Home Of Burmese Cats Burmese Cat Moms Burmese Cat Dads Available Burmese Kittens Available Burmese Cats Burmese Show Kids Contact Links Gallery ~Welcome to Tomblan Burmese~ "The disposition of the Burmese is so superlative that there be no "odious" comparisons.

The kittens are born and raised indoors, initially in a nursery, but as they grow they have access to an enclosed outdoor area for exercise, sun and fresh air. They are available to their new pet homes between 12  – 14 weeks of age. They are all very much loved. At this stage they are wormed, fully vaccinated, microchipped, desexed and health checked by our vet. A very loving feline, this cat is extremely people-oriented. We pride ourselves on the complete socialisation of our kittens who are born and brought up in the heart of the family home. You won't find a kitten more attuned to their humans! 30+ days ago. Burmese Kittens For Sale in Decatur, Alabama United States, Litter DescriptionRetired female $400 Handled daily from 3 weeks on. Burmese Kittens For Sale in Great Falls, Washington, D.C. United States, Litter DescriptionBurmese Kittens for Sale, Kittens For Sale!American Burmese PETS lovingly home raised with dogs. Thompson’s 1943 article in the journal "Heredity" was the first published on feline genetics. If you cannot pick up the kitten physically and need it to be transported elsewhere, we would suggest that you look closer to where you live. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burmese_cat. Temperament It's no surprise that the Burmese is a beloved family pet indeed. Our focus is on health, genetic diversity and personality. Washington, …
Finally, make sure your pet's litter box is kept spotless, as this cat will be finicky about its immaculate condition and may be repelled by a less-than-optimal “bathroom” environment which can lead to undesirable habits. Subsequent breeding also produced kittens that had lilac, chocolate, and red coloring. Burmese Kittens For Sale in PERSONAL DELIVERY ANYWHERE, Virginia United States. Set Your Location Find a Cattery or Breeder Browse Nearby Rescues & Shelters Follow the Burmese Breed. Its lush, short, exquisite, satiny fur has traditionally been a dark solid brown known as "sable," but can now be seen in platinum, champagne, and blue (a shade of grey). Burmese. Our babies are … Victor Harbor is located about an hour south of Adelaide. Our prefixes - Lydcote (Katie) and Cuerdale  (Liz) - are well known to the Burmese Cat Club for the integrity of our breeding (no more than one litter a year for each of our three queens) and the quality of our pedigrees. Retrieved June 15, 2014. Not so the Burmese. !~ Please go to our contact page to find out who is looking for a new family :) Past Litters. Should you choose to get one of these little darlings (or two, since they'll make great company for each other as well as for you), you won't be sorry – unless you don't want a loving shadow who will beg for your non-stop attention. You can cal by phone or by convenient messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram). About Burmese kittens and cats for sale, Burmese Cattery. Kittens For Sale!My kittens have the most amazing personalities!

Check out my FB or instagram to watch videos. This is your Testimonial quote. At the completion of the sale and collecting the kitten, the deposit is deducted from the purchase price. On the 15/05/2012 we bred a second generation Russet from a Russet male (Bernard) and a Seal mother. Kittens For Sale!Hidden Magnolia is a boutique cattery in Northern Virginia breeding Burmese, Burmilla and Silver British Shorthair cats. Submit We have Traditional Burmese, that are well adjusted and very affectionate. Health Generally healthy, Burmese cats live longer than most pedigreed cats, reaching 16 to 18 years of age on a regular basis. Work with a consortium of breeders worldwide. With an expression that just melts your heart, the adorable Burmese cat is the quintessence of innocence. Please contact us for details of these kittens. 4 month old kitten $700, Kittens For Sale!CFA REGISTERED. Size: SmallEnergy: ActiveCoat: ShortTalkative: YesKid Friendly: Yes. Our kittens are born and raised indoors in a clean and stress free environment. It has a short-haired coat with a beautiful sheen and a muscular body that carries surprisingly heavy weight for its size. Also has British Shorthairs.

Look at pictures of Burmese kittens who need a home.

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