangs. The following is a list of reasons why you shouldn't. Depending on the size, the cage should provide at least 30% water. However, they also mark territory with scent glands at the base of their tail. Sometimes people can't handle the truth. Even cats and dogs require a team of people to help you. I do not even need to mention you all the reasons why. More information can be found by referring to the Asian Small-Clawed Otter Husbandry Manual. There should be hollowed out logs, aptly placed shrubs and trees, and various cage furniture that will make the space more interesting. If you were able to find one, the cost of their expertise would be prohibitively expensive to most households. When I worked for the park service, every year after easter people dump the bunnies,chicks and ducks they got for kids in the park because they grew up and couldn't handle them. Otters are rare as pets, so you shouldn’t even rely on second-hand information from other exotic pet … Retrieved from, Smith, C. (2017). Asian small clawed otters may be kept with a permit. Retrieved on 29 November, 2019. Can i legaly own a short clawed otter here in Ontario Canada? The charismatic sea otters are federally illegal due to the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Native birds are also federally protected. It is also something which could see a rise in other countries if the wrong information is spread. Hi I'm looking to buy a otter I want to know how much they go for. Both these habitats need to be well-tended. The latter option may be ethically questionable given the species’ vulnerable status in the wild, and brokers are unlikely to tell you where the animals are obtained (which is standard in the industry). If an otter does attack, they have sharp teeth which can be very dangerous, especially to children. People's Trust for Endangered Species. possession within Kentucky) of exotic wildlife; however, importation or transportation of exotic wildlife from out-of-state, requires a wildlife transportation permit. For example, New York doesn’t mention otters in its exotic pet ordinance but states that live otters cannot be possessed in its trapping section (No person shall possess any live beaver, otter, mink, muskrat…). You need a vet. They have exotic pet stores with meerkats in rabbit cages. Food is expensive. Don’t encourage this craziness! You may not realize that the otter is likely there only as a stop gap in a larger conservation effort.

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