Two witnesses to Laquan’s murder were arrested that night, taken to “central holding,” kept overnight, and intimidated. I don’t want to allow these respondents’ blatant disregard for the FOIA to be the crack in the dam that allows it to disintegrate. What will likely have to happen, considering that there’s mounting evidence of pre-symptom transmission, is you’ll form an “isolation group,” most likely those in your household, but if you still go to work and you work in a small group (and, crucially, don’t interface in person with others), it could also include the households of those people. (For the record, a $15/hr wage at 40 hours/week, which about a quarter of workers who made that lost because of the virus, pays $2600 a month pre-tax. Each worker in them can cite “that’s just how things work” or “I’m just doing my job”—instead of considering oneself, where responsibility lies. He was taking time to aim each shot.” The prosecutor let that linger in the dead air of the courtroom. This byline is mine, but I want my name removed. Since that time, I have called him multiple times and left messages asking for a return call, and he has not called me back.”, Thomas Gaffney — Says via personal attorney Will Fahy that he is not “willing to search for or produce any such records, and cited (his) Fifth Amendment rights.”, Joseph McElligott — Says via personal attorney Jennifer Russell that he is not “willing to search for or produce any such records.”, Dora Fontaine — Says via personal attorney Jennifer Russell that she is not “willing to search for or produce any such records.”. But the executive also gave a warning: It took about two years to develop that capacity. And yet, darker-skinned people are still perceived as more scary than the lighter-skinned. How can we slow or stop it? $6: First dibs on helping me with stories if you’ve been vetted to do so, and my help in crafting, filing, and responding to two FOIA requests a year – Without testing of virtually the entire population, asymptomatic people will continue to spread the disease. Walsh is represented by attorney Tom Breen. Find the best way to get in touch with Brandon by joining Muck Rack. Typically with such a report, a plaintiff and their attorney will recommend to the judge what course of action the plaintiff prefers. “And I hope to keep doing it.”. “I’m in uncharted waters.”. William (Bill) Bazarek – A CPD attorney during and after Laquan’s killing. And because I have a background as an investigative reporter, I’m endeavoring to also include key questions that can be asked, with citations at the bottom (if you choose to read that) explaining how I’m going about asking them. Any election after March 15 was in direct contravention of CDC, SHAM ELECTIONS – About two weeks after the primary (so, March 31), we’ll have a more official sense of who got the virus that day. In his adopted city, he has linked up with a loosely affiliated group of journalists and those interested in local issues called Allegedly, which has an activist bent. A dope move for Pierre to make would be to hire a goddam army of not-fully-employed (read: currently freelance) jou…. Find the best way to get in touch with Brandon by joining Muck Rack. My attorneys have risked their work product, because I typically don’t pay them myself. Author: Brandon Smith Trump is a pied piper for the new world order agenda. They’re offering, TO LIMIT CORPORATE BAILOUTS – The economy generally—where workers work, not the fake economy of the stock market—keeps getting more bleak by the day. Pardon my French, but it means that without 100% testing, the world faces immeasurable peril. Confidence games are highly varied affairs. We’re generally here to report, not to advocate. And I say paper mask specifically because we probably want to leave the good N95 masks for health workers. This bench trial resulted in acquittal handed down from Judge Domenica Stephenson on Jan. 17. Not having data on a threat is very different, and arguably more dangerous, than having data and potentially botching a response. 2 of 18 could not be located or contacted to inform them of their court-ordered duty. This will become the best form of question. And yet for this advocacy, I’m not and won’t be made ashamed. $4: Invites to my twice-a-year journalism-wonk parties I promised some news on ventilators, and the reality is that we don’t know precisely how many. — Authored by Brandon Smith and originally published at Birch Gold Group,With the U.S. and China in the midst of a new round of high level trade talks, this Thursday marks 22 months since tariffs were launched and the trade war began. (BTW, these can land and survive on most hard surfaces for hours or days, so the importance of wiping down and washing up remains.). Higher levels give you access to my stories shortly before they’re available to the general public, or access to my story notes once they’re published. 