This is a tarantula that doesn’t just go about its day like any other tarantula. This is my Typhochlaena seladonia the Brazilian jeweled tarantula. Humidity levels need to be decently high, but the enclosure shouldn’t be “swampy”. However, as they have urticating hairs, biting is typically not their first line of defense. Hopefully captive bred specimens will become more and more available so that prices will also drop, making these more accessible in the hobby, because we want 10! As stated, the inside of the enclosure needs to allow for the creation of Typhochlaena seladonia‘s trademark trapdoors. Defensive behavior: Brazilian Black tarantulas tend to be docile, fairly tolerant to handling and usually don’t bite but keep in mind every tarantula is different. The Spider Sleep Schedule (Explained). One thing to note about this tarantula is that it’s absolutely tiny — a dwarf species. Captive-held tarantula don’t experience many health issues as long as they’re properly fed and their enclosures are optimal. We may earn commissions from the links within this post.​. They then lay in wait, pouncing on anything that gets too close to the trap door. A great beginner tarantula. to enjoy basking near light (15 watt florescent lights should work). Females have legspans of up to 2.5″, while males typically don’t grow beyond 2″. The spider regurgitates digestive fluids (it vomits) during milking. Life span: Males: 5-6 years, Females: 20+ years. Their adult size is very small, so they reach this size quite fast. This experience has given him the knowledge necessary to help others become excellent pet owners. Size: Legspan can get up to 8 inches. Diet/Nutrition: Brazilian Blacks are opportunistic eaters. 24oz Spider / Tarantula / Insect Full Set Up And Enclosure. Availability: In stock. The Brazilian whiteknee tarantula (Acanthoscurria geniculata) is a species of tarantula from Brazil that is commonly kept as a pet. Details Reviews This species is also a new world species, which generally means that the tarantula is more calm, friendly, and prefers to run away from danger instead of fighting it. These tarantulas live in a tropical, wet climate, characterized by abundant rainfall with little to no dry season. The Brazilian Jewel tarantula is no exception as it rarely flicks hairs at its owners and virtually never bites. Fortunately, putting just a little bit of effort into the creation of the enclosure should result in an environment that’s more than healthy. Although arboreal, they will create shelters on dead trees or locations close to the ground as well, or wherever they feel is comfortable and access to passing food is good. Adults eat crickets, other large insects, such as various species of roaches; 3-8 prey items per month depending on prey size. Take a second to support Tarantula Heaven on Patreon! Photo Credit: &, Video Credit: Martin Hüsser, birdspidersCH. For this small species, an enclosure like the Exo Terra 8″ x 8″ x 12″ terrarium is perfect for it. [4], These spiders, like many undomesticated pets, can bite when provoked. However, if you’re a die-hard tarantula enthusiast, it may be worth forking over the money. UK - USA - - content and want to get partnered? While most people are not affected, certain cases of envenomation have led to hospitalization. Typhloclaena seladonia. Basic Enclosure Requirements: Arboreal setup with at least 4 x the size of the spider in vertical space, 5cm to 10cm of substrate. Add it’s chunky appearance with it’s raised bulbous abdomen to this mix, and you have a tarantula that is simply gorgeous, desirable and adorable. 78°F to 82°F with about 75% to 85% humidity. Not only is this expensive (currently +- $500) beautifully colored tarantula an arboreal species, but it’s also a dwarf species reaching only a few centimetres in size. This is a larger species of tarantula than the norm, with the length of the body reaching up to 9 centimetres (3.5 in). So, it’s very important that their enclosure is created to the best of your ability.

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