The TS12 is the most advanced tactical shotgun of the ones on this list. This intimidating part will give your KSG a whole new look. The DP-12 double barrel is a wonderful firearm that has a greater capacity than either the UTS-15 or the KSG, but the increased space comes complete with a heavier weight, a bulkier frame. The Kel Tec KSG is a tactical shotgun with a bullpup stock, a compact frame and a high capacity, dual-tube magazine. Not only is the Kel Tec KSG easier to use than its competitors, but the smaller number of moving parts contained within its frame allows it to sell for cheaper. Copyright © document.write((new Date()).getFullYear());  Targeted Enterprises SC. The total length and weight of the KSG are twenty-six inches and seven pounds, respectively. This can cause jamming or other inconveniences when at the range. It is compact, easy to use, and simple. assures reliability under the harshest environmental conditions. A manual safety is available in the form of the cross-bolt button, located above the grip, making the gun fully ambidextrous in use. A second Picatinny rail is provided at the bottom of the sliding forend, permitting installation of other accessories. Outside of the U.S., the RDS PRO is known as the Mepro M5 which is standard-issue to the most elite fighting forces and law enforcement agencies worldwide. keep the MBUS Pro LR at standard AR sight height when deployed and so Do you want a bullpup weapon that’s perfect for home defense? With its large display window and clearly-defined Red-dot, the Mepro the Mepro Tru-Dot® RDS fits every tactical scenario. Its lighter weight gives it agility, while the port below the action makes it easy to reload and eject spent casings. Empty shells are ejected down through the same port. As token of our appreciation, sign up and receive: Choke tubes are available for tighter shots, Best economic value for the product that you are buying, Not very many accessories come with the purchase, It sports a significant recoil, mostly because of its diminutive weight, Widely adaptable with a large range of accessories. Aside from that, the rails make it adaptable to numerous different functions. available today. Overall, the functionality of such a simple design is emblematic of the ingenuity at Kel-Tec, and the KSG will surely stand as a great step forward in tactical shotgun innovation. FREE bottle of your choice of Extreme Duty Lucas Gun Oil or Standard Duty Lucas Gun Oil. The triple magazine barrels all hold fifteen rounds, which means, including the one in the chamber, the firearm holds sixteen shots, giving it the highest capacity listed here. It retains the factory style sling loops as well. It retains the factory style sling loops as well. The selector can be used to switch between the two types (although this will require the user to either fire the round already chambered, or to eject it unfired in order to chamber the new type, unless the chamber is already empty). Its inline feeding system makes reloading easier, Larger magazine capacity that the UTS-15 or the KSG, It is designed to function ambidextrously, The double barrel muzzle can be a nuisance regarding the firearms accuracy at long range, It also does not come with a great warranty, Its gas powered system makes shooting a breeze, The side rails allow for a number of accessories. But in bulk. This company is committed to providing their customers with excellent firearms, and they prove it with their warranty policies. It loads both with a single pump and carries more firepower than any other offering on this list. Once one magazine is depleted, the user manually switches to the second magazine by pushing the magazine selection lever toward it, or the user can load each magazine with a different type of load, and use the selector to choose the desired load when required. Designed through close resistance, and functionality in a compact package. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Also has limited rotation sling cups on each side so now you can have that quick detach sling. Kel-Tec quickly released a second generation addressing these issues while also offering to upgrade 1st generation KSGs with the second generation improvements for free. distances. The thread on its choke works with Beretta choke tubes, giving this firearm a wider range of use. The UTAS UTS-15 weighs the same number of pounds but carries an extra two inches in its stock, making it harder to handle and clunky in tight quarters. It also has two Picatinny rails to attach accessories to. continually improved, making it one of the most advanced sights Price: $979.00 View product. It only stretches for one year and only applies if the firearm is purchased directly from them with a warranty. All four of the firearms mentioned in this list are great regarding functionality and design, though the Kel-Tec KSG is the superior choice. When using heavier ammunition, it has been shown to work perfectly, and the smooth motion of the barrel rotation makes saves energy as you use it for long periods of time. But with the simple, compact design of the KSG tactical shotgun, we find that the muzzle remains clear, and the shells eject once spent. It also gives this firearm the same durability as its competitors with slightly less weight.Also, the port for ejecting and reloading is wide, with the pump mechanism sliding over it. Kel Tec offers a lifetime warranty!

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