1.5M JOBS WOULD COME FROM CANCELLING STUDENT DEBT – And if it’s jobs we’re in sore need of now, this might be a quick & easy way to do it. The shelf stackers. At least 13 people, including a current mayoral candidate—former police superintendent Garry McCarthy—are defying a judge’s order and they know it. “The Old Order is being swept away, as we all know, but we never expected to see it happen.”, “The Republicans realize that all their economic rescue plans are socialism, don’t they? ), Beijing essentially committed a war crime against its people and the world, and the WHO enabled them to do that by lying for the PRC. I set up a “Patreon” page this week. It’s unclear whether you should count a trip to the grocery store or pharmacy toward the timeline. The video prompted firings of a slew of officials and a slate of reforms is set to be approved by a judge. Browsing the internet, in the form of social media or whatever, looking for information, is like anxiety. (Sounds like the US!) The newsletter 730DC made me realize: is there any safe—and thus ethical—way to go out to fetch groceries during this? Create a free website or blog at And whether you’re a libertarian or not, you better believe your life depends on it. I must recommend they be held in contempt. The host of The Just Enough Heshy Show,... making other important police records public, Delacorte Lectures on Magazine Journalism, Magazines and their websites: A CJR survey and report, © Copyright 2020 Columbia Journalism Review. The local NBC station in May reported on claims that 86 minutes were deleted by police from a camera at a nearby Burger King; officials have said there is no evidence of police involvement in the footage’s disappearance. Knives are for protection.) He moved to Chicago in part because he wanted to be in a community with vibrant activism. The rewards build, BTW, so whatever level you choose, you get all the smaller levels too. Brandon brings a lot of energy, story ideas and creativity to his work. John Escalante — As of Dec 18, 2018, Mr. Escalante, formerly acting CPD superintendent and current police chief at Northeastern Illinois University, told CPD’s lawyer that “At this time I will not be conducting a search of my private emails or text messages.”, Joseph Walsh — Van Dyke’s partner the day Laquan was murdered. (1) I filed a FOIA request with CDC and HHS on March 3 regarding testing, particularly the decisions to issue guidance about who can be tested, and to not accept the early test approved by the WHO, which seems to have set back testing in the U.S. My determination on expedited processing is now overdue, and I’m searching for an attorney to represent me in a lawsuit against the federal government. And don’t let the Fraternal Order of Police convince you that transparency or accountability causes violence. Rather I offer a legit product. The ruling reflects the state Legislature’s strengthening of the state FOIA statute in 2009, Topic said. Though I’m a journalist, I took to Twitter to advocate for “mass release” because of the human rights situation this is. To police: if the public sees you purging repeat offenders from your ranks, Chicagoans might start to trust you again. In at least 50 years, no Chicago police officer has been charged with murdering a citizen while on duty—let alone convicted. I wrote the first two editions this week as a “pilot” in search of sponsorship, so I’m posting them both tonight—Friday, March 20. Unfortunately the fear is real, the fight-or-flight response is real, and while (quoting one D. Hanssen) fear is good and can be used. Shortly you’ll see a list of bullet points, each roughly representing another item of key virus news, or more likely, key news about the rest of the world that happens to have been caused by the virus in some way. Judging by this verdict, if more police were charged, more would be convicted. This is the first of the two. 3 of 18 didn’t respond to the city’s repeated contacts informing them of the order and their requirement to search. In service to trying to uphold this law and obtain documents for stories in the public interest, I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading often, um, dry, legal material. Police watch protesters on the University of Chicago campus. But now, as reporters crowded inside police headquarters to hear Mayor Rahm Emanuel and city leadership answer for the video, Smith was left out in the cold: He didn’t have a press credential. Introducing Trends: visualize news in real-time and discover top authors or outlets. Since 2014, I’ve battled the city of Chicago for violating the FOIA in maybe half a dozen cases (depending on how you count them). Indeed the world has become absent most meaningful social gatherings outside of families, housemates, and videoconferencing. He’s spent much of the past three years learning cryptography and teaching it to others to facilitate communication with whistleblowers. After a judge ordered the video released in my case, 405 days after the killing, prosecutors charged the officer, Jason Van Dyke, with murder. The judge did not allow this to be presented to the jury in his trial. (As opposed to just suspending payments. This spring, I was commissioned by Northwestern’s Medill journalism school to prepare curriculum for, and come in person to present, a workshop on source security.

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